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15 year old who could use some advice!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Matty_M, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Don't listen too much to what older people say. Test it for yourself.
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  2. Danny

    Danny New Member

    If and when you do come to Florida give me a call. I'm just north east of Ocala Nat'l Forest. If you're driving stop in for a bit and we'll go to the beach and the springs. My son can show you how to surf and we can do some freediving.
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  3. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    So, why do you think I get near throwing up after a workout?
  4. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club


    I'll be driving my car down to Sarasota either Spring or fall 2018 and I'll stop by on the way.

    I might even be nearby with at @Devin Shea on our road trip around Nola and Florida in January
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  5. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    Nausea: try doing the work out with 10% less intensity. Cut back on either,top end exertion, length of exertion or increase rest interval. If that fails, alter two of the above. If that fails alter all three variables.... Or start over with ONLY two intervals and add one only after each non "nausea" inducing workout.
  6. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Hmmm, do you have enough cops chasing you? I've never been a runner, but at that age the more cops that were chasing after me with the threat of mom having to get me from jail the longer and faster I could run, hurdle short fences, and climb high fences.

    I suggest that whatever you're doing right before running isn't heinous enough and your body just knows it.
  7. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    This would be accurate...
  8. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Matty did you ever suffer from GERD? Maybe the sprints, if you're doing them in the heat, are bringing a lot of inflammation in your LES. I get this if I do some really heavy lifting after eating a big meal in intense heat. I know... why would someone do this? Sometimes I just gotta get stuff done. No vomiting, but I will get a little nauseous
  9. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    I've had GERD. How could sprints bring inflammation to the LES?, and how could this make me want naseous?
  10. Danny

    Danny New Member

    All the jostling and exertion puts a lot of tension on the solar plexus area. This area is radiating w/ nerves and irritating these can give way to nausea. It will improve when your mitochondria improve. I have an issue w/ hiatal hernia where my stomach moves up and puts pressure on the opening of my diaphragm. This can bring on some nausea. I've had major improvement w/ this and it takes a lot to aggravate it now.
  11. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    Since I've begun traveling, I have begun to have some bad gas at some times. It is pretty bad and lasts for a number of hours when it comes.

    It seems to happen when I eat when I am not very hungry, but sometimes it happens regardless.

    I have gone from eating two epi-paleo meals per day alone to eating with people and therefore on others' schedules.

    I was conceived in vitro and born via c-section so obviously my gut is fucked up. Epi paleo seems to prevent me from having gas, but it obviously is not solving the root problem.

    @Jack Kruse what do you suggest as a real long term solution?

    I have already tried probiotics, I am putting myself in damn good environments.

    I have yet to be in constant strong sun though. Maybe this is what I need. After saving money for a few months I will go to the Yucatan and become a beach bum for a few months. But does anyone think this will solve my gut flora?

    I feel like a fecal transplant is the best option for a messed up gut flora. How can I find a doctor who will do this?
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  12. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    I suggest that you figure out your fatty acids, more variety better.
    Pay particular attention to
    Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs)
    and there
    Butyric acid (C4:0)
    The short-chain fatty acid butyrate is particularly important for colon health.

    Butyric acid's name is from butter.
    It is good idea to eat butter.
    which one?

    any clues???!!
    Side note.
    This days butter does not go bad. Not sure why, but I think that whatever is added, it may prevent butyric acid from forming in the butter.
    Way back then, on my parents farm in Poland, freshly made butter would not last long fresh.
    It became smelly.
    That smell is how butyric acid smells.
    You can learn that smell when you get the above pills.

    Maybe we have to learn how to make own butter.
    Milk in NJ is homogenized, it will not get cream on top.

    If you want get:
    https://www.amazon.com/BodyBio-Butyrate-Magnesium-Vegetarian-Capsules/dp/B0016NHCGA/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1499167287&sr=8-1&keywords=bodybio butyrate

    BdyBio - Cal-Mag Butyrate, Calcium & Magnesium 600mg
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2017
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  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Your recent travels have caused a circadian change to your microbiome. When you settle down my bet is they will go away. Now, if you contracted a bug in Equador this might be another possibility.
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  14. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Hey Matt! Strong sun daily definitely helps. Eating and digesting in strong sun keeps my digestive system functioning well. Don't get hung up on the circumstances of your birth. I was conceived naturally and born via vaginal birth and I still managed a circadian mismatch of the gut. In this modern nnEMF soup world I do think it is necessary to be in the tropics, yuca tan, or at least a strong sun environment consistently for a length of time depending on your circumstances to overcome issues like these. Something that Jack said that sticks with me... If he had autoimmune or cancer he would move inside the tropics. Move not visit. It is going to take a sustained energy to overcome autoimmunity. I consider gut issues the first stages of AI. I am in playa del Carmen scouting out some rentals. Let me know if your interested in going in on something. I'm looking to do this on the cheap.
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  15. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    The Yucatan can cure everything. If you let it! :)
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  16. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    It took me one month to get used to the Yucatan. Then the best three months of digestion of my life. Constant travel is not your friend.
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  17. drezy

    drezy New Member

    "Pull my finger" jokes have worn out their welcome I assume, because you could be the Old Faithful of "pull my finger" jokes right now...

    Otherwise what those guy's said ^^^
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2017
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  18. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I would do colostrum and gelatin - also maybe shine a IR/UV light through your belly button - there is a artery that links directly to the gut - remember, Dr. K said fecal transplants add light...
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  19. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    Bro I am so in.

    Currently me llamo broke motherfucker.

    Ahora yo soy en la Ecuador.

    Me voy a regresar a Filadelfia para trabajar dos meses como un caddie para tener dinero $$$$$. Despues, voy ir a Europea con mi mejor amigo para dos meses. Entonces, regreso en Sur America.

    Right now my name is broke motherfucker.

    I am in Ecuador for 3 more days. Then I am going to Martha's Vineyard for a few days. Then I am going to work as a caddie for two months and make bread from rich people.

    Then I am probably going to surf and hang out with beautiful girls in Europe until the end of October when Europe is getting dark. I might skip over Europe altogether until the spring. After that my plan is to come to Costa Rica with my friend in November, then go to Playa Del Carmen for the Event. I hope to stay in Mexico for a month or two. Then, I may hop down to the Ecuator and Tripc of Capricorn in January when the sun is directly overhead and travel around Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.

    No, traveling may not be ideal for the body. But, I want to do it and I will do it for a year in strong sunlight while my heteroplasmy is low and I still have the chance to go to college after.

    Sure I could go straight to college and get a degree and start becoming a slave to my wishes for our temporary society, or I could have the experience of a fucking lifetime and live it up. Earth is a much better teacher than any college.

    I cannot assume that I will have the income to rent a place in the Yucatan anytime soon, so I plan to take my dad's generous offer to pay for college and go to New College of Florida in Sarasota at 27 degrees 20' (less than four degrees from the tropic of cancer at 23 26') for as many as four years if I do not come across anything more exciting in this time.

    I believe that the lawyers will be like dirty murderous bloodhounds when they realize what is going on with BIG TELECOM. I would like to learn the law and lay out the story as the teacher. If I do this well enough, I may avoid spending too much of my life in court.

    A psychic I visited said that at age 20 I wont be doing what I think I'll be doing now. She nailed everything else so I'm quite interested. She even saw the same colors as Roxanne in Vermont @Jack Kruse . Cool shit. So, I'm riding the wave for now.

    All your wisdom is welcome. I may sound arrogant or something. Nope, I'm just under the influence and high on sunlight in the small Ecuadorian beach town Canoa.

    I love you all

  20. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I love you too, baby:) Travel while you're young:) I grew up on Cape Cod - you'll do fine:) I for the life of me don't know how or why the lawyers are sitting on this one... I mean, talk about deep pockets:) If you are broke, you could still feed your gut flora with the chitosan from shrimp shells plus add water and seaweed and make a broth... over a campfire... and coconut everything is cheap where you are and is great for the gut - bugs can't digest large fat molecules... for air travel, I like what Dr. Jonathan Wright does - he takes 10 drops of 5% potassium iodide before the flight... MB is also cheap - ask for a lot of water - I also found that when I gave blood, I didn't have a bunch of free iron floating around 1) acting like an antenna 2)floating around unbound ( a la Jablonski) - plus, bugs love iron for their biofilms - you can see how this goes to shit very fast... this is also why lactoferrin is such a hit - and naturally you already know about the jet lag RX:) Have fun and report back when you can - oh, I love garlic and the berberines for a healthy gut -I just scored 2 oregon grape plants which will be fun if they survive the heat here...
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