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34 yr old composer, cancer survivor with heart disease

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Danny Cocke, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Danny Cocke

    Danny Cocke New Member

    I'm a 34 yr old composer for film and games, living in Los Angeles (EMF Hell hole! haha). I was diagnosed with testicular cancer 12 years ago, and recently was diagnosed with heart disease due to my familial hyperlipidemia.

    I had a CT scan for checking for blockage in the arteries recently and to my dismay, found I had 23% blockage. The funny thing is, you would never guess it by looking at me. I look as fit and healthy as can be. I have a steady practice of Kundalini/Hatha yoga, running, walking, hiking, biking, trampolene-ing, meditating, strength training, etc.

    I've been spending the last years of my cancer remission learning everything I can about health and experimenting with supplements, diets, detoxes, and on and on. In hearing the news of heart disease, LDL at 360, HDL 54, low testosterone, infertility, and a few other issues, I enlisted LA's best doctor's and endocrinologist to help me with a path away from worsening this.

    The main problem for me with learning about all of this paradigm shifting thinking of Jack's work, is the disparaging recommendations. Doctor, nutritionalists, etc all recommending Ornish's book, a vegan diet with absolutely NO saturated fats, claiming coconut oil in particular as the devil (with lots of published material siting it as an artery clogging culprit, even worse than butter). I feel a lot of hesitation arising from the idea of taking ghee or coconut oil fats or eating red meat. Though fish I'm fine with, avocados, nuts, hemp, kelps, etc. I'm taking blue algae and DHA algae supplements as well (not compared to real sea food I know). I do wonder if this is an issue where I have to have a limited or restricted Epi-Paleo diet. Avoiding the saturated fats in those forms that lay on plaque in layers (supposedly).

    Problem is, going with this vegan diet, high in vegetables, grains like oats, quinoa, brown rice, etc I've actually felt like my testosterone has gone down further, and my mental focus, memory and other capacities feel a bit diminished. My energy is great otherwise, just mentally and libido I really feel it. Dopamine as well, and over all creativity, inspiration feels diminished. Cannabis seems to help this in small doses.

    I just read Jack's Epi-Paleo rx book front to back, and I've been listening to about 100 hours of his podcasts and presentations in the last couple weeks. It's blown my mind and really resonated with me on a deep level. I've begun virtually all of the protocols this week, diet, routine, sunlight, cold showers, eating fish & kelp, no carbs, minimizing blue light with glasses, and I even pulled all the LED lights from my studio and switched to incandescent bulbs. My work days in my EMF microwave cave of a studio I'm going shorter with more focused intention for the day. I'm doing my yoga in the sun, and morning meditation in the sunrise in my underwear outside every morning.

    So I just had labs done this week and will see what my baseline is soon. I Then hope to follow this protocol intensely and re-check in 90 days to see if I've had progress, before any taking any statins, or testosterone therapy, which the doctors all recommend and I vehemently deny. Only hang up I have is the high saturated fats, ghee, coconut oil, red meat, etc. But otherwise, very thrilled to leap in.
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Welcome. Do not be afraid of fats. But you have to realize your heterplasmy rate in mitochondria is the key to your game plan.

    What have I learned so far about my own mitochondria from ten years of bio-hacks? Why are summer time high fat diets not a great thing to do chronically across all seasons? High fat diets force the use of mitochondria because they are oxidative powerhouses for fat. But what if you are designed to be loosely coupled by your mtDNA haplotype? Food guru's and journalists never consider this. If you have a Northern Europe haplotype, it means you are loosely coupled. Loosely coupled means that there is quantized deficit between how the mitochondria and nucleus in a cell work to work at higher latitudes where solar light is not present to excess. This haplotype means grounding is critical to mitochondrial function and proper nuclear expression. People who are loosely coupled are set up to have higher levels of mitochondrial heteroplasmy rates by design. Why? As heteroplasmy rate increases when one is ground in a low solar environment this allows mitochondria to uncouple ox/phos and burn fats to make heat from the mitochondria to shrink the respiratory proteins that are surrounded by water. Water shrinks when it is heated and expands when it cold. As heteroplasmy rates increase due to fake light or when someone is disconnected from Earth (rubber shoes or astronauts) disease phenotypes morph dramatically because of a loss of mitochondria energy flow via electron chain transport. But what if your mitochondria functionally are bad because of your poor light and grounding choices? = high % heteroplasmy rate in tissues = poor energy flow in those tissues = organ failure? When tissue energy drops in that case you must first optimize the things a mitochondria uses to recycle via mitophagy. Heteroplasmy implies altered O2 levels called pseudohypoxia and UV light assimilation via our surfaces to maintain NAD+ levels at cytochrome 1 NADH couple. What does that mean if you have a high percentage of heteroplasmy in your mitochondria? = real bad mito-nuclear coaptation = poor redox. Food cannot fix this problem alone. What does it mean for good mito-nuclear coaptation? It means you burn fat well and you need very little food to sustain yourself because you assimilate photons and electrons from the sun and magnetic field by grounding well to activate autophagy and apoptosis to improve energy flow in organs. This is the food guru failure. http://www.sciencedirect.com/…/article/pii/S0891584916310863
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    High carb foods only grow in high UV environments so electrons from carbohydrates should carry higher photonic power. So how does this translate to solution based biochemistry perspective? High carbohydrate diets provide more energy by fermentation because of these highly powered electrons, without causing humans actually needing to use their badly functioning mitochondria. Bacteria tend to like this situation. Where are bacteria in your body? MITOCHONDRIA ARE BACTERIA. Every surface where you assimilate light bacteria are also present. How to do bacteria and your mitonuclear coapatation work together? Here is clue: those with mitochondrial diseases who have "adopted, used, and advocated" long term ketogenic diets have been known to collapse into coma because their damaged mitochondria can't provide enough energy needed for a conscious state. When you have a high percentage of heteroplasmy in tissues, ketosis can actually hurt you!!!!! FOOD GURU's NEVER TELL YOU THIS. This is not well appreciated by the LCHF food guru's. Mitochondria actually cannot function physiologically to generate energy for us neurologically without help from fermentation when heteroplasmy is elevated. Environmentally broken paleo advocates (blue light nnEMF) use and advocate carbs for that reason. Environmentally broken LCHF folks just get sicker as time evolves because they cannot replace mitochondria and/or DHA fast enough to offset their environment toxicity and they allow their mitochondria to face. Could we hack heteroplasmy? Yep. Some might begin to advocate temporary nicotine use when they are completely stalled and spinning their wheels. Why might nicotine work in this hack? What other cofactors would make nicotine work even better? Methylene blue could be a huge boost. Methylene blue is a MAO inhibitor and you learned about them in Time 6 and 7. MG can affect all the levels of endogenous biogenic amines. So if you are taking drugs that interact with this axis you need to be careful. MB can therefore can interact with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) and MAO inhibitors to cause serious serotonin toxicity or serotonin syndrome. What about nicotine? Nicotine works best with good O2 consumption by mitochondria and strong natural full spectrum sunlight. Most nicotine users smoke so they never see the optimized effect of nicotine because of co-morbid lung disease from smoking. We can use a nicotrol inhaler to offset that risk. Most people who are sick rarely go out in the sun because their doctors or their beliefs keep them ignorant of basic physics. Going out in the sun makes us feel well because it causes release of beta endorphin and NO from our skin. Runners get a high from this but the high is always greater in natural light. So how might nicotine work when O2 and UV light are optimized in your bio-hack? Nicotine slightly increases glucose levels to give a small superoxide pulse. This pulse make the perfect amount of singlet state ROS/superoxide to be the stimulus to lower the % of heteroplasmy in our cells and improve energy flux in those tissues. This small stimulus does two key things: 1. the small stimulus stimulates regeneration programs in us. 2. It stimulates mitophagy to recycle heteroplasmic poor functioning mitochondria to make new mitochondria and dig yourself out of the hole called mitochondria senescence. You cannot get the superoxide pulse without the O2 or the UV exposure to make the proper free radicals to signal it. Did you know that DHA in your RBC's in skin arterioles 7-10 AM allows you to absorb even more UV light? This is possible because UVA light stimulates nitric oxide that vasodilators the skin arterioles to come closer to the surface so that UV light can be absorbed by porphyrins and hemoglobin in RBC's. UVB light penetrates only 0.1 mm. UVA penetrates 1-3 mm so to get UV light RBC's have to move toward the surface and they do because of the light nitric oxide couple. This is also why light makes plants move toward light too. If you're anemic, hypoxic, or diabetic, your fighting an uphill battle because your % of heteroplasmy is getting larger than it was when you were younger. Diseases can manifest just from the slow increase of heteroplasmy in mitochondria. But we can reverse the process if we get the natural details correct of how light works with chemicals in our body. Few people have that discipline in their bio-hacks. Some do. That is why we share what we have learned. All people as they age, they acquire this same kind of mito-nuclear coaptation dysfunction because as redox lowers, mitochondria uncouple and get more leaky and heteroplasmy increases. Every decade it rises 10%. The major difference in aging compared to disease generation is that an aging person has a slower timescale of the development of heteroplasmy compared to those who develop illnesses at a younger age. The % of heteroplasmy is slower in natural aging, but faster in neolithic diseases in today's modern humans 20-40 years old. Their environment is driving the increased heteroplasmy.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    LA for you is no bueno.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Now you should realize why aspirin works for people with high heteroplasmy rates. It is a mitochondrial uncoupler that gives a bad mitochondria a small pulse of superoxide to try to stimulate mitophagy to repair your hearts loss of energy. That is what heart failure is.

    This helps you see why food cannot solve a mitochondrial problem........it is like topical medicine on a gaping wound.

    This should make you think..........What about your maternal Haplotype group and how it fits or does not fit in your case with LA?

    The answer for you is simple: Do I have a high or low heteroplasmy rate in my testicles and heart?

    The easiest way is history and physical by a doc who knows what to look for or you can bio hack it with my two redox blogs or listen to the webinar on the CRISPR cas 9 hacks.
    I just posted on my Dr. JK page about CRISPR in the last week.

    So when you have higher heteroplasmy what should the game plan be? If you have decent heteroplasmy you fast during winter, carb up during summer to get the pulse. Exercise within reason is wise. If you have shit heteroplasmy rate = mild % you should consider nicotine hack moderate = aspirin severe = methylene blue. Heart surgeons and cardiologists are now using MB in people like you.

    Wine is also capable of giving the pulse......but if you are mod or sever you need to avoid all booze including wine. Aspirin use is better in AM.......for the AM SuperOxide pulse in mito.

    The medical literature says the opposite........WHY? Because they look at aspirin drug effect on platelet aggreagetion. Platelets and RBC's have no mitochondria so medicine never thinks about the mitochondrial effects in cells with respect to aspirin. Due to its short half life, they believe aspirin only inhibits platelets which are present at the time of intake. They never consider when the SO pulse occurs in mitochondria. IT occurs when sunlight first shows up. Thus, the timing of aspirin intake very likely influences its inhibitory effect on platelets and intake of aspirin at bedtime may attenuate the morning peak of platelet reactivity. The key is getting the pulse of SO when sun is out to stimulate mitophagy.
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    this is also why most people die of heart attacks in the AM. No SO pulse and energy drops massive as they awaken from sleep and they die.

    ^^^^^this = high heteroplasmy rate. Your story is one of a high heteroplasmy rate.

    The time-dependent effect of aspirin on circadian rhythm of platelet function has rarely been studied before and when it was.......it was from the platelet perspective and not the mitochondrial perspective of the cell nor do people take into account that mitochondria also have their own circadian cycle themselves.


    We should eat when light is out and fast when it is gone. It is a very simple idea tied to when ROS is made or not.

    You must get to going barefoot in LA and wearing MOCCASINS while walking on the grass and protecting your eyes!

    With heart disease fasting is a great benefit for autophagy.
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  7. Danny Cocke

    Danny Cocke New Member

    Thank you so much for the thorough response!!

    I will get a test for heteroplasmy rate done asap and check out the blogs as well.

    Both my parents ancestry is European. My mother is the Haplotype that carries the familial hyperlipidemia. French/Irish/English descent. Would moving up north be more appropriate for my Haplotype? My wife and I were considering leaving LA for rural Oregon.

    In all honestly, nicotine inhaler is a tough sale haha.. it is very counter intuitive, being an addictive drug with known correlation to heart attacks (smoking it at least). I am tracking with you on the hack you've explained though. Would vaporizing small amounts in essential oils be detrimental to heart health?

    What about cannabis? Am I doing more harm than good? I vaporize small amounts only. Take CBD oils occasionally. No other drugs, other than coffee in the morning. I have recently begun having small amounts of red wine every night, though will have to see after heteroplasmy test comes back.

    It's interesting though my exercise energy is fantastic. My yoga is strong, I can run 3-4 miles easily, hike 10 miles and not even get winded. I wonder if I could feel that good with poor heteroplasmy?

    Thank you again for you incredible mind, and connecting dots like I've never heard, and most of all, taking the time to reply.

  8. Danny Cocke

    Danny Cocke New Member

    And is red yeast rice a sham? I've been taking it as the lesser of evils (statins) with CoQ10 for the 360 LDL cholesterol.
  9. Danny Cocke

    Danny Cocke New Member

    oh I also forgot to ask about Fukushima radiation in sea food.. a worry or not?
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    not an inhaler.......gum. and for you nicotine would not be a top choice. Aspirin would.
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    RADIATION: Until you ALTER your thinking, you will always recycle your experiences and old ideas. The beliefs of modern man are the batteries that make them fuel for the matrix in which they live. You have to begin to question the heavy metal and radiation issues when you read the science. All seafood has the antidote to mercury in it: selenium. Radiation effect on cells has been condemned by the entire scientific community as being a “dangerous thing”. This should surprising to inquiring mind, however, since there is strong scientific evidence for the molecular mechanisms of how transient “radiation drinks” could promote health. I tell my patients seafood radiation has many surprising benefits. Today we know that low doses of radiation stimulate DNA repair through the activation of four transcription factors, PARP-1, PARP2, ATM and Ku70. In response to low dose, sublethal radiation (or xenohormetic compounds). PARP-1 and PARP-2 activate two DNA repair pathways called “Single strand break repair” (SSBR) and one called “Base Excision Repair” (BER). Both of these repair single-stranded DNA breaks. In response to low dose, sublethal radiation (or xenohormetic compounds), Ku-70 activates the DNA repair pathway called “Non-homologous end joining” (NHEJ). https://scholar.google.com/scholar...

    Science evolves even if your thinking about the subject remains stagnant. We must expand our grip of science…………or risk falling from the cliff. I tell this to my patients and all the alternative functional medicine doctors who keep telling their patients seafood is bad because it is radioactive or filled with metals. It is really bad advice based upon out dated thinking.
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  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    no to weed........especially smoking it.

    red yeast rice is a natural statin...like simuvstatin...no thanks if you have bad hear tmitochondria. My Dec 2016 webinar lays out why.
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    With your history anywhere but California..........Me personally I would head toward the tropics not north. If you do go North talk to Scompy on here. He just left Sea for Bend, Ore.
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  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    How much do you know about selenium?
  15. Danny Cocke

    Danny Cocke New Member

    That's extremely relieving to hear! Maybe the Platinum in my body from the chemo that explains my high energy level with exercise. I can out endure virtually every one I know with hiking, and long endurance work outs.
  16. Danny Cocke

    Danny Cocke New Member

    Only that I should be taking it. I take Selenium in a few of my supplements and eat brazil nuts for it as well.
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Think testicle cancer: and seafood.

    600 million years ago the Cambrian explosion occured. What happened 600 million years ago was biology's Big bang and technology revolution. Several things changed in the environment. UV light spiked and made the surface skin of the planet's oceans more transparent to sunlight. This had a massive impact on the planet's life forms in the sea and eventually the land. Algae using photosynthesis began to make DHA and oxygen and this allowed the explosion of the marine food chain of seafood. All seafood is high in selenium. Selenium is very reactive with respect to oxygen in water and the air. At the time solar power was raised some other things occured on the surface of Earth. More UV light meant more oxygen would be liberated in the atmosphere from ozone and in the seas photosynthesis was super charged to make both DHA and oxygen at the same time in the seas. This convergence of quantum activity lead to life's Big Bang. It also lead to how protein incorporated selenium into our proteins. Oxygenation of Earth has occured in step wise fashion over 2.5 billion years. It was not until 600 million years ago that we got to 21% in the air that enable life to use oxygen as the terminal electron acceptor in mitochondria. The reason selenocysteine is handled so differently during eukaryotic protein synthesis can be traced back to the first Great Oxygenation Event covered in Nick Lane's book Oxygen. This was the period about 2.3 billion years ago when free oxygen in Earth's atmosphere suddenly spiked, due to the evolutionary emergence of plants and photosynthesis as a way to derive energy from the sun. Organisms needed to evolve ways to prevent cellular damage caused by oxidation, and selenium, a powerful antioxidant, would have been available in sea water but not used well because of the sun's spectral power. That power increased at 600 million years really putting a bottleneck on selenium incorporation into proteins. 2.3 billion years ago there likely was an already-existing processes for incorporating trace elements into proteins under a sunwithout prominet UV frequencies. As the marine food chain increased and these animals lived in deeper water they were protected from many of the light rays causing photo-oxidation. I believe the unusual mechanisms for selenium incorpoartion where due to where it had to happen..........in sea water and not air. In sea water the optics are different and with selenium being an insulator and not a conductor the normal mechansims for other minerla likely would not have worked for selenium, which is extremely reactive to light. This paper did not go as far as I did here but this is why I think it occured. My webinars have Danny you might want to listen to the last 8.

    Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2016-10-seleni...s/2016-10-selenium-incorporated-proteins.html
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  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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