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35 Yr Old Male Firefighter - My Journey to Feeling Awesome

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by fireforlunch, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    That's precisely what we are trying to do right now.

    Our house is on the market so we can move into something small, save up some money for a few years then move to some land.

    We don't care at all about the stuff.

    The challenge is that we owe more on the house then it's really worth so it's tough to get a decent offer on it.

  2. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Day 4

    BAB: 6 eggs and some leftover chicken cooked in oil in butter

    Lunch: Salad with paleo ranch dressing and 5 pieces of bacon

    Dinner: A couple of tilapia filet's and green beans cooked in bacon grease

    CT: 60 minutes with ice on my chest and stomach (oops did it in warm water)
  3. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Day 5

    Feeling really tired today even though I got some decent sleep last night. However the night before was a rough night at work. Only got about 4 hrs sleep and that was broken up.

    BAB: 2 Cans of sardines cooked in olive oil and butter, bulletproofed green tea (steeped) with 1 tbsp butter and 2 tbsp coconut oil; half an avocado

    Lunch: Salad with paleo ranch, some mixed berries with 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp coconut oil

    Dinner: leftover paleo meatloaf, grilled onions and veggies in butter and oil and coconut oil

    CT: 60 minutes in the tub with ice on chest and stomach
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2013
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    As I said before - you will figure it out........it won't be easy but I think you are still pretty young and you know what is at stake. Have you read Dr. K's facebook page today?
  5. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Yea I found out a big piece of the puzzle yesterday - I have hypothyroidism, which really explains several of my symptoms even though my labs show that I'm not leptin resistant.

    I have not read JK fb page but I will check it out, thank you

  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I don't remember if you have said ..... Have you read the iodine thread ... and more specifically ..... The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow? It is available in kindle.
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Grizz is the go to expert here ..... He has done a massive amount of work on this topic.....
  8. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    I will check out the iodine thread and the book, thank you

    Okay, I will have a look at his threads and posts, thank you

  9. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Day 6

    Slept from 10pm to 4:30am straight then in and out till 6am.

    Missed the sunrise but I did get about 5 minutes of watching the sun around 6:15

    BAB: Leftover Tilapia; 10 pieces of bacon; about a half onion cooked in butter, oil and coconut oil

    Lunch: Salad with olive oil and vinegar; coconut oil, butter and bacon grease all mixed together

    Dinner: Smoked chicken with some grilled veggies; mixed 2 tbsp butter with 2 tbsp coconut oil with a little salt - very yummy

    CT: 25 minutes with ice on my chest and stomach laying in water about 74 degrees

    Gonna try several days without eggs and see if I feel any increase in energy
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2013
  10. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Day 7

    BAB: Half a can of mackerel cooked in bacon grease; a few ounces of leftover smoked chicken; decaf green tea with 2 tbsp butter and 2 tbsp coconut oil

    Lunch: Salad with olive oil and vinegar

    Dinner: smoked chicken with mixed veggies cooked in olive oil and butter, some coconut oil on the side

    CT:35min in the tub - water was around 65

    Really felt crappy today and very irritable.

    Mowed the yard in my bare feet
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2013
  11. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Day 8

    BAB: 1/2 can of mackerel with a couple ounces of chorizo sausage with some coconut oil and butter on the side

    Lunch: salad with olive oil and basalmic vinegar

    Dinner: Steak cooked rare - about 24 oz sweet potatoes (trying a refeed) cooked in olive oil and butter with some coconut oil on the side

    CT: none today - at work
  12. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Day 9

    BAB: about 10oz steak cooked rare, 3 pieces bacon, some butter and coconut oil

    Lunch: Salad with a couple pieces of bacon, olive oil for dressing

    Dinner: rotisserie chicken; salad with olive oil dressing

    CT: none today, traveling for a much needed vacation
  13. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Day 10

    First full day of a week long vacation at my sisters house which will entail sitting by the pool all day pretty much every day

    staired at the sun for about a minute than my BAB

    BAB: ham and some salad with olive oil

    Lunch: Salad with olive oil and a couple pieces of bacon

    Dinner: Steak cooked rare; salad with a couple pieces of bacon and olive oil dressing

    CT: 45 minutes in a cold bath with about 20 lbs ice

    Still feeling really fatigued and I see that I'm gaining weight even thought I'm following the Leptin Rx.

    I assume it's because of the hyperthyroid
  14. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Day 11

    Staired at the sun for about a minute then BAB

    BAB: Rare steak with and 5 pieces of bacon; some butter and coconut oil on the side

    Lunch: Salad with ham and olive oil for dressing; some butter and coconut oil on the side

    Dinner: Crab stuffed flounder and salad with olive oil

    CT: Cold bath with about 20lbs of ice. Gonna go back to the ice on the chest for 60 minutes - the cold bath is only around 68 degrees and it's killing me
  15. I'll go back and read through a decent amount of this thread, I started reading in the beginning and started reading this last page, I just wanted to put it out there you should maybe consider changing up the fats and see how that affects you. Olive oil has been notorious lately for adulterated sources, many times you may not even be getting pure olive oil, and the olive oil that is in there may be very low quality and adulterated. You may be having reactions to the compounds in the olive oil. The one thing I love about Dave Asprey's work is he really advocates experimenting with how things make you feel, such as overcooked foods negatively affecting cognitive function. Maybe stick to the butter/coconut oil for a few days, then add back in the olive oil and see if you have less energy/worse cognition/weird feelings.

    Keep up with the CT as well. I don't know how many people on these boards feel about cold showers but I love them. On days you can't do ice baths or long sessions of spot icing, just take a quick cold shower, even if only 2-3 minutes. It won't be as pronounce of an effect as an ice bath, but as long as you are getting goosebumps you should be activating BAT as far as I know, I believe shivering indicates more of a glycogen depletion.
  16. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Very interesting idea about the olive oil, i will give it a shot

    Yes, i always do @ least 2 min of cold in the shower

    Thanks so much

  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I hate cold showers ..... they are so hard! I do do them however.....
  18. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    When the coldest temp u can get is 78 they are not that bad, lol

  19. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Quick update.

    Haven't been keeping this up because I was enjoying my relaxing vacation so much.

    I stayed on track except for eating bleu cheese chunks several times with my salads.

    It was the most relaxing vacation I've ever had.

    I literally sat by the pool ever day except for the one day we went to an amusement park.

    I was barefoot pretty much the entire time except for the park day and a couple times I went to the store.
  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    So very glad you are having a relaxing vacation. .....enjoy. I think blue cheese is wonderful! Life is good?

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