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35 Yr Old Male Firefighter - My Journey to Feeling Awesome

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by fireforlunch, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Country Life Betaine Hydrochloride with Pepsin -- 600 mg - 250 Tablets
    This is stomach acid.
    Most people are low (and some are getting heartburn because of it)
    To figure out dose you have to do trial and error.
    Eat them right before meal.

    1/day--> Natural Beta-Carotene by NOW Foods - (25000IU - 180 Softgels)

    2/day-->Super Selenium Complex, 200 mcg 100 capsules lef.org

    1 dropperfull/day=48mg/day
    Lugol's Iodine Family Pack -- 6 (2 fl. oz.) bottles
    recalculate dose if using other iodine/iodide source.

    5/day Biotic Research Bio-D-Mulsion Forte, 1drop=2000iu Vit D
    5/day CarlsonVitamin K2 Menatetrenone 5 mg


    Iodine is halide (type of chemical) it is good for us
    "unfortunately" most peoples know only about its thyroid connection, there are many other.

    there are other halides that replace iodine in our bodies
    you need to supplement with excess iodine iodine to push bad guys out
    you must have plenty of selenium first
    before you start using iodine eat selenium for two weeks
    brazil nuts also have selenium, I sort of doubt that you will get enough from one brazil nut/day
    I got above dosage by titrating and watching my selenium levels on Spectracell test.
    Spectracell is very powerful test. Good idea to have it done.

    bromide is added to flours
    fluoride ---toothpaste, water
    chloride--- swimming pools
    there is one more


    Spectracell Comprehensive Nutritional Panel
    Price: $350.00


    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B1
    Vitamin B2
    Vitamin B3
    Vitamin B6
    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D
    Vitamin K



    Alpha Lipoic Acid
    Coenzyme Q10
    Vitamin E

    for Total
    Antioxidant Function

    Immune Response Score

    Fructose Sensitivity
    Glucose-Insulin Metabolism

    Oleic Acid


    Last edited: Jun 10, 2013
  2. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    I am not following you here.

    What did I say in my post that you quoted that prompted you to write this?

  3. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Day 8

    Sleep was okay last but a woke up a couple a few times. Up at 5:45 went to stair at the sunrise for a few minutes then the BAB

    BAB: 1/2 can of salmon in bacon grease; 1 avocado; 1 brazil nut; smoothie made from 1 can coconut milk, 3 tbsp butter, 3 eggs, cup of decaf green tea with 2 tbsp butter and 2 tbsp coconut oil

    Lunch: leftover breakfast casserole with sausage, eggs and spinach; large salad with paleo ranch, still hungry so I made 3 scrambled eggs in butter and oil

    Dinner: 1/2 can of salmon in oil and butter, 1 small chicken thigh, leftover brussel sprout slaw

    CT: none today, at work

    I guess I need to add even more fat to my BAB's as I'm often hungry by the time lunch roles around
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2013
  4. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Day 9

    Sleep was horrible last night a work. Had a few calls and didn't get to sleep until after 2am.

    No BAB because of fasted blood works this morning at 10:30 :( - Guess it will have to be a BAL

    BAL: 8oz can of oysters (first time ever - wow that's different) cooked in bacon grease and butter, 6 eggs in bacon grease and oil, a few ounces of leftover smoked chicken, mixed salad with paleo ranch

    Dinner: 3 Flounder filets cooked in coconutoil and lightly breaded with coconut flour, several asparagus cooked in oil, about 1/4 onion cooked in butter; mixed one tbsp of coconut oil and 1 tbsp butter and ate it off the spoon - yuuuummm

    CT: 45 minutes with 18# ice bags directly on my chest and stomach

    Took 800mg Magnesium Malate for the first time an hr ago - praying for a good nights sleep
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2013
  5. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Day 10

    Sleep was okay, woke up at 2:45 then again around 4:30. Laid in bed for a while then fell back asleep till 6:10. Missed morning sun so I could get my BAB in on time and not be late for work.

    Took 800mg of Magnesium Malate a couple hrs before bed last night. Hopefully it will start helping with sleep here before long.

    BAB: 7 eggs, ground pork, about a 1/4 onion all cooked in butter and oil; a couple ounces of leftover smoked chicken; 1 avocado; Mixed about 2tbsp coconut oil and 1.5 tbsp of butter with a little unsweetened shreaded coconut that made a nice yummy dessert

    Lunch: A couple filet's of leftover flounder re-heated in oil and butter, mixed salad with olive oil and basalmic vinegar, little bit of leftover smoked chicken.

    Dinner: Leftover flounder filet warmed in butter; 8oz green beans cooked in oil and butter; leftover ground pork

    CT: None today - at work
  6. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Day 11

    Sleep was okay, woke up at 3:45am but was able to go back to sleep off and on. Unfortunately I didn't get to be till 11pm

    BAB: 6 eggs scrambled in oil and butter; Some leftover pork sausage; decaf green tea with butter and coconut oil

    Lunch: Mixed salad with paleo ranch; brazil nut

    Dinner: 2 hamburger patties; mixed veggies cooked in oil and butter; 2 tbsp of coconut oil and butter mixed

    First day of lower protein to try and actually get in ketosis - Shooting for 130 grams a day

    CT: 50 minutes with 18# of ice on my chest and stomach
  7. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Starting Over

    I have been dreading this post.

    Had to go out of town for several days and I completely dropped the ball on my eating as I was staying with a friend and let's just say they're not into low carb.

    I will have to go out of town several times in the next couple of months but it will be with family and I can make whatever I want so I don't forsee any issues.

    so here is today's food journal:

    BAB: 4 oz grass fed beef liver, 5 eggs and about 4oz sausage; 2tbsp butter, 1 tbsp coconut oil

    Lunch: Salad with half avocado, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp butter

    Dinner: about 8oz serloin steak coocked in butter and olive oil, cauliflower with sausage

    CT: none today - at work
  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It happens ........
  9. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    yea, I just pushed delete and I'm moving on.

    Starting over of course

  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    The important part is picking up where you left off and not letting it defeat you....just another learning experience.....I have such a hard time when I am away from home - even with planning. The weird thing is I love this way of eating - but when away - little things creep in .....like a glass or two of port and gummie bears! just stupid stuff!
  11. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Thanks or the encouragement

  12. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Day 2

    BAB: Sirloin steak (rare) about 6oz, friend cooked in olive oil, 5 eggs cooked in butter and a tbsp of coconut oil

    Lunch: Salad with paleo ranch dressing

    Dinner: Bacon wrapped chicken, green beans with bacon and onions

    CT: 45 minutes with ice on chest in bath water. Interesting how taking a week off from CT really makes a difference when you try to get back into it.

    Mowed the yard in my bare feet
  13. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Day 3

    Up to look at the sun for a few minutes

    BAB: leftover paleo meatloaf friend in butter, 5 eggs, 1 tbsp coconut oil

    Lunch: Salad with olive oil, cucumber sausage mash

    Dinner: Leftover grilled chicken cooked in butter, 3 pieces of bacon, and some leftover green beans

    CT: working today so none really but cold showers
  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I guess you did not really read the last two blogs........it is not the food. It is your shift work...........you will never solve your problem until you begin to ask the correct questions........it is not the food. It is the photoperiod.
  15. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Thanks for responding.

    I did read them.

    I have a goal to retire early in 3 yrs from the fite dept.

    Its not something i can just walk away from simply because i dont have another way to support my family right now.

    If i did have something else i would quit in a heartbeat

  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    OK.........think this thru......you cant do it or you wont?

    You worried about your self clearly..........

    So what happens in 2 yrs if you die?

    What good are you to them dead?

    When you say you cant do it now........it implies that you believe time is promised........and it is not. Ask James Gandolfi and his 8 month old.

    You better focus on the real problem and speed up your ideas on retirement. Just my two cents.
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    If you are not good for you you are no good to anyone else........never forget it.
  18. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    I really appreciate your input and your pressing these issues.

    You're right, I won't quit my job because we are already scraping by at my current salary.

    When I say scraping by I mean, we rent out two rooms for extra money, we don't drive fancy cars or have car payments and rarely eat out or do all the stuff that most families do.

    I have looked several times over the past several months for a job that does not require a degree and has regular day hours.

    I have seen several things in the medical field but even without a four yr degree they still require a two yr degree (ie respiratory therapist type stuff).

    I have been toying with the idea of getting an online degree in an IT related field (that stuff seems to come somewhat natural to me) but I'm looking at two yrs at least.

    Of course I could quit my job today and go work at walmart or something like that but then we would probably loose our house because we wouldn't be able to make the payments and then you're talking about some major stress that would certainly keep me up at night even more than I deal with now probably.

    Is there some kind of secret to supporting my family that you are thinking about that I'm not thinking of?

    Again I really appreciate you pressing these issues.

    I know I am sometimes limited by my little thinking mind so if there is something else I could be doing I want to figure it out.

    I would love to be home every night with my family and get a real nights rest every night.

    Another option I am pursuing right now is moving to a slower station on our department.

    But I have to wait for an open slot.

    A friend recently went to a slower station and he said his sleep improved quite a bit at home and at work.

  19. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest


    make the best changes you can given your circumstances. Sometimes you have to be willing to take a huge leap and move outside your comfort zone, to make things happen for you.
  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Have you thought of selling your house and then living cheaply for awhile? and pursuing your passion? It is only stuff .... you can always get more stuff later if you really want.........

    Your health and happiness is what is important ....to you ..... and to your family. Maybe have a family meeting and figure out what is important to all of you and set a plan in motion to achieve that.

    Believe me .... your family isn't going to care about "the stuff" if you are gone...... When you lose the person you love most ....everything else is a very, very distant second .... at best.....

    You will figure it out.......you are here and you now know what is at stake......

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