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12 year old boy: Thyroid "slightly off" according to functional medical doc

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by Emma C, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Hi all,

    Would love some input on if I should worry or ask for anything else for my 12 year old son who just got labs back from his functional medicine doc.

    Depression (some mania)
    VERY poor sleep (was on melatonin for WAY too long, prescribed, but I have DC'd that asap)
    Angry outbursts
    poor eating habits (unless I'm hand holding)
    slightly overweight
    cold/heat intolerant
    screen addict until two weeks ago (VERY nnEMF toxic I'm sure!) We had NO idea.

    Thyroid was "slightly off" according to doc:

    FT4 1.47
    T3 (free) 3.44
    TSH 2.81

    other notes:

    Vit D 17.7 (Hydroxy 25)
    BUN/Creatine 15/0.62

    ALA 0.09 (not sure what this was measured in, but on the NutrEval it was labled as "very low")

    "borderline" was Vit C, B9, B12, Magnesium and Manganese

    As a mother, I just feel like at age 12, these labs should be PERFECT. Actually, maybe I'll go start an Optimal Journal for him too, because his history is important. The most difficult child I had ever met until I had my daughter ;) This has been repeated to my by all his grandparents and teachers, btw....not just me :)
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Emma - please remember that labs are a moment in time. If your son's thyroid is "slightly off" I would think, my opinion, that is not so bad given all his blue lite toxicity.

    You have taken all his devices away??? It has only been 2 weeks.

    Just imagine .....when your son has been exposed to devices ....he probably didn't have his neck covered?

    Jack suggests we use a scarf or turtle neck to cover the thyroid area.

    Your son has EHS? He probably has had devises of some kind since he was very young?

    Take it slow Emma ....baby steps. You have a lot of ducks to get "in a row"

    If anyone can do it .....my money is on you Emma.
  3. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Thank you! Needed to hear that. I don't really do things slowly or small ;) *sigh


    No, we have not taken screens COMPLETELY away. We have pulled him out of school (all his work was done on a laptop and his school is covered in solar panels and has wind turbine on playground to power all outside stuff). So, he has some time each day to do homeschool work on computer, but we are quickly even rethinking this. I think he needs a total reset.

    We have always had a TV, but we did not introduce screens until a few years ago. However, he immediately "took to them" and would do screens every waking minute if we didn't launch WWIII (he does not transition easily). As a child that never really fit in with sports or any other group, he seemed to find his niche in gaming and would talk to his friends about online games. If we had only known what we know now, we would NOT have allowed that. But he still begs to connect with his friends online, I'm even getting frustrated emails from his friends' moms who want to know why he can not connect on social media with their kids! Without exception, he is the only kid in his class without a cell phone. This blew my mind even before I started learning about nnEMFs and light/water/magnetism.

    He is not diagnosed with anything other than depression/anxiety. I suspect he is EHS (it was another son who they were looking at EHS as a diagnosis) but my 12 year old has been getting migraines on and off for about 4 years (when he started using screens a lot), had to get glasses to see up close and now reports headaches and buzzing in his ears if we go into a highly electrified area (like a convenience store or if our grow lights are turned on).

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! However, I don't have ducks....I have something similar to feral cats and the only formation they create is chaos ;) I'm okay with that, but I'd like to help them develop enough healthy mitochondria to not make completely stupid decisions as soon as they leave the nest! They actually have quite a bit of potential as long as we right this ship.

    Thanks @Jack Kruse for figuring out and sharing all of this information! Someday I'll actually understand it.

    Thanks Caroline for always being so responsive!

  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    my pleasure Emma.

    some questions and suggestions......

    Do your feral cats have blue blockers? you can get them cheap on amazon etc.

    You are going to have to throw your TV out ..... remember - you are the adult in the family ...and you pay the bills!

    You are going to have to replace his love of gaming with something ....somehow.

    Did you know that scompy, here on the forum, was a gamer? He also did it for a living.

    scompy moved his family - he wrote a great guest blog post about it ....how to go about doing it.

    Also, scompy has a son who is very sensitive. maybe pm scompy for ideas on how to get your son to get past his addiction of gaming? It is an addiction BTW.

    It is definitely an addiction ....and it is going to be hard.....no question. The fact that he hasn't been diagnosed with anything is good news.

    Have you ever taken the kids away for a couple of weeks camping? somewhere by a lake, river, stream, ocean and just let them run wild and free for a couple of weeks?

    I may have asked you this already ......do you know Jeremy Thomley's story? His mom was told by all the doctors, that he would not live past 5yrs of age. Jeremy just turned 37 yesterday. His life isn't easy but he makes it work. He is a very special young man.

    Jeremy is a world class sculpture and rock climber and now he does glass blowing - as well as a special kind of yoga that is amazing.

    Please watch [with all the feral cats] the webinar about him and with him. Also read his story on Mohawk steel ...maybe get your sons to read it to you?

    anytime I can help - just holler!

    Jack has given me so much and I need to pay it forward......
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  5. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Such great information!!!

    I will be buying blue blockers asap, we do not have those. So, you're saying no computer and NO TV too? Nothing? Just want to be clear. My husband "unwinds" with TV, so this will be tough. I've never liked any screens, they make me feel hyper (I didn't even like TV as a child).

    Yes, screens are a total addiction, I agree

    I pulled up the webinar with Jeremy and Jack, is that the one you are talking about watching with the kids?

    I'm going to check out scompy right now!

    1. What is this other site that has some of Jack's blogs? Patreon? Do I have access to those? I pretty much don't understand anything he writes, but I keep reading.
    2. I've tried to get access to the fb group, but they haven't invited me yet, anyway you can help? I'm assuming there's good stuff on there too.
    3. As members, do we have access to the 2018 Vermont talk? I see you can buy it on the website, but I thought we had access if we became a member, true?
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Patron blogs are included.

    Yeh ....I still can't get an invite to FB either ......

    You do have access to two vermont talks ....there is a small price for the third[last] one.

    nope - definitely no TV .....flicker effect as well as vile blue light.

    your DH needs another hobby ....read a book, listen to a book, a dog, plant a garden with the kids, do C/T, [C/T is a game changer], take the kids rock climbing, sex......

    Most kids seem to take to C/T btw.

    Yes ...the webinar with Jeremy......

    You should have access to the youtube thingy that Jack and Jeremy did too... That one will give you a great perspective on Jack and Jeremy.

    Jeremy will often say to Jack "I don't understand a word you are saying"

    It is a real struggle to get thru all Jack's stuff - for sure. I may have told you this ....Jack always tells us "you don't have to speak Chinese to eat Chinese food"

    You need to implement the three legged stool ......light, water and magnetism. Maybe let your DH read all the science [print off the blogs for him - the ones that will interest your family for now] that should keep him busy instead of watching TV!

    How is your husbands sleep? libido? that may be a mute question as you seem to have quite a litter ...lol
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  7. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Lol! Someone is finding extra time for something...

    Best to have some fun.
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  8. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Oh great! Do you happen to know how to access the Patron blogs? When I went there it said I had to buy something.

    I've watched the first two Vermont talks and loved them! That's why I was hoping I could watch 2018 :)

    "nope - definitely no TV .....flicker effect as well as vile blue light."

    Does Jack have a blog/podcast/webinar that talks about this? I'll search "flicker effect" and see what I find. I find giving my husband information for him to digest on his own terms works MUCH better than saying, "hey, can you throw that damn TV away?" My husband actually has tons of hobbies and plenty of other things to do. We have a huge garden, 4 dogs, livestock, hiking trails all around us and he's on like book 4 of Jack's suggested reading. He's pretty freaking smart himself and digests this stuff so much better than I do, but at the end of the day his favorite thing to do is sit down and watch soccer on TV.

    My kids absolutely love CT, always have :) They never wear clothes, never have, and are attracted to cold water like moths to a flame. All but one, who I believe got my inability to handle cold, seem to be heaters even in Jan. I am warm about one day per year and that's in August, when I get inside a closed car and don't allow anyone to open a window. I just imagine soaking up the warmth and trying to store it! I heard Jack mention that getting goosebumps are good, well shit........I should be the healthiest person alive, I have always had goosebumps!

    "How is your husbands sleep? libido? that may be a mute question as you seem to have quite a litter ...lol"

    Um, nope, NOT a problem, LOL! We're actually one of the few that have the opposite fertility issues as most of our friends. We've blasted through just about every birth control available. Nope, not Mormon, not Catholic, not anything except poor planners who like having a good time. 5 kids in 6 years and this was all while my husband was in the exact same environment at Jack, Neurosurgery OR 24/7 for 4+ years in a Level 1 Trauma hospital (he was device sales). I literally only saw him long enough to make the kids.

    One last thing..........where is the best place to learn how to CT properly? I listened to Deep CT webinar and heard Jack talk about being fat and that being an indicator of needing CT, well, I'm not fat. I'm skinny, almost too skinny and already freezing most all the time. I'd love to "cold adapt" but not sure how to go about it and how much I need. I've started with cold showers and have noticed that I can stand MUCH longer in the cold water than a couple of weeks ago, but the idea of getting in a tub about makes me puke. However, the cold face dunks sounds fabulous! I'll give that a try next.

    This community is awesome! Thank you guys!
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  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    My understanding is that everything that you may find at patreon blog written by @Jack Kruse is already included in gold or titanium membership.

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  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Yep ......patreon = blogs for paid members.

    Emma, Do you have a 23& me test done? Jack really likes to see one.

    Not everyone should C/T ........ there are caveats

    There is a huge C/T thread....

    Ohhhhhh.....your DH is a soccer fan! Mine too! we have a TV that is only used for soccer!!

    You never, ever want to separate your guy from soccer......I like it too!

    I will be back....
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Emma..... Jack's podcast are a faster way for you to get info right now. He is very direct and to the point on his podcasts. He is speaking to a different audience mostly ...us non geeks!
    When Jack writes a blog he has to dot all his i's and cross all his t's. He is writing for a much broader audience - Doctors, scientists etc.

    Have you seen one of his last podcasts with Cyndi O'Meara? - here in Oz.

    There are two ...one was a few years ago - they are both great. They are very direct and Jack doesn't pull any punches about all this.
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  13. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Hi Caroline!

    I don't have a 23&me, but would like to get one. Do you know if we need the basic or the more expensive pack? There is a mother's day special :) I'm going to grab that! Should I have all the kids do them too?

    So, when you say that Jack likes to see this stuff, are you saying for if we have a consultation? Is he still open to those? Also, do you know if they are taking new farm members? I'm going to do my best here, but I have so many questions, I would love some direction from him.
  14. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    I've listened to a ton of podcasts but don't think I've heard Cyndi O'Meara.....I'll go download that one! Thank you!!!

    Also, I can only find the 3 hr long webinar with Jack and Jeremy, is there another youtube with them that you are referring to? For the kids to watch?
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  15. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Thank you! I read through the thread! I see there might be contraindications, but not sure what they are. Seems like you'd really need a consult with Jack to figure this all out. As he states so often, "I don't know, it's an N=1 game"
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    BOOM!!!! ^^^^^^
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I will try to find the one I am talking about. They did it in Mexico - probably Dec 2017.

    It has a funny pic of Jeremy doing yoga ....or something???????
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Emma ....it would be best to email mission control ...and talk to Christy.

    Ask her what you need if you have a consult with Jack. You may not need much for the first one .....but always ask - never assume anything!

    Make sure to get on the next live Q&A and ask a few of your questions ....or you can write them in the chat and then Christy will ask them for you.

    Slow down a bit girl .....you are getting your nickers in a knot!

    I am assuming that you aren't independently wealthy???? take it a little slower and be methodical.

    I get it - you have a lot of issues to solve and you are on it. I love your energy and your approach and your fierceness.

    I wouldn't want to be standing in your way!!!

    BTW - I get it ....I am exactly the same! I can be like an out of control train and....

    I NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! not ever...
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  19. Emma C

    Emma C Titanium

    Hi Caroline :) You are such a help!!!! Thank you!

    Yes, my nickers are in a bit of a knot, LOL! I'm feeling like I "need to get the hell outta dodge" but not sure where to go :)

    Okay, I listened to Cindy's podcast. Fabulous! I forwarded it to my husband too.

    No, definitely not independently wealthy! In fact, if we have to make any location changes my husband will have to get a new job....which, he needs anyways. I WISH he would write his Optimal Journal, but he's busy keeping us afloat over here. He's experiencing chest pains, which all the docs "can't find anything" except some minor weird electrical somethings on his EKG which they said is of no concern. However, anytime he's in a high nnEMF environment, the pain is worse. I can't run this train by myself, so we need to fix that problem! We both can feel that our issues are worse at home even though we've done just about every fix suggested to the house except paint that special paint that Jack said isn't great. *sigh

    We're contemplating going to some remote place we can drive to for a week as soon as the kids are out of school, but can't figure out where. Trying to decide what would be best and the most bang for our buck, optimal sun (south) or just away from nnEMFs. I know those are supposed to go hand in hand, but not sure where that would be where we could also stay cheap (like camp in a tent, LOL). I was thinking ocean would be ideal because the kids would be in the water most of the time, so grounding would be perfect and we'd be near seafood! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    I did email "contact us" which I'm assuming is mission control and am waiting to hear back. I will absolutely be on every webinar and Q&A moving forward! I'm a bit afraid to ask a stupid question, though, as I understand so little of what he teachers (scientifically). Meanwhile, I'm just going to keep reading and doing the basics and hope my brain function improves!!! I will say, I'm getting a nice tan already here in April since I am pretty much living outside, but we'll not comment on the state of the inside of the house ;)

    I think I found the webinar you are talking about yesterday and now I can't find it again! haha!
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  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I once was asking Jack a question that I said, up front, was stupid. Jack said "there are no stupid questions - the stupid part is that you waited so long to ask me!

    Never, ever be afraid to ask a question ...stupid or not. You are starting at ground zero - cut yourself some slack girl!

    Jack started a thread for newbies ....please read - in your spare time LOL.

    I will see if I can find it. I forgot to look again for Jack & Jeremy's you tube.

    I think I meant for your kiddos to read Jeremy's story [on Mohawk steel] and look at his rock climbing pics etc. But they may like the webinar too???

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