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Dec 12, 2017 at 6:33 PM
Mar 14, 2012
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JanSz was last seen:
Dec 12, 2017 at 6:33 PM
    1. Allin
      I watched the video. Thanks I will let you know how it goes.
    2. Allin
      JanSz, Did you order the Breathy or 2H test from Cignature Health here in Los Angeles? Allin
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      2. Allin
        I am going to talk with them next week about taking a test to give me a starting point, then start drinking some of their water.
        Dec 8, 2017 at 10:00 PM
      3. JanSz
        Good idea, let me know how it goes.
        Let me know any interesting details that you will come across.

        you could use this:
        this is a woman from the video (3 man + one woman)
        Anne Cooper, DC, LAc, ACN, Clinic Manager
        Cignature Health
        (P) 800.208.0280
        Dec 9, 2017 at 7:10 AM
      4. JanSz
        Actually I ordered their cholesterol test,
        but they set me straight and refunded little $.
        They have given me Breathy test and a test where I could have use saliva or urine for testing.
        I send urine, because I remember that on one of the tables I seen samples of urine.
        I think overall I should have
        my body D content
        level of D that my body expels.
        Dec 10, 2017 at 3:51 PM
    3. Mark Zimzak
      Mark Zimzak
      Hi Jan...'
      Open to consultation on labs (for a fee of course)..?? Happy to pay. I'm securing blood labs tomorrow. ... should be fairly optimal (no inflammation/disease to speak of... save for a little osteopenia in left hip due to cell phone having been down there for too many years). I'm securing JK's lab suggestions from biohacker 101. mark.szymczak@iemfg.com 510-776-4082.
    4. mike_g123
    5. NADme
      What is the best way to measure EMF and anything else I need to measure in my bedroom?

      Is there a meter make and model and are there ranges?
      1. JanSz
        There are variety of meters. I do not have any. Look thru posts.
        May 14, 2017
    6. NADme
      Hi Janz, yes this is Hemo. Good to know we are both still on this side of the grass. I am really getting into the research thick and living it. Dripping NAD in a few weeks, will probably bag 500mgs twice a month for maintenance. Life is a strange trip and I is amazing to have a 2000 sq/ft facility and staff and access to anything i need or want.
    7. jmct77
      Homocysteine is high as mentioned (14.3 umol / L - reference values 5.0 - 15.0).
    8. jmct77
      Jansz, you can be my savior!
      I have taken the selenium (200mcg LE) and lugol's.
      New analyzes - still could not realize the Spectrcell - show
      testing folic acid (5.6 ng / ml - Reference values between 3.0 and 17.0 ng / ml) and vitamin B 12 (759 pg / ml).

      Values are low. MTHFR problems? Already ordered Methyl-Guard Plus.

      Thank you,
      1. JanSz
        Start your own thread. Post your (complete) Spectracell test there. Post all your other tests there. After you done completely, give me link to that thread. It is good idea to not introduce new supplementation before reading Spectracell (but it looks like Methyl Guard Plus may be the right thing to do).
        Feb 6, 2016
    9. Brother John
      Brother John
      Why do you use injectable testerone? Why not a "bio indentical" cream? Womens International Pharmacy (WIP ha Ha) makes some good stuff. Call them as they are good on phone in my experience.
      Brother John
      1. JanSz
        I am not a doctor. To buy testosterone I need script from doctor. Because of Obama care I have lost doctor who was writing me scripts for injectable testosterone and GH. The new doctor writes scripts for Androgel only. Androgel actually is working ok, but I am missing GH. In around 2007 I was using tetosterone cream from Womens International Pharmacy, it was not working much, hopefully they make better product now.
        Nov 30, 2015
    10. Alan
      Hi, I've seen a few posts of yours about accutane and it being a 5aR inhibitor. I am 20 years old and I took it 2 years ago. It has completely ruined my health and quality of life. If you have any knowledge that might be able to help me undo the damage, I would GREATLY appreciate it. I'm quite desperate.. My email is optimumpremonition2@gmail.com
      1. JanSz
        Dec 16, 2014
      2. Alan
        Thanks JanSz! Appreciate your help. Have a blessed day.
        Feb 7, 2015
    11. Richport
      Hello, JanSz! Hi! I have followed your posts and have enjoyed its content, as a guest. I just registered. I have a question: Have you had any experience with McPherson labs Micron 5 Dhea and their Pregnenolone? Do you consider the McPherson labs Ultra miconized Dhea and Pregnenolone, of good quality? Any feedback on McPherson labs, would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much!
    12. ninauae
      I really like your posts and you can help me to interrupt my test results as my case is more familiar as Fitness health profile. I am new member and please also tell me how to contact you.
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