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Martha Ray
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Apr 6, 2020 at 5:03 PM
Nov 2, 2018
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Charlottesville, VA and Houston TX

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Martha Ray

Martha Ray, Female, from Charlottesville, VA and Houston TX

Martha Ray was last seen:
Viewing thread KRUSIAN QUOTES, Apr 6, 2020 at 5:03 PM
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    Charlottesville, VA and Houston TX


    Sic transit gloria mundi
    Age: 67 Sex: F Maternal Haplogroup: H1a3 Joined: May 2019
    Location: Charlottesville, Virginia USA
    Dx: Hypothyroidism Dx 2005. Cancer Dx 2009 -treated CTCA-AZ,-told cancer free'10, Leg Blood Clot '09,
    Surgeries: Tonsils, D&C, Vein surgery, Port placement for cancer treatment and removal
    Current Rx: 1 grain desiccated thyroid- Nature-Throid brand
    Current Therapies / Protocols Leptin Rx | Hot Cold showers (Schulze) | Light improvements
    Health WINS: Sleep is better, have lost 10 lbs...earlier to bed,deeper sleep from getting am sunlight, viewing sunrises and sunsets
    Health Goals: To get 21+ wonky blood markers optimal especially high HS CRP, weight loss-lost 100 lbs 10 years ago, kept off but want 15 more lbs gone for my current goal, get off thyroid medication and tons of supplements, move more, to be rid intermittent full body pain, improve skin fragility on arms and heal rashes behind ears and improve mental clarity and energy level.
    All physical health as logistical support for my mission.
    My Optimal Journal: [TBD]