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Welcome to my world...

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by MrPinkies, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    As most of you have read.. I'm on a personal mission to lose 160lbs or so. I'm not really sure how far I am going to go with this.. but.. since the weight seems to come off, why not go all the way??!? Seems like a natural thing to do, right? I am FINALLY, the first time in 13 years, under 200 lbs!!!! I've tried EVERYTHING under the sun to drop the weight.. multipliable personal trainers.. countless gym memberships.. an embarrassing amount of gimmick diets, equipment, etc.. Beyond frustrated, tried the lepton reset, and HOLY COW, I started to drop 1-2lbs per DAY... I started to really understand my issues. I am a sugar addict like an crack addicted- but with sugar. I still struggle every day... however, the REALLY obvious bad stuff, like pizza, etc.. that stuff I don't crave anymore... in fact, a lot of that stuff makes me sick even thinking about it... I still make mistakes and don't lose like I want, but, I guess this is a process... right? I am still the one not to eat fish.. I just can't do it.. fish eyes freak me out!! and their scales.. my husband picking out the bones in his mouth.. ughhhh.. can't or won't.. I guess I won't.. but if I'm still losing weight, should I care? probably.. I just am having a hard time getting over their googlie eyes and the bones things.. and the scales.. There is hope for me.. I will eat shrimp and some other sea-stuff... lol

    Enough about me, I guess.. The mix to my situation is.. well.. Autism... My whole family- husband- Christopher (who is actively on the forum too), both kids, especially my son Ryan.. I understood most of the podcast that was recommended (it's in the ask Jack section).. Holy carb-ness... We cleaned out the fridge and the kitchen.. Ryan is definitely starting week three of the straight, no cheating, ketogenic diet, as much spring non-fluoridated H2O as possible, extra fat on the side... We actually had to say to our kids grandparents that they will not be able to spend time with them for a while- a few months or so. I was laughing so hard though the thread that is labeled "***t our families says", I almost pi$$ed my pants.. but.. man am I in that boat.. we can NOT trust our families anymore, period. The unbelievable CRAP that spews out. I almost feel like they want us to fail. They either don't accept Autism diagnoses at all or then when something comes along that does work- they do everything in their power to do the exact opposite... Everything we have done to try to chase this- what seems unrealistic- dream of catching up all of the gaps in his skills and all of his sensory issues with his nervous system. Changing his diet has had the MOST impact. It is CLEARLY a night and day difference. Changing the light bulbs.. selling our tv and iPad.. getting rid of our cell phones that gave my husband hemorrhoids that he decided to make so public- silly boy.. hard-wiring our computers.. Just seems like a TON of changes that.. quite honestly.. has made our lives easier.. My kids sleep through the night, FINALLY at five years old, my son SLEEPS!!!! My son rarely screams over noise, lights, or other sensory issues.. Turning off the wifi was CRAZY awesome reaction.. My husband and I kinda looked at each other asking each other if that really was the cause of our son's screaming?? It wasn't entirely, but, we could tell that it did have an impact on him. Even the school called this week and asked if we were doing anything different at home because of Ryan's positive behavior changes, in fact, he's going to be mainstreamed next year.. I never in a million years thought that that was going to be possible if you were to have asked me 6 months ago. Is mainstreaming him the right thing? Who knows.. I am the girl that will jump in with both feet and see what happens I guess... Wish me luck!

    I have learned so much.. life is complicated.. but it seems to be getting easier by the day.. Although, it's been interesting, I'm trying to find the positive in this journey.. positive people.. Where are they? OH YES.. definitely in this form, of course! hahahaa...

    Keep the positive rollin' cuz I'm likin' it!!!! Up and onward to greatness!! Until next time..
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2013
  2. caroline

    caroline New Member

    I love your post ....... I wish you so much luck ....but it is so much more than that! You have a tenacity that is awe inspiring.
    You will influence so many more people than just your immediate family - the world is your oyster! The ripple effects from the changes you are making are endless. I am a person that never gives up too - for a variety of reasons - but then again - I think a lot of people give up way too easy. You need to explore every possible avenue and then do it again if need be!

    Keep jumping in with both feet ..... is there any other way?

    please keep posting on your progress - good, bad or indifferent - we all learn so much from each other......
  3. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Awesome progress, Mr. Pink! :)
    I think I understand totally about the grandparents.
  4. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    I am so happy for all of your successes!!! I have about 130 to lose myself and my kids have "issues" as well. My youngest went non-verbal for a brief period as a toddler and later developed 2 motor tics and a vocal tic and a stutter. I had him to some amazing doctors, childrens hospital neurologists, and by chance happened to take him to crossfit with me (yes my fat ass did crossfit..lol) and one of the trainers there told me to take him off grains. LIFE CHANGING!!!

    Within 3 weeks this kid had 0 tics and no stutter!!! I could not believe it! He could not believe it!

    We have not been able to keep them 100% at bay since the initial diet change but it is hardly noticeable and there is no fear of him needing to leave his classroom anymore, so whew!

    I am hopeful that with CT, focus on his supplements and clearing up any nastiness lurking in his labs he will know life without the "issues"

    I love your spirit! And it helps to know I am not alone in having so much to lose.....and even more to gain :)

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  5. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Mr Pinkies, awesome stuff....!!! :) :) :)
  6. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Wishing you and your family all the best in your journey...keep writing and sharing!
  7. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    Hey!!! :) Awesome goal of 130!! You CAN do it!!! I'm down 120lbs roughly out of the 160 total.. It takes time, but, it WILL happen! (if you go on my profile, I have before and after pictures!)

    As far as your kids goes.. all I can say is... AWESOME!!!!!!!!! and.. AMAZING!!!!!! It's funny when people around us see the changes in our kids, but then, don't believe what we did.. that "food" of all things, was the problem and or the answer... When I first watched the podcast, I was so angry.. mainly because the answer seemed too simple. Although, the no carb thing is EXTREMELY hard.. My daughter is more addicted to carbs that I am.. lol My son could take it or leave it most days.. We did find an AWESOME chocolate chip recipe that is pretty decent considering the diet..

    Last, I will definitely keep you posted.. :) forum stuff is fun and more addicted than FB.. OMG, did I just type that?!?!? I DID! hmm.. something to think about.. lol
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    when you know better......you begin to do better.
  9. Christopher

    Christopher New Member

  10. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Alright you two, break it up. This is a PG-rated forum.
    Well, except for the Oxytocin thread...
  11. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    HAHHAHA.... you have to understand.. Chris started the leptin reset long before I did.. He made me go to whole foods weekly and buy him chopped clams- in a 5lbs bag for over 12 weeks straight.. I was known as the chopped clam lady... Finally one of the ladies asked me if I really ate 5 lbs of clams a week.. and I said no, my husband has fried clams and bacon every day for breakfast... she laughed pretty hard until she realized that I was serious.. :D
  12. diane

    diane Gold

    Congrats at your success! What amazing and dedicated parents you both are and incredibly courageous to look at a problem in a different way, even though those around you think you're losing it LOL. It is amazing when something makes so much sense to you, and you just can't understand why everyone else doesn't get it!
  13. Its great that you are now both in this journey together, and its amazing how quick and well your son is responding. If only you could get more support from your familly! But Im sure they will jump in once they realize how much better their grandson is doing.

    120 lbs down? That is awesome! Weight isnt that important, but you must feel so good and so proud! So inspirational! And Im sure one day you wont mind anymore having fish ;) You might want to start with cuts ready to eat -no eyes and no scales, you'll be surprised how good it can be.
  14. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    before n' after face.jpg

    PicMonkey Collage.jpg

    Some before and after pictures for you guys! I need a take a new one soon... the full body pics- I've lost a good 25lbs since that picture.. :)
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2013
  15. Samson

    Samson New Member

    WOW, WOW, WOW, MrPinkies, you are such an inspiration!!! What a wonderful example you are setting for your friends and family! BEAUTIFUL!!!

    We need more doers like you in this world...you really walk to the walk!

    Thank you for sharing your world....you changed mine.

  16. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    Thanks so much Samson!!! You've made my day.. xoxo..
  17. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Oh wow...!!! What a big difference, you look like a different person now Pinkies! So beautiful!!! So alive! I love before and after pics.. it is just so amazing what food and lifestyle changes can do.. :)
  18. caroline

    caroline New Member

    About the seafood .... I was going to say that as well - just buy boneless fillets or eat some at a restaurant. It is so much easier if it is prepared for you ...... or maybe your DH can prepare dinner sometimes - just grill some salmon fillets etc.

    Do you eat sushi? I think you said above that you eat shrimp - that is great! Have you seen Inger's recipe for sushi?
  19. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    was outside today.. I had one of those moments when I realized that the leaves are starting to come out on the trees.. and everything is starting to look so GREEN... I love these moments.. makes me feel grateful for life..
  20. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    Sorry friends that I have been gone for a little while.. I got sick.. my throat got very irritated.. and then came the cough.. and then I couldn't breath.. and you know.. breathing is kinda important.. Of course, it was only a matter of time that I got sick.. My kids were sick first.. Since we have been attempting to mainstream Ryan.. he went from a class of 5 to a class of 25+... so.. he got a little bit of everything.. starting with strep.. then flu.. then pink eye.. then croup... (shaking my fist at the sky).. Croup is one of the scariest things I have ever experienced with my son.. When we got to the ER, he was a shade of grey with purple lips.. Er doctors looked at each other, wondering why the hell we didn't take an ambulance.. I'll tell you why.. the last time Ryan had to take an ambulance, we went less than five miles, and it costed over 1600 dollars... So anyway.. getting sick set me back a few pounds... I blame the cough drops and inhaler, etc.. but.. now that I'm back into the swing of things and I can breath (again, the importance of breathing.. lol).. the pounds are coming off again.. slow but surely.. the smaller I get, the slower it comes off.. oh well.. my main goal was to get under 200 lbs- check! so.. I'm pretty happy with that..

    My question to you is.. what do you do for coughs and colds and stuffed up nose??? Sudafed is kinda a favorite to get the nose stuffiness all cleared out.. but.. I'm thinking that's probably not the right thing to do anymore??? or is it?

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