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35 Yr Old Male Firefighter - My Journey to Feeling Awesome

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by fireforlunch, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    I've been doing paleo and crossfit for about 3 years.


    Two years ago I did a strict paleo challenge inspired by the good people over at http://whole9life.com/2012/01/whole-30-v2012/

    I was strict and didn't give in once only to find that I didn't really feel any better than before.

    I've been in pretty decent crossfit shape for the last few years but my energy has never been great.

    9 months ago I stumbled onto Jack's Leptin RX and determined that I was surely leptin resistant.

    So I gave it my best shot.

    My sleep hasn't been great for the last several years, and I suspect it's because I'm always getting woke up at the fire station at night the 10 days a month that I'm on duty.

    But about a week after starting the Rx it really tanked and I would wake up in the middle of the night multiple times and have a hard time going back to sleep.

    After 7 weeks I gave up and went back to regular paleo and tried Leangains for a while.

    My sleep hasn't been the same since even thought I've tried about every supplement out there.

    I tried 20mg of Ambien a few times and that didn't help either.

    After revisiting Jacks Leptin post again I've decided to give it another shot.

    I see now that there were a few things on the Rx that I didn't follow.

    1) I don't think I ate enough fat
    2) I didn't eat progressively smaller meals throughout the day
    3) I at heavy cream (today I realized that heavy cream should not be a part of my reset).
    4) I drank coffee
    5) I did some cardio as it's hard not to with my job (my crew at work likes to play football in the afternoons for workouts)

    But I have begun to feel so crappy that I decided to give this another try.

    In addition to poor sleep, my energy is low, I never like exercising and my libido is rock bottom despite being married to the most wonderful woman on the planet.

    Additionally after I do workout I usually have the strange irritating feeling in my back muscles and sometimes have odd muscle pains in my arms.

    I'm actually scheduled to get blood work done for my cholesterol (because it has been really high LDL 270) so I am going to ask if they can also check my reverse T3 and DHEA while they are at it.

    The bloodwork isn't for another week but I decided to get the Rx going now.

    I hope to post here at least every few days with my meals and how I'm feeling.

    Today was day 1 and here is what I ate:

    BAB: 9oz gound pork, half leftover avocado, 1/2 green pepper and a bit of onion and 3 scrambled eggs with probably 3 tablespoons of butter; cup of green tea with a tablespoon of coconut oil.

    Lunch: 6oz sirloin steak cooked in plenty of butter; salad with oilive oil and basalmic; 1/2 cup of cream (yes I love it and can drink it straight).

    Dinner: 6oz ground pork; 1 fried egg in butter; mixed veggies in butter with some cream

    Even though I love the heavy cream it doesn't set well with me (little bit of bloating) so I'm going to have to axe that. I'll give the cream to my wife so she can make yummy stuff for her and the kids.

    I'll post again in a day or two.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2013
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    do you still crossfit? If.. I think it is not a good idea if you want to heal. From all that I know you need to quit all exercise (except of barefoot walking outside, swimming a bit in the ocean or a lake and other similar relaxing things).

    I also would feel not good on what you are eating, if I am honest. Now I am very sensible to food choices to feel my very best (and I want that). Is he pork pastured? I would never eat any other... and the eggs too, are they pastured? Chicken normally get a awful feed and that all goes into the eggs too. If I get no good quality eggs I eat none. I do very well on red meat for BAB and fish / seafood for lunch and dinner. Try to get grassfed meat or game, if you get grassfed organs like heart, liver.. etc they will be very energizing and healing too! Try to eat them raw. At least as raw / rare as you can. You are going to feel the difference! I always eat my meat raw, I really feel the difference in energy. You could make you a nice tartar for breakfast, or some self made jerky? Dipped in pastured raw butter or coconut oil?
    Also for better energy, try the pastured eggs raw! Do a smoothie! Maybe with some wild berries like blueberries or lingonberries? They have very little carbs and much taste so you need only a tiny bit. Or raw organic cacao / chocolate, if it suits you.

    Is there growing any stinging nettles or other edible herbs around where you live, away from roads etc.? If, they are huge. Use them instead of store bought salad. They are way richer in.. anything! You can make smoothies, or eat them plain, or make a nettle soup! Or use it as spinach. Linden leaves are also very healing and have a wonderful mild taste. You need to explore the wilderness and what it gives you for free to eat. All those things are so energizing and healing, what your body needs. Also, they are for free.

    I really think your body is so hard trying to tell you, please quit the exercise. You need to listen to it.. or it will go downhill.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2013
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Inger has lots of great ideas for you! Definitely ditch the cross fit. You need to follow the leptin reset closely. Details matter big time. I wouldn't eat pork and maybe let the cream go for now - maybe later.
    Are you paying attention to light cycles? hugely important. What about EMFs? The most important!
  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Also - you need to get your vit D checked and did you do a saliva ASI? Shift work is a nightmare - you need to work at it even harder.........sorry.....
  5. Albert83BCN

    Albert83BCN New Member

    Welcome to the forum jgotti!

    Like you I'm very new here and I carry almost all the same issues you do! So I think you could benefit to have a look at my thread if you haven't done already, I suspect that if one of us takes a step into the good direction the other could benefit a lot from it.

    As for the energy thing, mine is still pretty consistent and didn't have such an impact, but in respect to all the other stuff I can relate a lot: poor sleep, waking a lot during night to pee and drink water, apathy, low libido... if you're able to, I'd try to get results from my blood work regarding thyroid status (TSH, T4, T3, T3r) and sex hormone panel, the most complete you can have, the better. I suspected that I'd find issues if asked and yes I did found them. From here on we could work on getting rid from these hopefully.

    For the better sleep (which will for sure impact all the other) most people resort to magnesium and salt as their first options. Magnesium because its damn important and it can be difficult to get being low carb and seems that natural paleo source would be quality water that we don't get today. And salt because being low carb water retention is very hard and that can leave you drained from sodium. I've added a small table spoon to water at some times that I felt a little bit grogy during the morning and worked fine, now I want to try before bed to see if it makes any improvement, I suspect we get up so much times because we become dehydrated and we need to both take more and get rid of the one we have. I guess Jack would say that our nanotubes are not working well right now and that we have to improve in this aspect, epi-paleo template with cold thermogenesis and drinking coherent water is supposed to help a lot here, I'm trying to marry these concepts right now, maybe you want to have a look at this stuff.

    As for the crossfit thing. I know how hard is to stop exercising (I do both bodybuidling like strength training and endurance running) and being a firefighter you both need to mantain fitness and also would be expected to do it from your crew. What worked pretty well for me (I think) is to try to avoid the glycolitic pathway as much as I can. This is the one that will drain you the most and even more if you're on low carb. You could try to get more aerobic activity that relies 100% on fat, it must be very light so walking could do the job. Then if you want to train intensely, it'd be better to stick with the ATP-creatine system, which uses your available energy from muscles but not more. This happens when you do exercise intensely but for not more than 8-10 seconds. Then you start needing more ATP and the fast way to get it is entering the glycolitic pathway. So 30' of training with high weights and short reps like 5x5 series or something like this with plenty of rest between series could serve you to maintain strengh without draining you and you could mantain good cardiovascular health by walking a lot or cycling lightly, etc.

    Good luck!

    EDITED: Well, seems that running in the ATP-PC pathway isn't optimal either and what we should be seeking to achieve while exercising is to enter the PPP (Pentose phosphate pathway) for ultimate performance with minimal health impact, listen to this podcast if you haven't already:

    And read the two blog posts that it references from this site:
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2013
  6. GlenPDQ

    GlenPDQ New Member

    Seafood is more nutrient dense than most land-based food. Oysters, clams, mackeral, and the small fish such as sardines are quite nutrient dense. The only thing similar to them might be eggs. I prefer soyfree produced eggs which is a whole other story. After 'EMF', Dr. K's favorite word is SEAFOOD.

    Remember to avoid all artificial light after sundown as much as possible. Sleep masks are helpful as well as the wearing blue blocker glasses in the evening. Go to bed early (soon after sundown).

    Drink only non-flouridated and non-chlorinated water.

    Turn off EMF sources like wifi before going to bed, power down cordless phones, and pull the batteries on all 3G, 4G, etc, phones before sleeping. DNA is not happy with the pulsed EMF according to Dr K. This helps at night when the body tries to repair/heal itself, and to produce the necessary hormones.

    Try to get your hs-crp inflammatory markers tested the same time you get tested for vitamin D and cholesterol. It should help later down the road when you retest to check your progress.

    Fat is your friend, including coconut oil.
  7. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Per the Leptin Rx I'm not doing crossfit - that would be stupid

    Unless I can find grass fed beef at a better price than $6/lb I just can't afford it right now.

    We are already stretched very thin

  8. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Thank you so much for replying

    Iwill try some sardines for the first time in my life :)

    I do use a sleep mask and I'll get some blueblockers.

    Great idea about the wifi and cell phones.

    Can the hs-crp inflammatory markers be checked through blood draw or is that saliva?

    My vit D was 96 when I had it checked about 6 weeks ago

    I have been using tons of butter and coconut oil with my meals.

  9. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Thanks so much for posting

    You wouldn't eat pork?

    It seems like Jack says not to be shy with the bacon.

    On the RX he recommended two ladies who he says will tell you to eat bacon like crazy.

    I pay attention to light cycles when I'm at home but there isn't much I can do about it at work.

    I'll definitely pay attention to EMFs at home but can't do anything about it at work.

  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Do not despair.. I am very short in money too, and here are some tips for you :)

    Do wild herbs, like nettles etc. There are many edible plants and they are all for free, great nutrition!

    Ask for fish heads. You can make broth.. etc. They usually are given for free! And always use the whole fish when you buy. Buy pollock, wildcaught and prefrozen. It is very cheap here and I bet where you live too. It is great!

    Ok I have to run now but maybe I write more later....
  11. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Thank you for posting.

    Not currently doing crossfit while on the RX

    I'll have a look at your thread.

    I have tried magnesium citrate with no luck but I now see that Jack recommends Magnesium Malate so I will be trying that.

    I have read those posts from Jack, I'll have a look at that one from Ben

    Thanks again for the informative post

  12. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Thank you, I'll give that a shot

  13. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Day 2

    Didn't have a great night sleep last night. Woke up around 3am and it was a bit hard to go back to sleep. Then again at 5am. Got up at 6am

    BAB: 7 scrambled eggs with a couple tablespoons butter; leftover sirloin steak with a tablespoon butter, small cup of berries and a tablespoon of coconut oil

    Lunch: Big mixed salad with about 4 oz grilled chicken; homemade paleo ranch dressing and my first ever sardines (3) cooked; Then for desert - Brown butter ice cream (1/2 stick butter, 1/2 can coconut milk, 2 egg yolks, stevia and a few drops of homemade vanilla)

    Today's CT: 4 face dunks (20 to 25 sec) in 54 degree water (think it's time to move on to the tub)

    Dinner: about 6oz salmon, zuchinni and onions cooked in about 3 tbsps butter, then the exact same ice cream i had for lunch.

    Should have saved the ice cream for breakfast - belly ache

    I think I'll do several face dunks in cold water for some CT
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2013
  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Jgotti I also would suggest to rather spend the little money you have on high quality foods instead of supplements.. like Jack always points out; You can not out supplement a bad diet....

    I bet fish broth is high in magnesium, as are stinging nettles and many other wild edibles. Also pollock, and any seafood! I can get very cheap mussels here, precooked and prefrozen.. better as any supplement! If I were you I would really work on getting my diet optimal. I have no money for supplements either. But I am not worried as I eat the best diet I can afford. I always chose my food because of their health benefits, not because of other things like comfort or taste. Why? the answer is very simple.. Because I want to feel great :)
  15. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    So you're suggesting if even if my DHEA is low and my cortisol is out of wack that I should not buy supplements to helps with than and put it towards food instead?

  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It is so hard to juggle all of this isn't it? If you haven't had testing done yet - wait to get the supplements that you truly need when you know what is up with your labs - you are putting the cart before the horse!

    Bacon is great to eat - and have you thought of lamb?
    Jack doesn't eat pork or chicken for various reasons - but do chug down the sardines!

    Also - bone broth would be huge for you and very inexpensive to make. Do you have a crock pot?
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2013
  17. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Good call on the sups

    Had sardines today

    My wife does make bone broth, does it have to be from grass fed?

    Lamb - i woukd rather do sardines lok

  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Sardines are great - go for it! You know what ....JK has always said - just do what you can do. If you can't get GF bones - do what you can do. I suggested lamb because it is grass fed here in OZ - are you in the U.S.?

    Boy - you sure do eat alot of eggs! I think you need more fat for your BAB. That brown butter ice cream sounds delicious!

    Stop stressing - you need to get outside and enjoy your life with your family ....Look at all the beauty around you - smile at strangers.....really important - get lots of sun on your body and plant your bare feet in the dirt.... and enjoy your life! What do you do for fun?

    Once you get your BAB right everything will start to fall into place .... baby steps.

    We all want to be better instantly - but it took a long time for our body to get to where it is now and it is going to take a while to fix

    You are doing so many things right .... please be patient. C/T will help tremendously to reduce the inflammation in your body. Some people find that doing C/T in the evening helps their sleep and don't forget about the oxytocin connection - very important.

    For me - light cycles, EMFs and sleep are the most important .... have you turned off the breaker to your bedroom? Does your house have a smart meter?

    Are you a silver or gold member? The webinars are great. Jack is very easy to listen too and you get a lot of info quickly.

    Actually - worry about that down the track - you mentioned a tight budget - I understand completely!

    But if you have a chance - get Jack's book - it is very readable and puts everything into context.
  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    BTW .... that ice cream sounds like it would be great for breakfast - lots of good fat - sounds very yummy.

    Think outside the box for breakfast .... I am more apt to have my dinner for breakfast!
  20. fireforlunch

    fireforlunch New Member

    Yes I am in the US

    I don't always eat that many eggs, they just happen to be so cheap and convenient for breakfast

    Trying not to stress, I'm just tired of not sleeping and feeling tired and want to do veering I can

    Not following you on the oxytocin connection with the CT

    Don't have a smart meter, haven't turned off the breaker. Why mess with the breaker when we can just keep the lights off?

    I will get the book

    Here's that heavenly recipe for the Brown Butter Ice Cream:


    1 can coconut oil
    1 stick butter
    1/8 tsp pure stevia
    4 Egg yolks

    Brown the butter in a nonstick pan then put in blender with stevia and egg yolks and blend. Then add the coconut milks and blend again, refrigerate for at few hours (it should be pudding like). Then put it in your ice cream maker until it gets to desired thickness.

    Next time I will take a small handful of toasted pecans and crush them up and add them toward the end if the ice cream maker process.

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