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15 year old who could use some advice!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Matty_M, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    I was told in the meet and greet section I might be better starting a thread here:

    Thanks for responding to my tweet Dr. Kruse, I've been on the forum hundreds of times but never realized I could post without a paying membership

    So I'm 15 years old (sophomore in high school), 155 lbs., 5' 7" and have been interested in (more like consumed by) paleo/primal for a little over a year, ever since my health was absolutely falling apart- I had chronic migraines, never ending gas, horrible sleep, no energy, sever light & sound sensitivity, horrible allergies, ALWAYS stuffy nose, etc. etc. (I was a processed starch and sugar-based vegetarian.....thinking vegetarian was good for me and not considering the rest of my diet's role in my health at all.....). Ever since finding the Whole30 concept December 2013 (which was waaaaaaay overdue given how much I suffered and how much I would've done for any solution), I was mostly paleo/primal but with short time periods of over-restricted dieting (because my symtpoms would not go away as they should've, although I got 75% improvement with just primal)- that I was not physically or mentally prepared for, which resulted in binging on crap at certain times, which I often felt I could not control :(..... Anyways, when this school year started I really got more and more serious and decided to see a functional medicine practitioner from primaldocs. I got a stool test and we found a parasite- blastocystis hominis, and i went on a 10-day antibiotic and 10-day anti-something else, which just ended today.
    ALSO, I got basic bloodwork and it showed a low white blood cell count of 4.1 thousand/uL (out of the reference range). Doc says the next step will be a saliva test.

    A few more details- I have eaten basically an epi-paleo diet base for the last few months, however I have occasionally inserted starches (against my instinct thinking they would make me feel better, and they did), eaten quite a bit of dairy products (mostly raw, grass-fed even though I don't think I tolerate them currently), over eaten some sugar or other crap very occasionally (like once a month I'll have ice cream at a friends even though I know I don't want it while working towards optimal- it usually coincides with further restricting my diet to try to feel better), and made other small mods. per thinking they might help.

    -I knew that I couldn't tolerate fodmaps (lots of gas if eaten), and the parasite discovery explained it (I tolerate them now after the antibiotic and other pills. >95% of the time I avoid grains, legumes, sugar, vegetable oils, etc., etc., and I have more recently (2-3 weeks) cut all dairy (besides ghee), and nuts/seeds (except coconut and macadamias), and any alcohol (I use it in cooking- I never drank at parties because I know I'll get a stuffy nose, gas, and feel like shit), all of those things because I have a persisting stuffy nose and need it out of my life ASAP, and I'll use this band-aid approach for the meantime. I eat ketogenic epi-paleo w/ those modifications, fish at least one of two meals daily (mostly salmon) lots of vegetables (non-starch), maybe a serving of berries, some macadamias and tigernuts, lots of fat (coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, etc.). I take enzymes, HCl w/pepsin, and bile with meals, vitamin D, I do use cannabis occasionally which, although likely far from optimal, is a vice I use opposed to the alcohol chugged by most kids every weekend. If necessary to eliminate completely for a period of time, I will indeed. (My goal is optimal in the modern world, so I'm hoping there is room for very occasional vices such as that, but it's far from the forefront of my research.)
    -For the last 2-3 weeks I have drunk only fluoride-free water, and I am increasing my water intake currently.
    -I have to wake up daily at 6AM for school (about hour before sunrise. If I need to sleep until sunrise for optimal, I WILL get a doctor's note and do so daily (my mom is a great fighter when she is right). Sunrise does wake me up consistently on weekends, possibly because I did an attempted leptin reset for 4-6 weeks but was not persistent (on weekends) and the sour taste in my mouth and probably bad breath were horrible, I don't think I could digest the protein, not to mention 50g is probably too much for me.
    -I spend MUCH of my time in an EMF hell-hole. Think a school with 1300 kids, ALL with school-issued macbooks (one of best and wealthiest public schools in country), almost everyone has an IPHONE ON AT ALL TIMES and a wi-fi router in EVERY SINGLE ROOM. I am hoping to get accepted for an abroad program to Turkey next year. How great would that be. Otherwise, I would seriously consider trying to move with my mom's family in another country until college when I have more control over my env't, or just getting home-schooled or something.
    - I walk whenever possible and use a steam sauna sometimes, but no weight lifting or sprinting (I would normally follow generally the primal blueprint fitness plan) because I get headaches and a very dry mouth and just don't perform how I know I could.

    The persisting symptoms are poor sleep, inability to eat more varied diet w/o symptoms, fatigue, occasional headaches, a little excess chub on my face (probably not a biggy), rings under my eyes (not as bad as a year ago), DRY MOUTH, SOUR TASTE IN MOUTH, PRESSURE FEELING IN ESOPHAGUS after not eating, HORRIBLE MOOD (sometimes), FEELING JITTERY AND ON EDGE, MIGRAINES WITH EXERCISE (caps locked are the worst and most annoying because they having very significantly impacted my life making me socially withdraw for a few months, literally, because I thought I had horrible breath. I do see a therapist currently for family-issues (my parents are divorced and I have four siblings and we all live at my mom's and it's not peaceful by any means, so I started staying at my dad's alone (with just him) 3-4 nights/week.

    So I have ~1.5 million questions, but I will focus on a main few and I would really appreciate any advice from anyone. Also please keep in mind that I have likely read a lot of general paleo/primal (and even a decent bit of Jack's) recommendations on these things. My situation is shifting after the antibiotic and other anti-thing so I will keep updating if anyone has time to listen. Also, with the low white blood cell count I haven't gotten sick at all in the last year (maybe the parasite being strong and watching out for me....). Lastly, my old symptoms had been around since age 7 since i was a vegetarian, so I think the parasite has been with me for a long time.

    1) my sleep- especially EMFs and grounding. I know to avoid EMFs and I know the largest sources, but I don't think turning the wi-fi off will be easy to push through my hard-headed family members, unless I prove it is very important, which I'm very willing to argue for. Turning of the breaker is also unlikely, although I will fight very hard for it if is really necessary (please let me know about this). I tried using earthing/grounding mat/sheet but I haven't noticed any benefit, and I have stopped as I said previously. Does anyone have any near-definitive points to make for those, as it really does seem that it's hard to replicate earth-to-body grounding through an electrical system or even a direct ground rod? For now I am just stopping it, but if I were to use it I would probably use the strap and attach that to the rod directly into the ground. it would be great if someone could make clear why artificial grounding is different from real grounding.

    2) any thoughts on why cocoa, coffee, dairy, and the small amount of non-paleo foods cause problems? I know I have a leaky gut, and I'm working on it currently, but any connections to be made?

    3) in the context of a leptin-sensitive person doing CT in the winter, does a sauna or hot shower totally mess up the pathway? and if I must remain in my EMF hellhole school would CT be prudent while in session (not summer break)

    4) I bike to school when I can but have stopped until I reach optimal because I feel it is an uneccessary stress. It is 4.5 miles from mom's and 6.5 from dad's (very hilly). Of course, I'm the ONLY!!! one in school who does this.... everyone thinks I'm crazy, but I'll keep it up when optimal. Could this be bad in any way (besides risk of accident, I have VERY bright lights and am very careful) so early in the morning, right after breakfast, possibly before sunrise (if I am OK to wake up that early and reach optimal? other thoughts?

    5) I usually eat only breakfast around 6:30 am and dinner around 3:30-7:00. I skip lunch because it is sooooo much easier for my diet (although I could make it work if necessary). Should I eat lunch? I DO make up for the deficit in calories with a big breakfast and big early dinner

    6) I want to avoid EMFs as much as possible. Based on my situation, what are the best moves? I know sleep is most important, so I am very willing and probably will start sleeping outside once I reach optimal, or once it's warmer. I will push to have wi-fi and breaker off at night. I think earthing mats/sheets will probably not help me but I might be wrong. I will continue to work on this one and try to learn more. Any merit to any repulsion/absorption such as crystals, lead stuff, other devices? I'm going to pick my chem and physics teachers' brains a lot to learn more

    7) I use amber goggle consistently after dark and constantly get to sleep before 10pm, usually 9 (most kids don't sleep until 11 or 12........ :( . What are your thoughts on having to wake up before sunrise?

    8) Also, what do you guys think I should do for diet? I definitely want to stay high in seafood, high in low-carb vegetables, high in fat, and other stuff.

    Please let me know.


    - Matt
  2. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    Also, I'm a full-time student and I get straight A's and have been diverting tons of time into health stuff, none of which I regret, but I just want to get to homeostasis so I can relax a little bit more. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  3. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    Schools are EMF cesspools....every bit as bad as my husbands working environment and he is in IT....really pisses me off. I dont know about where you live but my kid's schools have these promethean boards in place of chalk boards it just a massive computer....coupled with florescent lights...ugh

    I like the yellow gunnar glasses to wear in there as well as grounding when they get home, CT a few times a week really makes a difference but they are sporadic in doing that.
  4. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    Coming from a state of really poor health, I dont think I could do CT just because my instinct is that my body couldn't handle it and it would hurt more than help.

    Also, I don't think I should try a leptin Rx until I am sure this parasite is gone because I don't think I will be digesting a lot of the protein (my stool sample showed poor digestion).

    And I don't know whether I will even be able to do the Leptin Rx as I "have to" rise before sunrise every weekday............would one of those alarms that work with blue light work or totally throw off my circadian biology by unnaturally altering the length of day my body perceives?

    I'm from Narberth, PA, part of a string of pretty wealthy suburbs about 12 miles NW of Philadelphia. I looked at a map in my teacher's classroom of lights at night on the globe and I'm in basically the brightest area (NY, DE, Philly) besides the Netherlands and Tokyo, and I'm sure the lights accompany the EMFs. My school is part of the district that had a scandal a few years ago about pictures being taken of kids remotely with their school-issued laptop. It's so high tech. Every room has a projector, again, ~25 cell phones and 25 computers per room with 1300 kids- I'm seriously considering trying to go to school with some of my mom's family in another country, also awaiting acceptance to an abroad program I applied for, most likely to Turkey, but I could go anywhere (I really hope it works out).

    I really wonder whether letting time play out could be my best move with diet and all.
  5. sjoshua

    sjoshua New Member

    Hi Matty, thanks for joining!

    You've included a lot of details which is excellent as the more you realize, the better your potential for change :)

    So, I'm going to give input where I feel I can be of help, but there are many here who can speak to the details much more closely.

    It is my understanding that some folks will require some carbs as they transition fully into epi-paleo - I believe this would include those who are further from optimal to start with, which, from your story may be the case. If your intuitions tell you to eat some carbs, the ideal ones would be local/fresh/seasonal as they will deliver the closest cellular signalling that matches to your environment.

    If you are aware of issues with dairy, and are having reactions to even the Raw/grass fed varieties, it may be ideal to consider limiting or removing them until your system is more healed.

    I will not speak long to this since I am in no position to, and the most important consideration here would be to follow the advice of a Doctor, but it is worth noting that some antibiotics cause significant chaos to gut microbial populations.

    Excellent, continue this indefinitely.
    Geez, wish I thought of that when I was in school.... Something to consider, although it may be fruitless efforts, would be introducing the powers-that-be in your district to information such as this: http://www.safeinschool.org/2012/01/ipad-iphone-wi-fi-radiation-and.html

    Regarding the protein, 50g in a sitting may be extreme at first, but could be adjusted to your personal tolerance, and scaled up as is possible/tolerable. As far as 'too much' goes, I am imagining you mean in a sitting vs in a day, since I'd estimate you'd be better off at a 100g+ day, esp. while still growing.

    That abroad program sounds appealing; hopefully they are a bit behind on the tech implementation, or following other European countries/schools with such measures as WiFi bans. If you have the option to locate yourself in a healthier environment, it could make a world of difference.

    Here is an attempt at a simple answer from my understanding:
    -The earth generates a native magnetic field that is within the ELF (extremely low frequency) range, termed the Schumann Resonance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonances
    -Their range is 3 Hz - 60 Hz, with the major peak at 7.83 Hz and then additional, less major peaks of decreasing intensity at roughly aligned multiples of 7.83 Hz (i.e. 14.3, 20.8, 27.3...)
    -The field is a DC/direct current
    -Their intensity is 0.25 - 0.65 gauss
    -The fields are stronger when the sun is not visible in your area, i.e. at night

    All of the above criteria are what humans have been exposed to during sleep for the entirety of our history, up until roughly 100 years ago, which factors all assist in 'our' bodies to properly detect night and heal/recover sufficiently

    So, WiFi:
    -Generate 2.4GHz -5 GHz fields (note these are GHz vs Hz, 1 GHz = 1,000,000,000 Hz; 1 Hz = 1 'cycle'/'wave' per second, so GHz is extremely higher cycles)
    -Typically generate pulsed signals (vs. a direct current/constant signal such as the Earth's)

    The power grid in your home:
    -In the USA, the standard power grid is 60 Hz.
    -Our power grid is AC/alternating current (this means it switches back and forth constantly)
    -Power is running through the lines even when nothing is plugged in

    Considering the distinct discrepancies between the Earth's field, and these couple of examples, I hope it is easy to see why humans are incompatible with our own inventions. Shutting off the WiFi will reduce the pulsed, GHz fields. Another 'hack' you could try, per se the family wasn't convinced, would be giving your router a 'foil hat' at night (in a very literal sense).
    By shutting off the breaker to your bedroom, you are going to be more likely to 'sense' the Earth's natural fields. If you are living on the second floor, consider that the room below you is still providing the incorrect 60 Hz AC field unless it is also shut down.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2015
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  6. sjoshua

    sjoshua New Member

    Cocoa & coffee are stimulants; if your cells can't work at their normal speed, giving them 'hyperdrive' will only increase the chaos. Dairy, it seems you are already aware is an issue.

    CT as much and as often as possible would be suitable in our modern world. If you want to utilize the hot WITH the cold, then alternating back and forth is additionally beneficial, always ending on cold.

    I believe you are wise here, exercise should only be done to each's tolerance. Too much of a good thing doesn't mean its a better thing. IF you wake up feeling ready to ride once in a while, it may be wise to follow that instinct. Listen to your body.

    I do not imagine there is a reason to force a meal, and it would seem entirely more beneficial in my view for you to maintain a fasting state during your day 'swimming' in EMF.

    Sleeping outside may prove beneficial before achieving optimal, and before it gets warmer... think - free CT ;) Also, this would avoid convincing your family of turning things off - OR alternatively, you could do it as an experiment for a couple of weeks to help DEMONSTRATE to them that you sleep/function/etc better when NOT exposed to the fields.

    I think you are right about the earthing mats/sheets - these are contextual and rely on your circuitry being spot on.

    I believe there is merit to crystals, faraday cages, other devices etc.

    Following the sun's schedule is our easiest bet to track properly with sleep, but in lieu of being able to switch your school time, I think you are properly mitigating the effect with an earlier bed time. Earlier than that even (again, with the sun's schedule and time of year in mind), may be beneficial too.

    Your list is solid. Local, seasonal, fresh whenever possible and available.

    I suggest looking through the 'easy start guide' for this: http://jackkruse.com/cold-thermogenesis-easy-start-guide/

    I'd imagine most could gimp into this protocol quite effectively, esp. considering how simple face dunks are.

    Stool showed poor protein digestion? interesting. My point above regarding antibiotics destroying the natural homeostasis of gut population may have to do with this too... Maybe others can speak better regarding if/when the Leptin Rx could be re-approached.

    The blue light alarms/lights do mimic morning, but then again also require power being turned on where you are using it. Consider that you may still be able to go through the Leptin Rx even with this schedule, but it may just hinder/lengthen your adaptation phase.

    Check out your address on www.antennasearch.com - it is a repository of all cell/antenna/towers within a 4 mi radius anywhere in the US. It may be an interesting comparison to check out your mom vs dads for starters... The other country thing would likely be 1000 fold better still, unless it was somewhere quite tech advanced.

    Time is all we truly have here, friend. Embracing change when and where necessary to maximize your personal enjoyment and span of that time may be a worthwhile factor to ponder.
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  7. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    I lived in that area as a kid...Northeast Philly, Royersford, Chester Springs. You're right its crappy, you need to mitigate not wait it out.

    Dude, ground....feet to earth, get sunshine, drink good water, eat as much seafood and as little sugar as you can. Limit screen time. Work on getting good sleep. End you hot showers with cold water....start with a few seconds and work up. Face dunks are an option too.

    I like food grade diatomaceous earth for parasites....
  8. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    Thanks so much. The insight and another point of view is great. I will keep up my diet (and not restrict myself to the point of misery simply for temporary relief from the real problem. I used the antenna checker, it's freakin scary. I think regardless of the abroad program, I will move somewhere with my mom's family for as much of the rest of high school as possible- Australia, Ireland, or Fort Collins, CO- all better than my current location. For now (soon) , I will probably begin to sleep grounded outdoors, begin cold CT, get grounded as much as possible, sleep early, and wake up with a light alarm, (it has to be better than my freaking alarm). Again, thanks a million. Your help will transfer from me to many more in the future.
  9. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    Thanks for it all. The grounding is somewhere I've been especially missing out on (I don't think grounding products helped me in my situations). I'm going to get to it.

    Also, does it sound like I should try to leptin reset? i think dr k says it should be done before CT
  10. sjoshua

    sjoshua New Member

    Glad to help where I can! Until you move, if you have the ability to build/live in a tree fort... that would be an awesome way of grounding :)

    Nature is our best example for life, it wasn't nature that changed behavior and ended up sick... It was us doofs who thought ourselves 'smart'. The Earth can teach us a lot without ever saying a word, we just have to be willing to take the time to learn how to listen again.

    Most think I'm the crazy one, but whenever I'm outside I am sans shoes... If I'm walking to a store, I'll carry them until I get there to fit society's mold when necessary.

    For what it's worth, Australia has the 'donut hole' ozone problem that really fickles around with the structure of water... Northern hemisphere would be more ideal... Of your list(s), Ireland would be my first choice, Turkey likely second, rural CO third :) but thats me...
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  11. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

  12. sjoshua

    sjoshua New Member

    I haven't listened to this podcast, and don't specifically have a desire to... so I am merely basing this on your quick synapse:

    My first question is, where is the aluminum foil discharging to? Last time I checked, aluminum foil alone doesn't have the ability to act as any significant capacitor to store charge, so this seems a little silly...

    My second question is, if 'all ground is electrified' is the case then why do I pay for power? it seems I could just plug things into the Earth... (I haven't tried this since I was a child, but it didn't work then... feel free to give it a whirl now to test ;))

    My third question is, if 'all ground is electrified', then how does it still manage to ground our circuitry? This would seem impossible

    EDIT: Thinking about this for another couple of minutes, I think this would be a fairly good point of reference for analyzing recommendations such as this:

    Does the recommended action/choice take place in nature? (i.e., could you find an insect, plant, animal, element that mimics the same or a similar course of action/choices naturally?)
    -If yes, it is probably safe to assume it will work for humans
    -If no, it is much more likely nonsense, and/or a 'modern' approach to something that has a natural alternative. More often than not, I'd bet the natural alternative will be the more optimal choice.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2015
  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Tree fort, great suggestion.
    Shed with a dirt floor may do as well and be easier to get.

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  14. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    The study that this guy Dave Stetzer (famous for the Stezeriser dirty electricity filter that is recommended by many to lower EMF) is one involving cows and their milk production in relation to the current (although small) in the ground, due to the fact that the US uses the ground to "discharge" electricity. I don't know how I feel about it, although if it is true that we are one of the only countries to do so it might be worth thinking about. It does sound crazy though- he advises NOT to go barefoot because he says electricity is constantly returning to the base station (wherever it comes from) over the ground.
  15. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Hi Matty :)

    I would guess, the issues with electrified ground might be possible near power lines, in cities etc... but not in places with less EMF and population?
    This is my guess. I do not feel like walking barefeet in the city either ;)
  16. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I think it is better to avoid coffe and cocoa and dairy... except butter. If you are trying to heal. I do well with butter and some high quality raw cheeses. I never eat pasteurized cheeses or heat/cook them either. Feels off to me... I do better with raw cocoa as with heated.... heated cocoa like regular dark chocolate easily feels like it pushes me way too much.. I do not like the feeling too much. Also it can make my armpits smell a bit :rolleyes: IDK why it is such a difference to raw but my body likes the raw cocoa better. I cant do too much coffee either, 1 cup in the morning is fine. I guess you will feel if it is okay for you? I do not think I have leaky gut tho? Not sure..lol My gut is doing fine :) When I am stressed i tolerate coffee less well... go figure!
  17. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club


    I think I will definitely keep out the nuts/seeds (besides macadamias and coconut) and the dairy (besides ghee). The way that I have noticed cheese cause me symptoms so quickly and consistently tells me I definitely have a leaky gut problem and should avoid it all (besides ghee), I think even the amount of milk solids in butter will hinder me in trying to get rid of my persistent stuffy nose (that has gone away a lot in my dealings with paleo but has been sticking around recently far too long). Any thoughts on what might cause this leaky gut (or so it seems)? I am eating a very low-toxin, low-inflammatory diet (almost strictly epi-paleo).

    I just get so impatient with all of this stuff because I really never know which way to turn. Is it mostly my diet, the EMFs, leptin, adrenal problems, or something else? I am working with a functional medicine practitioner who I'm seeing again soon, but even in the meantime I never know what to do. I'm set in stone on staying ketogenic, seafood-based- but I always get into a gray area with vegetables, low-sugar fruit, FODMAPs (which, even after antibiotics, sometimes cause symptoms, sometimes don't), etc., etc.. I get caught up in all the details that I stress over them, lose sight of the big picture, which explains precisely the binging issues that I face a few months ago.

    I'm doing my best, and it's greater than anything to even be able to have some people to talk to on here. I even see a therapist for family-related stuff, but I am certain when I have hit optimal, I will have no need because 95% of my perceived worries (the ones about health) will be gone. It's all about the way I perceive it.

    All I have to do is find the right path and implement it.
    My favorite quote:

    "No! Try not! Do, or do not. There is no try."
    - Yoda
  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Have you considered this??

    Keeping EMF on the side
    above three are three best way to destroy gut flora

    you said:
    I have four siblings and we all live at my mom's

    your siblings, if healthy, are daily flushing down the toilet something that you badly need,
    stool full of beautiful gut flora

    ask them to give it to you
    use it

    If you do not want to get it from your siblings

    If not them, ask your doc to look into fecal transplantation.



  19. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Greetings Matty:)
    Dairy products contain glutamates - as does wheat - and anything processed - think "citric acid", "natural flavors" etc - these are the things you are reacting to and the reason you have migraines - it's called "excitotoxicity":

    You might also want to replace any dairy with coconut oil and avocados as they are healing for the gut - keep the ghee if you have to have it but coconut oil is so much better for you - add bone broths and probiotics as well - or even grass fed gelatin - I've also heard that cravings for chocolate mean you are deficient in magnesium - so many of us are - Maybe you could take some magnesium at night - away from the zinc - great for sleep also - if you have restless leg syndrome - this is a mag deficiency -

    the above link has a glutamate list of foods/drinks/ingredients you should avoid - glutamates are put into all processed food to "tickle" your neurons and make you think the crap that is mimicking real food actually tastes good - then it kills the neuron - I never understood whether calcium is going out or coming in but I do know that EMF causes calcium to efflux - this is bad: google "calcium efflux emf" and you get a bunch of links -

    google "glutamate list" for the lovely names MSG goes by - Russel Blaylock also wrote a book: "MSG the taste that kills" -

    remove the glutamates and it's smooth sailing on the migraine front... my sister in law can stop a migraine in about 2 minutes with magnesium and B12...

    I think K2 with some vitamin D would be an excellent move as well - take it with zinc and iodine in the morning - with a B vitamin - like maybe Thorne #12 -

    I would recommend Epsom Salts - either bath or foot soak - chased with morning sun over most of your body between 9:00-noon for the infrared light.

    I also would recommend zinc for the low stomach acid that let the parasites in to begin with... you need zinc, iodine and B1 to make stomach acid - zinc is found in oysters - 200% of the daily requirement - it is also used to make active B6 (P5P) which is used to make dopamine/serotonin - which is needed for melatonin - which is the sleep hormone... zinc is used in like 300 enzymatic reactions - also, when stomach acid is low, you might pick up something like h pylori riding in on the food - so my standard advice is to get a stool test from American Gut (www.americangut.org) - for $99.00 they will tell you the DNA of your gut flora - like down to the .04% - even getting the stomach bugs... a very accurate test - they list 3 pages of taxa - better than anything I've seen Genova or those other pricey labs - the turnaround time might not be as fast, but you will know what is killing you at the end of it...

    Unfortunately, you need stomach acid to break down zinc, so I usually recommend zinc with l-carnosine - the carnosine helps with the zinc absorption - just get this stuff: Now: Ulcetrol - cheap and great for the gut - zinc lozengers also work -

    And check out this awesome post by Dr. K regarding calcium efflux - it's amazing:

    You might also want to get the Wahls protocol book - it's for MS but it's great for anyone trying to implement an autoimmune protocol - the dry mouth concerns me as you might actually have Sjogrens Syndrome - or not - it's all EMF - it makes the bugs grow - the more protons, the more bugs -

    Stetzer - I have listened to him talk several times - is referring to the neutral wire going back to the electric company - the power companies are now using that instead of ground... or like it's ground... the only way to know is to measure over time - to see if there are any spikes - you can used a voltmeter to measure the ground - check out all the info by Michael Neuert - an EMF guy who mitigates it - google:
    "michael neuert emf"

    He shows you how to make your own voltmeter - then you can see what effect dirty electricity is having on you -

    And lastly, it seems to me that I am less hungry and less willing to "cheat" when I eat seafood - and it works best when the seafood has bacon wrapped around it... I am not hungry for hours... it might work for you - also, going to bed with ice packs while reading with a red incandescant lightbulb seems to really help me fall asleep - not that I stay there, but at least I go there in 7 minutes or less... get the bulbs at any big box store for $3.00 - so worth it really -

    Not to overwhelm you but you can also read Peter at Hyperlipid for adventures in going in and out of ketosis using the ketogenic diet - it's entertaining at the very least and illuminating too:-0

    Dr. K wrote a book called "The Epi Paleo RX" - well worth it IMHO - frankly, I can't wait for the next book as this blog is becoming over the top to find stuff as there is so much stuff here to find... :)

    Happy thoughts:) Do NOT give up - there is an answer for you - you just have to find it:)
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  20. Matty_M

    Matty_M Purple Angel Club

    I am by no means beyond this. I would love to do this, as I am willing to do anything that will help me. The question is, how? Do I buy small capsules, fill them up, and swallow painlessly? How much stool would be necessary? Also, I am a triplet born by C-section. Would I be best to use my mom's stool, as she was born naturally (and is one of the most in-shape 50 year olds I've ever seen)?

    My options:

    either of my triplet sisters
    1- has sleep issues, is basically nocturnal, eats not very well (but won't accept any help because she thinks I'm crazy....................)
    2- fairly healthy, rarely gets sick- does it matter if she eats a sub-optimal diet, fairly high in flour and sugar?

    my little brother
    3- is beginning to have bad gas often, eats a flour and sugar-based diet (he's the only one who wasn't a C-section, though)

    my mom
    4- born naturally, healthy, eating a pretty solid paleo diet for the past 10 or so months

    If there would be no complications, I think the obvious choice would be my mom.

    Thanks so much for the idea.

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