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Mar 14, 2012
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    1. jib
      Could you share that article with me please....my grandbaby was 2 in Aug and not really saying much. but for whatever reason, understood everything you would ask him to do...
      1. nonchalant
        Nov 27, 2015
      2. jib
        Thank you Sally!
        Nov 27, 2015
    2. Melanie Procter
      Melanie Procter
      Thanks so much for pointing out that post! I feel so gifted that you would do that for me.
    3. Sid6554
      Hi Nonchalant, I'm following your advice and trying to reset my body clock. What things do you (and Kruse) recommend to cure the CFS? Most CFS patients find exercise and cold water makes them worse off. I get a lot of info on electron etc here but I'm not sure as to the exact things I should do!
      Many thanks, Sid :)
    4. Vicster
      Nonchalant, you asked Jack about the spring water that partially froze while the others did not. He suggested you buy more of that brand. Would you share which brand, please? BTW, I enjoy your posts and insights they are very helpful.

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    "If ever you find yourself in the midst of a paradox, you can be sure you stand on the edge of the truth." -Diana Gabaldon
    Entropy is the basis of eco-dynamics because as damage occurs, it is the stimulus to regeneration systems in biology. JK
    Circadian signaling is what links the stimulus of inflammation to the cycles of regeneration.