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Josh (Paleo Osteo)
Last Activity:
Oct 12, 2022
Feb 2, 2014
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Josh (Paleo Osteo)


Josh (Paleo Osteo) was last seen:
Oct 12, 2022
    1. Ibrahim
      Hey I’d like one of those red light therapy devices where can I order one
      1. Josh (Paleo Osteo)
        Josh (Paleo Osteo)
        Mitogenhealth.com, you'll need to send the team a request for shipping quote to your region
        Apr 9, 2022
    2. Amber Ament
      Amber Ament
      Hi Josh, how much are you wanting to sell your magnetico for...and also wondering why? I am in QLD, near Gympie. Factor in delivery into the price if you can. :) Cheers
    3. Naghman
      Hi Josh. I am from Manchester UK. I am coming to Melbourne, Australia for 6 months. I will be working in South City of Melbourne. I am aware living in city centre in a studio flat wont help my mitochondria's.I feel I should live as close to a park and beach as possible. so that I can ground on a beach and catch sunrise. Have you got any recommendations where to live? options.
    4. Beau
      Hi Josh I hope you are well, I'm in a serious neuro degenerative brain trauma complex situation and was curious to know if you recommend anything
      1. Josh (Paleo Osteo) likes this.
      2. Josh (Paleo Osteo)
        Josh (Paleo Osteo)
        hi, sorry but i only just saw this, i dont login much anymore

        i will need to know more specifics
        Dec 11, 2017
    5. Tee Bags
      Tee Bags
      Josh whats your blog URL??
      1. Josh (Paleo Osteo)
        Josh (Paleo Osteo)
        May 24, 2017
    6. John Smith
      John Smith
      Hello Josh

      I wear orthotics so how am I supposed to ground all the time? I need to wear closed shoes with orthotics. I could sit or lie on the ground but people like Mercola have made sitting or lying like the most unhealthy thing ever. He actually sits less than 30 minutes per day.
      1. Josh (Paleo Osteo)
        Josh (Paleo Osteo)
        take your shoes off!
        May 1, 2016
    7. drnoknow
      Hi josh,back from an amazing month in (India.Has taken me to a whole new level. Any progress on writing a version of Kruse think for popular consumption?Most of the the patients I have referred to Epi Pal;eo,even college educated and intellegent ones, find it too difficult. Lets get in touch Love to you and Jaime Bodhicitta
      1. Josh (Paleo Osteo)
        Josh (Paleo Osteo)
        hello bodhicitta old friend
        we are doing well
        i am currently going back over the "krusian prophecy" with a fine tooth comb with yew wei's help to find any incongruencies and try to uncover the truth in it for real practical use...
        Dec 1, 2015
    8. Alan
      Hi, I am an accutane victim. I saw that you also took the drug. Did you find anything particular that helped you undo the damage? It's ruined my life.
      1. Josh (Paleo Osteo)
        Josh (Paleo Osteo)
        hi alan, sorry, i just saw this now, and its from last year! i took it when i was 14 or so...i am not sure what damage it did, a lot of it was brain and hormone oriented. social anxiety, profuse sweating for a number of years afterwards...i am really only commenting on it in retrospect

        what was your experience?
        Dec 1, 2015
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    when confronted by a non-objective perspective, those who have been conditioned to understand in conceptual terms, by moving from one concept to another, fail to find a concept to grab onto, and attribute their failure to understand to the complexity or theoretical character of non-dualism. the only obstacle is their own beliefs, theories and habits which prevent them from having the direct experience of their own real nature.