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34 yr old composer, cancer survivor with heart disease

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Danny Cocke, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    That goes not only for nnEMF.
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

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  3. Danny Cocke

    Danny Cocke New Member

    Thank you all for the great info, tips, and support!

    I just got my recent lab results back (prior to my Epi-Paleo diet). Before switching to a vegan diet and taking red yeast rice/CoQ10 in June....my LDL was 360, HDL was 54. Now my LDL, is 235, and HDL is 64. CRP is 0.3, T3 is normal, and my testosterone doubled from 200 to 420. So huge improvement there. But still having to take RYR is not great, if I can more accurately pin-point issues with the LDL receptor, or oxidation of LDL in my plasma and deal with those instead.

    I just switched to last week to Epi-Paleo diet after discovering Dr. Kruse's work. I was feeling like something was off with mental clarity and sex drive with the vegan diet.. A week in to his protocol, getting 1.5 hours of sun a day, 1-2 gallons of water, limited blue light and cell phone exposure, blue light blocking glasses, eating foods highest in Selenium, Vitamin D, and Omega 3's and lots of fish/oysters with DHA, I already feel a lot better. I'm also stopping Red Yeast Rice. So will be interesting to see what my LDL, HDL, and other markers are at in a few months after this Epi Paleo diet. I'm going to stick to the sea food and stay away from animal meat and eggs still though.

    I'm seeing a progressive cardiologist next week as well (who I believe is a big fan of Dr. Kruse) to get more detailed tests done on the LDL cholesterol, low density vs. high density, and also an artery thickness test to keep a solid track on any plaque build up in the arteries over the next year or two. Hopefully all these changes will be enough to keep me off of Red Yeast Rice and stop any further heart disease from advancing!
  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    What is RYR?
    T3 is not crucial, important is FT3
    We make steroid hormones from LDL, starting with pregnenolone.
    Make sure that you optimize more complete Steroid Hormone Panel.
    Cortisol(7;30AM) near top laboratory range
    DHEAs 350-500 μg/dL men, others want (520-640) μg/dL
    TotalTestosterone 500-900, when natural 600 ok
    2 galons of water may be streatching, unles heavily exercising
    watch electrolites, sodium, potassium
    Make sure to do fatty acids analysis,
    at least half people posting them have very low AA.
    All of them are important.
    Seafood, fish oils, emphasize EPA (which suppresses AA).

    Since you may have lipid panel problem,
    Micronutrient Test (MNT)
    CardioMetabolic Risk


    You want
    insulin=~2-3 when fasting

  5. Simon
    [ Also use 660nm and 630nm on my tesicles (thats right!) for 10 minutes most mornings and my testosterone is through the roof and all functions related to that are through the roof. .[/quote]

    Did you use the Ruby Lux bulb? or one light for each frequency? Might hack this one as I have lost my access to firelight for the time being!

  6. Did you use the Ruby Lux bulb? or one light for each frequency? Might hack this one as I have lost my access to firelight for the time being![/quote]
    I use 5w LED with holders. I also have some 25cm x 25cm panels as well....i have an office in china and they sourced all. see pics for the 5w LEDs

    Attached Files:

  7. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I could use diagram and instructions on how to put this together.
    Fit into lamp socket.


    5Pcs 5W Watt High Power Deep Red 640-660nm LED Diodes Lamp Beads Bulb Chip

    Price:US $8.79
    Free shipping

    Chip Brand: Epistar
    WaveLength/Temp: 640-660nm
    Chip Size: 45*45mil
    Foward Voltage(V): 2.0-2.2v
    Foward Current(mA): 1200mA
  8. Awesome thank you both! Just ordered some NIR lights from Ruby Lux but I imagine the shorter wave lengths will pack more punch!
  9. I do wonder about some of these light sources you can buy. Are they actually the frequency they advertise? Has anyone tested the ones mentioned here?
  10. peter jesop

    peter jesop New Member

    @FutureVision I have more problems with the sources we can't buy, but those sources are already in use. It is affecting me.
    But till now knowone takes me serious. This world is really sick.
    How can we find people that can measure this? I need my diagnose, till now they have nothing found.

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