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Rob Alexander
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May 7, 2019
Feb 10, 2019
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Jun 25, 1981 (Age: 41)
Home Page:
Grover Beach CA
Supplement Manager- it sucks

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Rob Alexander

New Member, Male, 41, from Grover Beach CA

Rob Alexander was last seen:
May 7, 2019
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    Jun 25, 1981 (Age: 41)
    Home Page:
    Grover Beach CA
    Supplement Manager- it sucks
    Happy to be here. I've been listening to the podcasts and info for about 2 years. I've fought with this info. I've tried to find a way out of it. I'm happy to say I lost. So here I am. Its taken me some time just to process the info on the public podcasts so I've waited to really crawl walk run as I am in this for the big and not the quick. I'm here to do this up and I don't hold back so here we go.

    My story (the short version which I can now understand the mitochondrial issues with each step of the journey, I could explain every piece but I just didn't know)

    -Born in Rochester NY
    -the bastard son of an institutionalized paranoid Schizophrenic
    -Taken at birth by the state
    -passed around for the first few years
    -adopted by well intentioned but completely ignorant simple people
    -Inner city/poverty upbringing
    -Horrible reactions to all dental work- getting dental fillings
    -fat from birth
    -picked on to the extreme - withdrew to tv and junk food
    -traumas from adopted brother within family
    -16 lost the fat by basically eating nothing but white bread and smoking cigarettes and cardio in the basement
    -Became a punk rocker - started bleaching my hair for about 2 years
    -Violence at home from brother parents started giving me Tylenol pm - took daily for 6 months
    -it was fucking me up stopped the sleeping pills and started drinking
    -instantaneous alcoholic
    -Left Rochester and moved to small town Indiana for college
    -full on heavy drinker smoker at this point
    -made it through school and got married - still heavy drinker/smoker
    -here important to note that this entire time is filled with emotional turmoil and anxiety/ depression
    -fast forward to 27 gained the weight back
    -still drinking- getting blurry but successful in real estate
    -Make the most money I've ever made in one day but already on a binge - I hit rock bottom and as I write this on 2-11-19 it was 11 years ago today that I quit drinking
    -The real estate market crashes as I'm getting sober I loose everything and my wife (at the time) and I end up as house parents at a residential treatment center for teenage drug addicts
    -I learn sobriety by teaching it and am exercising but running (in the sun for hours everyday) first time in my life getting sun
    -Best time in my life
    -I get a full sleeve of tattoos over my left are and chest
    -I stay for 2 years
    -Then move to California Central coast
    -Show up for a job working with foster kids that turns out to be an unlawful organization and 3 things happen
    1.stress is through the roof
    2.I'm getting more tattoo work, color
    3 I in an effort to improve my health get my fillings removed
    At this point my health starts to decline and quick
    I search for help and now in CA I buddy up to a vegan guru
    I go full vegan in an effort to get healthy
    Now health declining very fast
    brain not working, liver, kidney, heart everything is starting to break down
    Vegan guru has me doing very intense cleanses

    Marital problems as a result of my health and inability to function which increases stress
    Wife and I take a break for me to heal
    Next day I get in a car accident
    This throws me into complete neuro breakdown- I'm close here, my ex wife a therapist who is now filing for divorce convinces me I'm crazy....I wonder if she is right
    I then find out she has been with another guy since before we split....so convincing me I was crazy was an easy play

    I hold on for the next year alone, health declining
    I'm still vegan, I'm sleeping on a grounding sheet next to a router
    I blacking out and making preparations to die

    I randomly get with a dentist i met who sees me for free
    He asks me who's trying to kill you? I say what?
    He says you have a mouth full of metal filling that have been half drilled out and covered up with no tooth between the fillings and the nerves. My teeth were covered so all off gasing was going straight into my nervous system.
    He takes them out as safely as he can. I immediately feel better.

    I start eating eggs and then fish I feel even better.
    Itis a slow recovery. I move down to LA. I get bad again, work for a start up that doesn't start up. high stress, still on the grounding sheet no knowledge of bad tech.

    I move back to the central coast and get a job selling supplements at a store.
    This is 3 years ago- health still not great but I'm functioning

    Move into a new apartment - health falls off completely
    I hear a jack kruse podcast
    I have nothing to do with veganism
    I look at my environment- I'm sleeping on the other side of a wall with 5 smart meters
    I move asap
    - I start to learn about nature, light, ..
    I get a magnetico

    I take it to a point but sell supps for a living
    I'm building a health site about my experiences
    Then I'm at the gym
    Then I'm at the gym with blue blockers on
    Then I'm at the beach

    I'm at work in a hat, blue tech glasses covered up getting as much sun and nature around the clock as I am able

    I finally stop taking the supps
    High people in the supps industry try to get me fired as I expose thier BS

    MY brain has never been better, my health has never been better
    I'm all in and I know my days are numbered at the store as I now think the sups are ridiculous

    I finally join as a member
    I know what 5G means here in CA
    I see the people I know in LA dropping like flies in a bug zapper
    I see the people come in everyday, sleep stress, anxiety, stress, depression, joints cancer and on and on.
    I am so grateful for Dr. Jack Kruse and happy to be here. Those that fight with the knowledge and loose in the short term will be the best warriors in the long term.
    I write my story
    I'm 100% in Lets go

    Next level