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15 year old who could use some advice!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Matty_M, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    I'm going to stay low-carb. Only carbs from non starch veggies, berries, and nuts. It's really strange how I feel like only carbs will satisfy me, although at the same time it's not really strange at all given my circumstances. Is my best bet to do leptin Rx?

    - Matt
  2. Sammy

    Sammy New Member

    Hi Matt, you can try putting a couple of
    black tourmalines (tumbled stones) in your pockets and bags when you go to
    school. Maybe even a necklace or a bracelet(to be on the safe side- no metal)if you can find them. They are not too expensive. In one podcast, Dr. Kruse mentioned that he does that when he has to do surgery(high EMF environment). From what I gather, Black tourmaline contains transition metals that are able to absorb EMF.
  3. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    Thank you. I really feel helpless most of the time in school with EMFs but I think I will buy a protective hat lining and a jacket, and definitely look into those stones. More importantly, I'm strengthening myself with CT, seafood, grounding, meditation, etc.

    I've begun to talk to my genius chemistry teacher who, although not very convinced that low level radiation can negatively affect our health, can give me completely unbiased ways to
    improve my situation. His first recommendation was a lead suit which was a bit sarcastic.
  4. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    I have a dilemna. I think the EMFs in my school are so bad that I do not want to be there. However, I really want to get a great education (this public school is called Harriton High School, its really good and offers the International Baccalaureate program, I would look it up real quick if you aren't familiar).

    I really think that, wanting my future to involve fixing the de-evolution and possibly self-extinction that we are beginning. I feel that having a very credible education, in turn getting into a good university, would be the best path I could take, so I should protect myself in school.

    Honestly, with 1400 kids and 1400 iphones and laptops and about 325 rooms, every single one with a wifi router, I would'nt be surprised if my environment is worse than Dr. Jack's workplace. Not to mention I have far less control over my home env't..................

    I am beginning to do anything and everything I can to lower my risk.

    1) getting good sleep in the lowest radiation place possible in both parents' houses

    2) eating ketogenic seafood epi-paleo (avoiding dairy besides ghee and nuts/seeds besides coconut and macadmias because they both aggravate my leaky gut- including some berries and veggies for variety)

    3) taking variety of compounds to help heal gut while working to restore flora with functional medicine doc (who is on ketogenic paleo level- I'm also looking into fecal transplant from family member in future- although probably altered by EMF still probably better than my current, low-diversity flora that I just use an antibiotic to kill a strong parasite) WOULD SOMEONE WHO IS ON SYNTHROID FOR THYROID HORMONES BE ABLE TO DONATE STOOL OR NOT? This is my mom and she is otherwise very very healthy for a 50 year old, and follows a mostly "paleo" template. Must include I was a C-section and ate crap for a long period of my life while a vegetarian...........

    4) keeping phone on airplane mode almost always and having a grounding cord and wired keyboard and mouse for computer for distance (while at home- not enough space for distance at school....)

    5) beginning CT intro- got up to 1:30 on face dunks after a 5-7x a day for a few days. Will continue this and begin to do compression shirt and ice bag. Also trying to stick to only coldest showers (tap water in PA very very cold in winter). I also use a steam sauan 2-4x a week because it feels great.

    6) going outside when possible (maybe hour/day with how cold it is and I'm not cold adapted yet.....); getting grounded when possible- buying grounding leather soled mocassins soon- are there any snowboots I could wear in heavy snow that might be able to ground me?

    7) What I WANT to do is get EMF protective light jacket and hat lining to protect vital organs and brain, maybe even some fabric for a scarf. Just need to know if this could IN ANY WAY MAKE THINGS WORSE- either by conducting something or another, or trapping in radiation coming from below me when I'm sitting (unless I get silverell boxers which are really expensive)???? I really dont understand how EMFs work very well, but I am trying to start reading the blogs regularly. It is hard with all the school and homework every day.

    I'd really appreciate any input.


    - Matt
  5. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    You are trying to do too much, and worrying too much o_O

    Repeat, I suggest that you DO NOT do the fecal transplant. Side effects are completely unknown, and you have not given enough time for the easy, less risky, and potentially helpful ideas to work (like getting more animal fibre to the distal colon).

    You will not know beforehand how EMF will be affected by whatever protective measures you take. The only way is to use a meter and measure before and after intervention, while also noting parameters of redox potential before and after intervention.


    Not gonna give you advice about school :p I'm a dropout :cool:

  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    My sister just dropped out of nurse school..... exactly because of the same reasons as you struggle with Matt. I encouraged her to. I could see how she suffered and her health got worse..... and her mind!

    This for sure is not easy choices. I face the same with my work too. I am a waitress but it is not too good either..... I am not working as one at the moment.. even if I love that work and it would bring me more money. so now I am looking for gardening work, I might get some :)

    I really do not see the point in getting destroyed.... and that is what will happen if you are not real strong and know how to balance out the bad situation.... for some more broken ones... they have to run away
    Are you feeling worse and worse, or are the changes you do making you feel any better? I think... that is what I would go by... then I would know how much I can take, or not

    Matt, remember, there is always ways you can help this world - even if you do not have a great education :)
    But I do understand you want one... it can be to help too... I really do not know what to say as there are so many ways to look at the picture ;)
    Anyways, I think men can tolerate stress and EMF better than us women......
  7. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    Well we both know dropouts tend to be more peoductive in many ways.... It's just that I have a very lucky school situation in that I could get good certifications and what not pretty straightforward because 99% of kids from my school go to college, most to good colleges, so even if I go all College Prep level instead of honors, AP, or IB, I'd be pretty good.
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  8. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    Yeah. I'll see how things go. I think the 150 or so for the jacket and hat lining ARE worth a try. I'll do that and test a lot with the trimeter I just got. So far, my discoveries are

    A) my fridge at mom's produces obscene amounts of EMF for almost 15 feet out the back.
    B) my sleeping space is good at mom's, bad at dad's (5 milligauss at HEAD)- moved to place where I'm at 2
    C) cell phones and computers aren't HORRIBLE (but I will continue to keep cell on airplane mode and distance from comp)

    Can't wait to test school! Too bad we got snowed in today :D:D:D. Maybe I'll go lay down in snow, free CT!


    - Matt
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  9. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    For example, I don't know if Dr. Jack would be where he is if he dropped out of school. He probably wouldn't have gone to medical school. My best move might be to get a GED and to college early, or take a gap year. That would be great, as I feel and am so much more intellectually advanced than the majority of my peers who have zero clue about most things and are NOT prepared to go to college. I've cooked every meal for myself for the last year, bought my own stuff, ...... So I think I'd be good. College would expose me much less, especially if I can get a safe living space.

    I was thinking about New York City- but now I'm far more inclined to Colorado State or somewhere on the Gulf Coast. I should not live in NYC. I can visit if I really want.

    As for too much too fast, I will try my best to keep my head together. I really get all over the place sometimes, but it's actually usually much more related to diet than to other interventions, because diet has just been the hardest part (specifically carb addiction, I believe).

    Thanks for the help again. Greatly appreciated. No fecal transplant without significant further research and consulting an experienced expert.

    - Matt
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  10. Linz

    Linz Gold

    Do share the testing and meter readings at school with your classmates. More chance of things improving if they are all aware and see it for themselves. If the whole class want the wifi off all the time it is not being used it will happen.
  11. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    Thanks! I wish... I'll definitely try and show people the facts, but when they go ask the "all knowing" science teachers about low-level radiation and hear that it's harmless, I will be fighting one vs. many. However, maybe some images of blood cells near a smart meter will rid people of their unwillingness to change...

    With 1300 kids it would take a hell load of classes to refuse wifi, but maybe I'll be to quantum biology disrupting radiation in school as Vladimir Lenin was to communism (didn't invent it, but did a darn good job pushing it out there).


    - Matt
  12. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    I think I'm fairly certain of my decision. I think I will proceed with school but allot time to continue research and begin a book. I've been told by a lot of people writing a book would be a good move. I feel that because I am young people might not take it seriously, but I don't want to write a boring kid's success story book. I really want to write something that is like epi-paleo for dummies, in a way. NO WAY will the average person absorb anything from Jack's blog, as sad as it is to say...

    I'd like to focus on "Sense Zero"- our innate ability to tell time and recognize EMFs. I still know very little and have a lot to learn but I think if I budget my time well and don't worry too too much about school, I could write a great, scientifically sound book that puts the pieces together for teenagers and many adults alike. I have a feeling this would be something that progresses as I go into college, so it could be really good. Any opinions?
  13. Linz

    Linz Gold

    I think you have a really positive writing style Matt, and a great approach to education. Just be sure to leave yourself plenty time to take advantage of nature. It's your best antidote to all those classroom hazards and the stress they cause.
  14. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    The lowest hanging fruit available to you is too hasten along the CT learning curve. Strengthen yourself with CT and the unavoidable nnEMF will be lessened. The CT will help you with the diet which you seem to still struggle with. The better diet will then help with the nnEMF........ You are doing great by the way. Very inspiring.
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  15. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Hi Matt. Those pics of blood cells near a smart meter kinda burned themselves into my brain, so I agree. Look also at the pics of blood near cell phones carried in a backpack.

    Even if the kids just blew you off, I guarantee they will remember those pics. When Dr. Kruse first brought up the whole EMF thing, I didn't want to hear it either. Just because someone dismisses something doesn't mean they won't come around later.
  16. endless

    endless New Member

    All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

    —Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860):)
  17. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    I agree strongly that this is the truth, however,

    honestly, I have come to hate this quote more than just about anything. Any person can use it to boldly assert anything over anyone and insight almost a level of fear which is unpleasant, uncalled for, and downright obnoxious. It was the opening quote for a Vegan propaganda movie called Earthlings, Ron Rosedale uses it to completely back his zero-carb diets, and so on.

    We here all know that what Jack is doing is probably 100% the truth and the way to have an optimal body and life, so I guess any time I see the quote I could just remember that our truth is the right truth and that is what it is truly referring to.

    Thanks for the insight,

    - Matt
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  18. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    Funny story. I took measurements in school, and either something is horribly wrong, or it is not nearly as bad as I thought. No kidding, the measurements were better than both of my houses. It was extremely shocking. Save the wifi, computers, and cell phones, and electrical wiring, the school is on a HUGE property in a very wealthy area with large properties. Cell reception is actually pretty bad, now that I think of it, and LTE/3G/etc. are horrible. It just might be that it's fairly remote location (compared to my mom's and dad's houses) makes it MUCH less significantly affected by exterior forces, and the interior forces just aren't all that significant. I think people do realize that cell towers and lots of wiring could negatively affect health, but couldn't possibly consider the blasphemy of our technology being a detriment.............

    I have much more measuring to do. But, even while sitting in a library with probably 50 laptops on and in use, it was one sixth of where I sit now at my dad's house (.5 mG vs. 3 Mg)

    Staying at my dad's for the past few months has been HUGE in terms of helping me mentally to be able to focus and work on my relationship with family members. Things were really just becoming TOO much with how deeply preoccupied I was and sort of still am with the health situation. As described in my first post, it really took a toll on my mentality and everything and I just don't really get along too great with my family because I feel as though everyone has resentment against me for "thinking I'm perfect/being paleo/all the other crap that someone might be jealous or angry over with a brother/son. It really sucks, although I do see a good therapist and am continuing to improve it. Even though most hours of the school evenings my dad isn't home, I definitely still get to be with him far more often, and I am saved the stress of my other house 4 of 7 days a week

    (seriously, my mom is very immature/has a TON of her own problems that she has trouble dealing with that really causes problems in our relationship because all of her constant stresses really affect me negatively, therapist used the term "enmeshment" and so I almost somehow end up in a fight with her at least daily. We have an overall good relationship, but I just feel like she doesn't act like a mother, more like a constantly complaining sister, to be completely honest. I love her, but the stress she causes me somewhat regularly noticeably affects my health. Until she is able to fix her problems involving health, relationships, family issues, divorce, finances......the list goes on........, our relationship may or not be good because she ALWAYS burdens everyone else and I am the LAST person who needs another burden. Not truly, but I feel that way. I have been working with the therapist on my own resiliency, because there is absolutely NO WAY that all these fights are my fault. I ALWAYS blame myself, but the more I look at it from a real perspective, the more I realize that a parent with less burden (or just better control) should not even be engaging in some kind of fight. She always raises her voice, etc. etc. etc. I REALLY could start a whole thread on this relationship but I won't unless it seems necessary. Any advice at ALL would be spectacular. Please, as I am sure all of you are sons/daughters, parents, and siblings.)

    Anyway, although I love staying with my dad and originally thought it would be a good thing for the rest of high school- should I do whatever I can to stay at my mom's instead? I get almost a 0 mG reading at that house in my room, whereas my dad's is no lower than 2.5 mG ANYWHERE. I sleep on couch where it's lowest. He lives in row homes a bit closer to the city, so it makes sense that it is a bit higher. Or would staying here for my mental health be more important for the time being. Simply based on the fact that I can't get a reading under 2.5, unless I buy an EMF-proof disposable tent for $15 (they actually have them on lessemf.co, and it works well, I don't see myself spending the rest of high school at my dad's. The BIGGEST issue is that HE loves my company so much that I would really hate to disappoint him, although I will try NOT to let the pathos affect the logos of my health, and I will move out ASAP if the 3.5 mG vs. .5 mG where I sleep (dad's vs. mom's, respectively) would have a significant effect on my health. I already moved to the couch from my bed where the meter revealed I was sleeping with my head at 5 mG!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder I was sleeping like CRAP!!!!

    I feel that the inevitable answer is to slowly begin moving out of my dad's. The real question is, would a few more months while working with the therapist and finishing the school year be more detrimental than the stress, anxiety, fighting, tension, and anger that is inevitable at my mom's (I've tried SO many times to just completely ignore, but somehow a fight will always happen. My mom is a great woman and really cares about me and I love her, but the way that she handles her many issues DIRECTLY HURTS ME and I could definitely use some advice on that too.

    Also, I am committing to beginning to read 1 blog post per day. That is all I have time for, but it is pretty solid. I am on the path to begin my book. My first thought for a title is "Sense Zero" in reference to our primal sense, our innate ability to time using EMF, light & dark, and carbs, and all the other stuff. I would likely not end up releasing it until after I graduate, but I've no problem with that. Although I'm a highschooler, if I commit to this, and really continue to progress my (basic) understanding of the core concepts of physics in school, while reading tons of high level material, all of jack's book, blogs, webinars, all of the works he recommends of Gilbert Ling, Robert O. Becker, etc., and DEFINITELY a consultation with the man himself, I think I could write a book that could really work the masses while proving extremely insightful, credible, and eye-opening to the medicine, agriculture, government, and science communities, sparking additional research, at least. If anyone has constructive criticism, I'd LOVE it, however anything regarding my age, ability, or potential would be better kept to yourself. A kid in my school a grade younger died this weekend in a tragic accident, and I thought "If I died soon, what would I have wanted to do?", and this book type thing was way above everything, even traveling the world. So I am going to do it, and make it DAMN good. I will NOT do anything without thorough understanding of my claims, what I'm getting at, the references I am using, and how it all ties directly back to optimal health and life, especially disease prevention, treatment, and cures. The book title (although far from definite) is unofficially copyrighted here.

    Thanks a lot, it is great to get out my thoughts........

    - Matt
  19. yewwei.tan

    yewwei.tan Gold

    Those are referring to ELF EMF readings right?

    You'll need to state the spectrum that your meter measures. I have 2 meters for example, one that measures <1000Hz (we call this ELF, or extreme low frequency), and one that measures in the >2MHz range.

    The ELF meter would be picking up stuff like the EMF given off from electric equipment -- wires, refrigerators, CPU processors, etc ....

    WiFi transmits above 2.4GHz, and will not be picked up by an ELF meter.

    Then there's the question of destructive interference of waves. There are some regions that where 2 WiFi signals can interact and cancel each other out. Putting your meter there may give you a low reading.

    Remember also to take a complete 3D scan of EMF readings, here is an example of how my body absorbs nn-EMF from a router, giving a low reading to the meter -- http://forum.jackkruse.com/index.ph...ents-are-now-welcome.12628/page-5#post-155308


    Meh, don't care :p. Just want to achieve good outcomes .... not gonna worry about rhetoric.

    Information from Jack's sites has a high probability of being true. Details can be wrong.

    The goal is to seek congruence between:

    (1) logical mechanistic effects (if A then B)
    (2) empirical observed effects (reality)

    Dr Kruse will provide you with lots of (1). As for (2), he can't possibly know personal contexts and emergent reactions to various interventions. Experiments need to devised bearing mechanistic effects in mind, and then based on personal resource constraints and disease contexts o_O

  20. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    I would be very disappointed to have to buy another meter, but I am very willing, as I know I will be careful with them, and they will last a long time. I am using a Trifield Meter Model 100XE that measures Electric Fields (up to 1000 volts/meter), Magnetic Fields (a precise range from 0-3 milligauss and a larger one from 0-100 milligauss), and a radio/microwave setting that measure up to 1 mW/cm2. My gut tells me it covers most things, although the low readings in school were shocking. It picks up when I go near the wifi, the smart meter, behind the fridge, near power lines/cords, outlets, phone, computer!, lamps, some walls, etc. I hope it covers what I need it to cover. If not, I will invest more into my health, gladly!:)

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