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27yo female, can't loose weight on strict paleo - Just got labs - Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Gabriel Miller, May 19, 2020.

  1. Gabriel Miller

    Gabriel Miller New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Context: My sister can't seem to shake around 15-25 pounds she has been trying to loose for a long time.
    She is Haplogroup K or H, of Ashkenazi Jewish origin.
    She works in marketing, on a laptop, in Los Angeles. Yes, blue light exposed but working on it.

    She eats a paleo/keto approach (almost dairy/grain free) and she did loose about 15 pounds on keto approach.

    But the remaining is stuck.

    Thanks to anyone who might have any suggestions. She is dedicated and willing to take steps...

    I combined all the labs she got from Functional Medicin doctor - who has not been able to solve it.

    Any ideas from these labs? Am I right there is something wrong with her tyroid, but these tests arent catching it? I remember something about high cortisol and high CRP, making it seem thyroid is fine, but actually it is not...?

    PS: she is also on birth control. Will update if I find out what type.


    All labs combined. Thank you..jpg
    Last edited: May 19, 2020
  2. I’m no doc or expert, but it seems the leptin reset is the first step in healing the hormones for most people. Weight loss is not the primary goal and focusing on weight loss is a big stressor that impedes healing. Good luck.
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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Leptin RX and C/T

    LA - not good
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  4. She is diabetic. Glucose should be below 90, Insulin should be below 5.
    Please consider Dr. Jack Kruse's https://jackkruse.com/its-back-optimized-cooking-ecookbook/
    During her cycle, she can fast best just after her menstruation period. As she approaches her period, she may want to consider increasing her carbs otherwise she should keep her carbs below 50 grams a day.
    Let us know how well she can handle to cold therapy.
    Make sure she get's her Sunrise Therapy with a minimum of minutes of sun light into her eyes.
    And make sure she get's her solar noon (where the sun is 50 degrees or better in the sky) for 20 minutes per side (front, back and sides) with as much skin exposure as possible.

    Looking Forward...
    Grandpa John
  5. @Gabriel Miller - Your nnEMF radiation -> LA is a very bad thing for her blood sugar.

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