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2012, 2013, 2014 Study Guide

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by kyrakitty, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. Danica

    Danica New Member

    Thank you! I downloaded it but can't open it!:) Do you know what software is needed to open it?
  2. Cuffy

    Cuffy Gold

    Since macOS comes with a resident unachiver, I am guessing you're on Windows. You'll need an unzip program.

    You can download the free, open source 7-zip extractor at https://www.7-zip.org/.
    1. Download the 7-Zip 19.00 (2019-02-21) installer for your Windows CPU (32-bit or 64-bit).
      If you aren't sure which installer you need, see this help article.
    2. Navigate to your default downloads directory.
    3. Double-click the *.exe file to install it.
      The file will be named 7z1900-x64.exe if you downloaded the 64-bit version or 7z1900.exe if you downloaded the 32-bit version.
    4. After you've installed 7-zip, navigate to the location where you downloaded Six_Years_Free_Blogposts_11-July-2017.zip.
    5. Double-click Six_Years_Free_Blogposts_11-July-2017.zip to extract its contents.
    For step 5, if double-click does nothing, you might need to right-click the zip file and select "Open with" from the submenu, and then choose 7-zip as the default tool to use for unzipping. I'm really not sure--it's been over 10 years since I last used a PC or 7-zip.

    If the 7-zip utility does not prompt you for an extraction location (i.e., it performs the unzip operation in your default downloads directory), you can move the directory/folder later.
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  3. Danica

    Danica New Member

    Thank you so much Cuffy! I was able to open it now.
  4. Phosphene

    Phosphene Gold (finally)

    Written like a veteran tech writer! :glasses:

    This should be pinned. Is this still possible? @caroline
    Cuffy likes this.
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I think that is above my pay grade LOL. In other words - I don't know how.

    Ask mission control ....it should be pinned for sure. I just wish I could understand what she said!!! Holy smokes!

    I can't believe someone could follow those intricate instructions and managed to do it!

    great job guys!

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