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The biophysics of the microbiome: state of affairs 2015

Discussion in 'Adrenal Rx and Leaky Gut Rx' started by Jack Kruse, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Fecal transplants are really a story about replenishing light to your gut. Today I have a lot of schedule posts on this science. Antibiotics kill the microbiome lowering their number and diversity of species. Using Roeland van Wijk, Fritz Popp, and Emilio Del Giudice's work this means there is less light released in our colon. Bacteria release 5000 times more light than our cells do. Did you know that? If not stay tuned to my website and forum to learn a lot more about this surface interaction as time evolves.
    • This is an exciting time for gastrointestinal microbiology. The recognition of Helicobacter pylori and its role in gastrointestinal disease recently earned a Nobel prize; the discovery of bacterial secretion systems and translocated effectors has unlocked numerous mechanisms of pathogenesis; the role of the commensal flora in many disease states, including inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and even obesity, is now accepted and will undoubtedly lead to new therapeutic strategies; the finding that eukaryotic cells perceive and respond to bacteria through the expression of Toll-like receptors and Nods is a major step toward understanding interactions between the host and gut microbiota or microbial pathogens; the discovery of quorum sensing as a means of communication between bacterial populations and even with host cells has provided insight into pathogenic mechanisms; and the recently NIH-initiated Human Microbiome Project will eventually allow better understanding of the role of this complex intestinal community in human health and disease. The key missing clinical questions are how quorum sensing work on a fundamental level. I believe biology won’t find that answer because they do not focus in on light frequencies. Bacteria make up the microbiome exclusively and their cell membranes are radically different than our own. They are able to release large amounts of light frequencies in the form of biophotons. The only part of biology that studies light is the biophysics of plants and marine bioluminescence with respect to photosynthesis. Because of this, I expect that the gastroenterology literature will not look or discover truly how the gut microbiome is capable of sculpting our epigenome with light through its interaction with our eukaryotic cell membranes of enterocytes.http://www.thedailybeast.com/…/are-microbes-stealing-your-mind
    • For those of you who are not lazy, I would suggest you read the bibliography of Van Wijk book that has a lot of the data on light signaling. In December 2013 David Sinclair published the land mark paper linking low oxygen environments to low NAD+ levels at cytochrome 1 in humans. This paper has been talked about in ten of the Ubiquitination blogs already. All chronic disease are linked to low NAD+ levels. When NAD+ levels drop ETC slows. When ETC slows the amount and frequency of bio-photons are also altered hence making the bio chemical changes linked to optical signals that affect chromophores and fluorophores in all cells. Artificial or alter light frequencies are fully capable of directly changing ETC. Cytochrome C reacts to blue and red light for an example. Blue light causes your mitochondrial ECT to slow because the respiratory proteins enlarge to slow electron tunneling….…..when it slows you up regulate carbohydrate metabolism by way of AMPK pathways. This has massive impacts on the microbiome. It alters its ability to make beta hydroxybutyrate, oligosaccharides, Vitamin K2, and something called FIAF. FIAF is what cause human obesity. All this can occur from the change in frequency of light release from the microbiome and from your own cells. This work has been published for quite sometime in biophysics and is chronicled in the book I mentioned above.......People who are lazy, medicine, and ancestral health is unaware of this published data. You no longer can afford to be.
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Bacteria that use quorum sensing constitutively produce and secrete certain signaling molecules. All these molecules are either chromophores of fluorophores. Chromophores absorb certain frequency of light and fluorophores release certain frequencies of light. In biology today these same chemicals are also called autoinducers or pheromones. Many people in biology know these names better than the biophysical names. These bacteria have a receptor that can specifically detect the signaling molecule or light frequency(inducer). All proteins have an absorption spectrum for light. This is also something many in biology do not know but has been proven in bio-physics. When the inducer binds the receptor, it activates transcription of certain genes, including those for inducer synthesis. This is an important concept because it is foundational to the processes that govern epigenetics. "Epigenetics" as term is now casually used for all transcriptional regulators, except, curiously, TFs. There is a low likelihood of a bacterium detecting its own secreted inducer because of how protein emission and absorption is quantized. Thus, in order for gene transcription to be activated, the cell must encounter signaling molecules secreted by other cells in its local environment. This becomes easy in the gut. When only a few other bacteria of the same kind are in the vicinity, diffusion reduces the concentration of the inducer in the surrounding medium to almost zero, so the bacteria produce little inducer. Diffusion is also speed up when proton tunneling occurs. This has been experimentally shown to occur infrared ranges of light at 1538.5 nm. Too bad Dave could not have stuck around for this all this good stuff. Emilio Del Giudice work showed this effect of IR light and proton tunneling in the last decade. As the populations of bacteria within the microbiome grows and becomes more diverse, the concentration of the inducer/fluorophore passes a signaling threshold, causing more inducer to be synthesized. This is very similar to how the photoelectric effect works. If the light signal is not strong enough it can not be used to excite electrons to higher orbital levels. This is why this effect has been seen in the recent microbiome papers. In concert these actions form a positive feedback loop, and the receptor becomes fully activated. When the microbiome diversity is lost of numbers drop we lose negative feedback control and FIAF cause more light release and humans become obese. Proper activation of the receptor in the microbiome induces the up-regulation of other specific genes, causing all of the cells to begin transcription at approximately the same time. Only light is capable of this type of coherence because of the speeds it operates at. This coordinated behavior of bacterial cells can be useful in a variety of situations to make other signaling chemicals that the body can use. Vitamin K2 is one. Vitamin K2 is a quinone and all quinone absorb all frequencies of UV light. This matches the frequency of light eukaryotes naturally release from their cells. For instance, the bioluminescent luciferase produced by Vibrio fischeri would not be visible if it were produced by a single cell. By using quorum sensing to limit the production of luciferase to situations when cell populations are large, V. fischeri cells are able to avoid wasting energy on the production of useless product. This is how quorum sensing works. This explanation is from reading thoussands of papers in many disciplines of science. Many of these articles begin in Roeland van Wijk's work.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Obesity is an inflammatory brain condition. Inflammation is a defect in proton tunneling. When they are not coherent protons accumulate and they pH drops. When pH drops the EZ of water drops and energy levels in the gut drop dramatically. Where does this inflammation originate from? The gut flora actually is what causes humans to become fat. It has to due with the reduction in shear numbers and the species of bacteria in our gut. There is a particular flora that produces adiposity and obesity in humans. The human microbiome has already shown these relationships. Clinicians still dont know what these things mean. One area that they are seeing the results is in how fecal transplants have tremendously changed the way we treat c difficile infections of the gut. My bet is fecal transplants will usher in the error of quantum biology in medicine. These bacteria make something called FIAF (Fasting induced adipose factor) that control this process. This factor blocks lipoprotein lipase (LPL) in fat cells. LPL allows us to convert dietary Free Fatty Acids carried in lipoproteins into neutral fats that are stored in adipocytes.

    The take away: Our gut bacteria makes us fat. The bigger shocker? The environment our microbiome faces.......is what is behind it. The key to the non linear optical signaling is what? What the terminal electron acceptors are in the microbiome determine the frequencies of light released by bacteria to determine quantize signaling between fluorophores and chromophore proteins in living things.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The FIAF is made by our liver, muscles, and our small bowel wall when food sources are in short supply. This is the signal to stop storing fat in our fat cells when food is scarce. What is not well appreciated by many is that the FIAF in our intestinal wall is controlled 100% by our gut flora. When we have a simplified gut flora it favors fat cell creation. When our gut flora is complex and healthy, it has 100 trillion cells with 250 species. We tend not to make fat in this instance either! Moreover, when the bacteria are active metabolically due to the presence of simple sugars, production of FIAF ceases, and fat creation is signaled. This implies that our gut flora is directly tied to fat creation in humans. The gut flora’s action is directly signaled to the brain via the afferent nerve fibers in the vagus nerve. In those newly created fat cells, a protein called leptin is also produced, and acts as a score keeper for the brain of how much fat is stored in the body. This messenger is sent to the brain around midnight when we are sleeping allowing the brain to assess total energy balance in the body. At night, when it is dark, melatonin should be high. If it is not this process of signaling will not work!!!!
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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    We are recycled versions of our ancestors in our microbiome. They came from recycled atoms in our eco-sytems. They came from stardust from supernova's. This is hard for people to fathom, but it 100% true. We are surrounded by the absurd excess in the cosmos based upon this science. Initially, most is meaningless mass, vastness without size, power without consequence. Light sculpts that mass. Nature applies meaning to that bulk, powering it for use in us. Genes are vehicles for duplication of environmental signals powering mass for consequence.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    So this melatonin story in the microbiome...........this brings in the circadian aspect. How does melatonin fit in? Melatonin induces protective autophagy enhancement via an AMPK-dependent pathway. I've been telling you this for 5 years. Now the science is catching up to me finally. This autophagy enhancement regulates cardiac muscle cell apoptosis and protects against heart damage caused by chronic intermittent hypoxia (CIH). Here you can see David Sinclair's 2013 paper yet again making an impact can't you! This is important for athletes and people with chronic diseases who want to begin to increase their redox potential. When we are pseudo-hypoxic in our mitochondria NAD+ drops and disease manifests or an athletes redox drops. http://www.sciencedirect.com/…/article/pii/S0006291X15302023
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  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I told you surface interactions of light determine biochemistry at deeper levels. The 3 main surfaces are the eye, skin, and gut. So the gut needs the absence of light at night to get to melatonin to use proper quorum sensing.......you following this all? So what happens when you look at your cell phone, laptop or iPad at night to your mitochondria in your gut and microbiome?

    Fake light causes your mitochondria ECT to slow because the respiratory proteins enlarge to slow electron tunneling….…..when it slows you up regulate carbohydrate metabolism by way of AMPK pathways. All this from the change in frequency of light released in both cells. This causes a loss of negative feedback control. What happens when we lose negative feedback control as laid out in the Ubi series? You get extinction of predator and prey. In our gut, we eat the light the microbiome emits. Both die when fake light is present on any surface because all surfaces tie to melatonin levels in the brain!!! GOT IT? The brain can not tell sunlight from blue light.......and ancestral health is unaware of this. You no longer can afford to be. Now you should be seeing how bad guts and bad light are linked.........it is not a food problem at all. It is a bad light environment like I've been saying for 5 years.
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    So how does a bad gut eventually ruin your hormone panel regardless if you are a male or female? What does pseudohypoxia (low NAD+) mean to our hormone panel? The cost of a high aerobic capacity is low fertility. This is why the pregnenolone steal syndrome exists and why males suffer low testosterone and females have an upside down PG/E2 ratio. It is not what the anti-aging docs think. Cortisol over sex steroid production is due to the use of oxygen as the terminal electron acceptor in human mitochondria in a really bad light environment. Lack of catalase (H2O2) and AM UV light fuel this low fertility. Artificial light makes fertility doctors and anti aging docs rich and busy. We need doctors who understand light.........and humans will get a lot better. Turn off your tech to regain your wellness.

    With time it will be proven surface chemistry of the skin and gut is more important than biochemistry for humans. I've been saying it and now I am laying the pipe of truth before your eyes.

    Medicine applies technical solutions to adaptive challenges today and this is why it is failing.
  9. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Our colon is the anaerobic reactor that reproduces our gut flora. When someone has IBD, GERD, or SIBO they have too much oxygen in their gut. This allows the microbiome to use oxygen as a terminal electron acceptor in our gut. We dont want that. Why? because it alters the frequency of light the microbiome releases and alters non linear optical signaling. The appendix is the “sperm bank” that keeps a nice sample of our current gut flora in case we get a nasty bought of gastritis that cleans our microfilms and our flora out into the toilet. We eat things under normal conditions with NO oxygen present in our gut. This is why the LES between the stomach and duodenum is key. That sphincter is under the hierarchal control of the SCN!!!! When you have a circadian mismatch to blue light in your eye clock it causes the LES to allow oxygen into your anaerobic reactor.

    This type of environment stimulates the gut flora to extract a lot of energy from food because of scarcity. The chemical reaction basically is to extract as much oxygen from the food and leave behind carbon and hydrogen. This is essential what a ‘turd’ is in its basic form. In an anaerobic environment bacteria have an amazing capability to extract energy from food for its host, namely us. Bacteria have little ability to save any of this energy for them. The human body usurps their ability to be great energy extractors and uses it for itself. Your gut flora is what makes you fat and your gut flora is under control of hormones!

    Since the human colon is anaerobic when we feed these bacteria a diet high in simple carbohydrates they extract the oxygen and and leave us with bowel gas and lower levels of FIAF. This actually allows us then to store fat that we can use later on for our own needs. This fat is loaded with long chain fatty acids, but to gain the energy in its bonds we have to have oxygen to access it. The bacteria don’t have that luxury, so they are inept at using the fat they created! We, however, can use it at our inner mitochondrial membrane to create energy via ATP using electron chain transport. In fact, long chain fatty acids have huge energy potential for the host. One molecule of glucose has only six carbons. Glucose can make 28-36 ATP. One molecule of an 18 carbon stearic acid, a FFA, has three times as many carbons as glucose but makes five times the amount of ATP (147 ATP) while only having two times the caloric density of glucose. This shows you precisely why a calorie is not a calorie and why CICO makes little sense in a bio-physics model. In the distal colon we make large amounts of long chain fatty acids under normal healthy conditions.

    So when the human host turns around and eats a fat laden ketogenic diet it creates a huge hormetic issue for our gut flora. Why? seasonal ketosis raises NAD+ levels in cytochrome 1. They can not access the energy in these fats because there is no molecular oxygen present and the human host is not hungry at all because the presence of the fat in the gut is signaled to the brain via the vagus nerve. This is the perfect storm for the human and really bad news for the gut bacteria. This is why one has to question the validity of any safe starch theory in my view. The molecular biology of the gut just does not support it.
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The vagus nerve connects the digital and analogue systems together in the brain. It also is the protector of the blood brain barrier, the gut barrier and the pneumo-environmental barrier in humans. The vagus nerve connects the entire gut down to the transverse meso-colon of the hind gut to the fourth ventricle of the brainstem. This ventricle is filled with CSF and the vagus nerve is covered with myelin in connection with this CSF. This is how the “central digital” circadian system of the SCN and the “analogue circadian system” of the gut are linked to light and the timing of food growth in the environment, so that the signals can be yoked via the area postrema and the median eminence in the brain. These are two areas in the brain do not have a blood brain barrier so the electron density in the CSF is accurately tied to the local environment. The area postrema and median eminence are called the circumventricular organs. Both of them are bathed in CSF that surrounds the brain. The digital circadian signals project visible light photons from the retina to the median eminence to affect hormone release in the pituitary. The analogue system from the gut’s photoelectric code for food projects directly to the area postrema. This unifies how the analogue and digital circadian signals in the brain work in unison to tell an organism what their energy balance is at anytime of the year by counting electron density in the CSF. With in CSF layers there also is a stratification of water by density as well. This is another example of fractal design of how water stratification occurs in the oceans to create oxygen. This is also how the central clock and peripheral clocks yoke the photoelectric effect from the different sources in our environment. It should be intuitive now why environmental mismatches in the brain are perceived as a mixed message by our leptin receptor in the hypothalamus now. Your leptin receptor’s job is to count the electron density in CSF that surrounds it to send this information to different areas of the body. When we have any mismatch in the photoelectric signaling in the hypothalamus, the result in a cell with the leptin receptor is molecular crowding. Molecular crowding is a synonym for inflammation. Inflammation is a synonym for leptin resistance. Fat provides more electrons than protein, but protein is more thermogenic and it is also energy efficient because it lowers the cost of protein ubiquination when autophagy is broken or inefficient.
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    amazing nature is no?
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  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The new microbiome science has already firmly established a clear circadian rhythmicity of the microbiome......this is no longer in question. They still can't explain why?

    I think I can.

    Why should you use coconut oil in your fat fast during summer and not in winter? In winter why should we consider using butter instead of coconut or palm oil? From biochemistry we know that fatty acid metabolism of MCTs produce far too low an input (current) to the ETC as FADH2 and a great deal as NADH, with an almost glucose like FADH2:NADH ratio. Low current, means lower force or voltage within a mitochondria. Lower flow simulates a longer respiratory chain. This fosters relative pseudohypoxia in mitochondria. Lowered electron delivery to O2 is associated with lowered NAD+ levels. Using coconut oil and its large supply of MCT’s is not helpful for developing physiological insulin resistance. What you might get in a high fat hack using CO only sans carbs, is severe hypoglycemia with pseudohypoxia. This is why coconut oil is a summertime or tropical fat because it is designed to be available when high glucose fruits are available that drive the glucose levels higher. The fats nature provides is linked to the light cycles present within the location that coconuts can grow naturally. When we eat things outside of these natural laws, the results are chaos or inflammation. Here we can actually see the fallacy of a high fat diet when it is disconnected from how it should work in the ecosystem it evolved in. I appreciate butter is far from pure palmitic acid but it will be significantly richer in long chain saturates such as palmitate and stearate than the mix of butter and coconut. I would find it interesting to see your numbers under a health physiological insulin resistance. Your body has no interest in storing MCTs, it dumps them to liver metabolism ASAP. I can't see them being helpful in fasting and your liver agrees!
  13. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    So I have harped on surfaces........let us talk a bit more about the gut surface.........it is loaded with water which is at an interface with the microbiome and our enterocytes.

    More than 50 years ago, Nobel Laureate and father of modern biochemistry, Albert Szent-Györgyi, had already suggested that water at interfaces is the key to life and proposed that water at interfaces, such as membranes, is in the excited state, requiring considerably less energy to split than water in the ground state. A sign of the excited water is that a voltage should appear at the boundary between interfacial water and bulk water, which was indeed observed not long after Szent-Györgyi made his prediction. Most, if not all, water in living organisms is interfacial water (EZ), as it is almost never more than a small fraction of a micron away from surfaces, such as membranes or macromolecules. Water at the interface is a coherent domain generated (Chaplin, Preparrta, Del Giudice work on CD in water) by the interaction of the electromagnetic field and water and stabilized by the interface, as Del Giudice and colleagues suggested.

    Unexpected support for this theory came from a field study on aerosols generated at five water falls in the Austrian Alps carried out by Pierre Madl at Salzburg University in Austria with Del Giudice and other collaborators around the world. This work is no longer theory since it has been reproduced in many labs by 2015. It is just not well known in biologic or medical circles. I do know about it and so do you. The implications of it are tremendous for the human microbiome, skin, and eye. The aerosols showed a bimodal size distribution with small clusters a few nanometers in diameter consisting of a few hundred water molecules and larger aggregates about 100–200 nm in diameter with millions of water molecules. This should begin to explain to you why dehydration within the lumen of the gut or the tissues of the gut drastically alters the biochemistry of cells in deeper tissues.

    In water falls in nature it has been found the small clusters of coherent domains disappear very rapidly with distance from the falls, the larger aggregates are able to propagate for hundreds of meters within water. The aggregates have now been detected, both large and small. They key part of this science is they have both been found to be electrically charged with negative charge predominating for 85% of aggregates. This experiment confirms the work of Pollack in total and points out why Ling's idea of polarized water is not accurate. Polarized water has dipoles that are neutrally charged. EZ water carries a net negative charge and is in agreement with this biophysical data of Chaplin and Del Giudice. The existence of the surface electrical charge and unusual size distribution of the aggregates are both predictions of the quantum electrodynamics theory of water; although, the precise details have yet to be worked out. These details will have massive implications in my opinion in microtubules of neurons and fundamentally explain how consciousness works in animals. This water bridge also forms the base of the brain gut axis in humans. It should then be clear how changes in the microbiome can lead to madness or build a properly functioning human brain. If there is scattering of light in the gut it will alter the non linear optics of this systems and manifest in altered neurology functioning, My prediction is all this will be proven in the next 5-ten years because of the fundamental work already published in the literature. My job is to coherent make sense of all the data.
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  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The gut bacteria become starved, their numbers shrink, and diversity falls. Optical signaling becomes simplified and FIAF rises, and this makes the human host burn its own fat for fuel and fat stores are depleted. This is precisely how the dance between our gut bacteria and our own adipose tissues is supposed to work in normal conditions. As amazing as this sounds it gets more bizarre. Since our gut flora controls our ability to make and store fat what if I told you they also might control our desires for the foods that they really want, namely fiber and carbohydrates? Well, this is precisely what happens. The gut flora actually has optical control the levels of neurotransmitters, agouti, ghrelin, and NPY in the peripheral and central nervous system and this drives us to want to eat things. All of these proteins react to light. They are chromophores and fluorophores in the brain gut system. I have covered this numerous times already in many past blogs. The type of gut flora we employ actually is tied to the appetite, desires, and to the reward of the food with respect to the brain’s frontal lobes. The central dopamine levels are all optically determined. This is why the brain has massive amounts of neurons dedicated to visual stimuli and light. Only ten percent at tied to direct leptin pathways. This is why optogenetics is fully capable of releasing neurotransmitters and neuroleptics in many experiments from Luis DeLecea's Stanford lab.

    Radical Take home thought: Food reward should not be thought of a concept intrinsic to foods, but should be intrinsically tied to the light signal they hold and emit to the microbiome. This light will be emitted to the bacteria in an optical signal and processed, absorbed, and remitted to enterocytes who act as a chromophore for the microbiome. The light we get from the gut surface is 100% linked to the type of gut flora we have living in our own gut! Ketosis is a hammer, but not all forms of obesity are its target. It must be a seasonal hammer to raise NAD+ in cold climates. Warming climates and higher carbs will allow us to recycle bad mitochondria out by mitophagy.


    These signals from the gut flora eventually get hard wired optically into the brain over time by Hebbian learning. What is Hebbian learning? It is how the gut's brain works. Neurons that wire together, fire together. Neurons that fail to link by circadian optical signaling at night under melatonin's direction, fail to sync during daylight when cortisol trims those connections in the brain to create an optical map we call memory. Optical technique can be manipulated in art and cells to produce dramatic change to light's meaning in a signal cascade within the brain. During daylight the DC electric current dominates signaling. During night time and sleep is when optics alters neuronal pathways with sprouting and growth.


    This is a very dynamic process, and nothing in the gut or the brain is fixed in this process. This is why it is so hard to get a handle on clinically. I think is where modern medicine will be revolutionized in the next 100 years. The knowledge we are unaware of might just change everything we think is true today. The key factor for humans maybe that the human gut flora seems to be very susceptible to the environment it finds itself in before puberty and before total brain maturation occurs at 25 years old. It appears that the local environment we live in in our early life is quite critical to this dynamic duo. This implies that where we live, the sources of food we eat, and the light conditions required to grow the food are provided under are all encoded in our food and this is directly transmitted to our brain via our vagus nerve by these neurotransmitters in the gut.

    Sometimes the best and worst decisions of your life can coincide. The data for how the microbiome is published......no one is making sense of it. It is a talent of the soul to discover the joy in this discomfort. I've decided to let that discomfort sculpt my ideas in this thread. It's usually the smallest decisions that can change your life forever. I feel the microbiome is what is going to bring medicine to my perspective. The trouble with the "road less traveled" is not the initial decision a clinician will make, it's the thinking of what that road could've lead too if you did not take it. Medicine made this error in 1923 when they ignored Gurwitch's first papers on bio-photon release............we could be far ahead if we just connected his dots to light and stay away from Pasteur's paradigm of drugs which destroyed the non optical signaling in cells.
  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    At night the brain deciphers light frequency. This is how the human brain learns. It adds and subtracts frequencies of light. All frequencies of light are colors. So the brain is just like DaVinci and Michaleangelo. It creates reality we live in colors it gets from nature via the main surfaces in our body. All sensory inputs get fed into the thalamic relays. This includes the Schumann resonance which directly is sensed in the thalamic relays of the brain as well. You need constant sensory thalamic inflows to populate the somatosensory cortex in the CNS.......if the sensory stimuli are absent 9think autism) other fibers from other sensory modalities from the thalamus will populate and eventually own the real estate instead by the Hebbian mechanism.........this is how aberrant things get wired into the CNS. We can alter this if we change the optical signaling. Optics = frequency, and frequency equals color and this is how an artist changes their paintings too.......they add or subtract colors until they get the reality they want on a canvas. We do it on our neurons using watera and light as our paint.
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  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    How should patients and surgeons change their perception on underlying internal relationships when the surface changes?
    Consider the question: water, light, and magnetism are how we do it.

    Light interacts with water and water becomes a repository for energy from light. If it is next to certain proteins the type of light it absorbs as a chromophore is altered than if it was agains another protein with a differing hydrophillic or hydrophobicity. This difference is measured in the EZ size of water. The size of the EZ is linked to the the amount of light absorbed. The EZ of the gut is transmitted from the the gut to the 4th ventricle in the CNS at the area postrema. Water flows in cells are all controlled in the CNS by AQA 4 channels. They all contain 4 nitrogen atoms suggesting that they would respond to pressure (solitons) and light (optical signals) much like a leaf or RBC would to sunlight at the skin surface. The skin, eye, gut or a tree's leaf can alter their surfaces to environmental changes they find themselves in.

    There are many ways we can alter surface signaling. Massage, exercise, free diving are all ways to bring a hydraulic pressure (soliton or phonon) to alter pressures sensations. This is sensed at the cell membrane surface. If optics of the surface are optimal DHA will be present. It it is missing an omega 6 will replace it in a cell membrane. The missing DHA in the remaining cell membranes of the sub optimal organ or tissue in question will limit your ability to accurately send sensory signals to the thalamus. Why? because when a stimulus hits a cell membrane with an omega 6 and not DHA, its cleavage products are all inflammatory prostataglandins in contrast to DHA. DHA always breaks down into resolving, protecting, and maresins, which are highly anti-inflammatory. This raises the pH of water increasing the EZ in water at the surface in question. If the water is cooler to the surface in question (SIBO, GERD, and IBS are all hotter and have lower pH gradients) we shouldexpect the reversal of a bad gut to be even better and faster. DHA replacement in the gut enterocytes and GALT works better and longer in cooler tissues with higher pH just as a leaf performs more efficiently in cooler temperatures. So how could we help repair a gut using this thread? We could use IR and NIR light to improve protons flows to raise pH and increase the EZ. One could design an optical light device that simulates these "good environmental change"s at the damaged surface and see if the bad effect reverses of goes away. Why might it work? Simple, Hebbian learning requires that we need constant sensory thalamic inflows to populate the somatosensory cortex in the CNS.

    nnEMF and blue light at any surface dehydrate tissues. IR/NIR would be bad for the dehydrated. It works on water to increase proton flows. So how could we use IR/NIR light to repair a microbiome without drugs or surgery? NIR and IR light fully penetrate tissues.........surface light can change deeper structures. This is why I told you the paleo biochemists are clueless. Light at a surface can alter deeper tissue function. In fact red light can alter mitochondrial function at cytochrome c. There are thousands of papers proving this.

    All paleo dieter's complain of constipation.......constipation = dehydration. When you change your diet you must hydrate.......without water that contains a dielectric blocker. This is why oral fluoridated or chlorinated water is no bueno!!! It dehydrates you more!!! Dehydration blocks proton tunneling.

    For example, protons. I’ve mentioned “protonicity” and no one really has indulged me with questions about them. The mitochondrial matrix is filled with them and every living thing on this planet uses proton gradients in chemiosmosis to make energy. We have experiments that a proton of energy corresponding to 30,000 volts can effect the transformation a lithium atom into two fast α-particles, which together have an energy equivalent of more than 16 million volts. Considering the individual process, the output of energy in the transmutation is more than 500 times greater than the energy carried by the proton; you’d think a biologist or two would realize this power is able to be tapped but they ignore it. Light has the tap for this energy source. The transmutation of a simple proton is the path that biology must begin to chase.

    IR and NIR light increases proton flows in plasma to get chemicals from the hair follicles in skin and the brush border of enterocytes to the surface of the skin for human photochemistry to begin. When sunlight hits our skin there is a 80% of blood shunting to skin. the same thing is true when we eat. Where blood goes so does RBC's filled with porphyrins which absorb what???? All frequencies of UV light. What else is in blood? 93% of it is water that can make an EZ. EZ can make proton flows.

    Absorption of photons (light) from IR/NIR at 1538.5 nm increases the probability of proton transfer in water inside a cell. DID you know this? This is the secret of how IR/NIR really works. When this ability occurs when sunlight hits the skin blood flow increases and the interaction of IR and water allows for quantum tunneling or protons. This is why red light has such a huge effect of mitochondrial function at cytochrome c. This is how we can reverse skin and gut diseases and this is why most gut dysfunction shows up with skin eruptions........
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Nature is quantized at every step.......she is amazing.
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  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Why does biology keep missing all this? They never consider controlling for light in their experiments.

    Variables not considered can't be controlled. The variables controlled are typically based on past dogma and observer bias.
    RCT selection bias. Law of unintended consequences. Broken window fallacy. It's everywhere in biologic and nutritional sciences........this is why I believe none of it any longer. It is all badly flawed and no one seems to know it.
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    This entire post implies the aspect of time.........but never says it aloud. For members who listened to the recent Time webinar you need to read this thread once you re listen to it. Time is something I briefly spoke about at length in EMF 6...........but I gave you no context for the post on purpose. OSF 5 gave you some more but the recent time webinar really gave you the fundamentals of how time begins. Light determines time at biologic surfaces where light and water meet. Autophagy/mitophagy are the result of that interaction. Autophagy happens daily so it ties to diurnal light water interfacial interactions.......mitophagy is tied to seasonal changes to recycle mitochondria.

    Autophagy/mitophagy determines the arrow of time in biology. Autophagy and red light are joined at the hip with the respect to time and longevity by nature's laws. I have a far different view of time than most do. Time, like gravity, is emergent in nature to make dissipative structures we call cells. That recent 2015 webinar in April or May laid it out.
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    All DNA/RNA absorbs light but scatters most of the energy in it. This means it dissipates it. The reason why? It signals 100% by light emission. This is why surface skin loses its nucleus.......and DNA/RNA in our skin surface become our built in version of natural sunscreen. Ketinocytes lose there nucleic acids to sunlight on purpose. The basal levels of the skin do something different. They interact with the arteriole system to transfer sunlight to porphyrins. This is why the basal skin increases its blood flow when sunlight shines upon it.
    Life uses proteins coded or uncoded for by nucleic acids actually are what direct the arrow of time in biology. Those proteins all absorb or reflect light. In quantum physics equations (QED), time is invariant, therefore time is an illusion of nature. Time is created because of things created to be metastable of dissipative in nature. Such systems, rely totally upon nonlinear protein/quanta interactions, that can form their own mass, spatial, and temporal structures. This is akin to creating a painting by collecting colors and frequencies. The canvas is cells. Cells are collections of proteins and this is why DNA/RNA only code for proteins. They absorb or emit specific light frequencies to build the canvas of life. These aspects of proteins are synonyms for the "dissipative structure" of a cell.

    These cells can exist as long as the system is continuously held far from equilibrium due to a continual flow of energy or matter through the system. Nightly autophagy (sleep) and seasonal mitophagy, keeps us in this state. This means the organization of the cell is far more important than the things that feed our metabolism. Anything having these qualities has to be kept far from equilibrium to maintain a healthy life. Only at death is equilibrium obtained. I view the arrow of time and the inability of reforming the shell of a cracked egg as playing a constructive role in nature. The arrow of time is essential to the existence of biological systems, because they contain highly organized irreversible structures. In this way life is symmetric. In other words, the cells organization is the critical part of life, not the fuel we put into it. The environment the cell is in determines the organization of the cell.

    In this way, Nature, or the world can be thought of as a piece of art, produced according to a very specific peculiar style. That style is based upon light, specifically the non linear optics of light in changing environments at surfaces. What I find particularly curious is the outstanding role of symmetry in the process. Water breaks nature's symmetry in light and this is why non linear optics forms the alphabet of the brain gut functioning. The principle of symmetry as it is used in mathematics and physics can best be described as "change without change."

    This sounds nuts until you understand it. So let me give you an example.

    What makes a circle such a symmetrical object? It's that you can rotate it around its center and it will remain a circle. In the case of an equilateral triangle, small rotations will change it, but if you rotate it by 120 degrees it comes back to itself. It thus has some symmetry, though less than a circle. This concept of symmetry as "change without change" can easily be generalized to laws of physics, or to the equations that express them. This is why math can describe nature well but it cannot explain it fully. It describes the geometry of cells within space but it cannot tell us the story of the interaction of light on the cell.
    And this can help us understand the world better because we can describe how life might happen.
    Consider that a key assumption of the theory of relativity, for instance, is that if you view the world from a moving train, things may look different but the same laws of physics apply. In quantum electrodynamics, you can make a number of transformations on electric and magnetic fields, but the equations remain valid. Now you can look for the perfect equations whose consequences remain unchanged under a whole lot of transformations. These are, so to speak, the circles among the equations of electromagnetism. And it turns out that those are the ones that govern how we construct (describe) reality.

    The miracle of our brain's physiology isn’t that you can see the world as it is. It’s that you can see the world as it isn’t. My job is to explain what you can't see but physics has observed to exist in their experiments. Absence of evidence in a biology book is not absence of effect in reality and yet we still have people calling for RCT's when we are dealing with fundamental universal laws. Life is not subject to RCT's it is subject to universal physical laws. DO NOT FORGET IT, because biologists and physicians have.
    Nature builds enormous complexity via 6 leptons & quarks by evolving into a chemical evolution via the construction of atoms.

    It is the arrangement of these atoms that dictate the life we live, biology we see and understand and write textbooks about. But how they undergo elastic deformation to give us longevity is what OSF 3-5 is all about at a fundamental level. You must read between the lines to see the true message. This thread has done just that in extreme detail using the brain gut axis.
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