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Mar 18, 2012
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    1. JCDC
    2. Amber13
      Hi, I'm new here-my first post actually and I couldn't help but see that you got rid of your fibromyalgia. I know everyone is different with all the issues they have but I was wondering how you did manage to get rid of it?
    3. Danny
      I did not see a place to reply on one of your posts about hemorrhoids. Have your DH try calc fluor, a homeopathic remedy. I've had them once and it seemed to work well. Icing did the same thing to me as the CT did to your DH. Try to have him mix in a little IF and plenty of sleep too. You made the post back on Jan 15th, so hopefully this is not an issue for him any longer.
      1. cantweight
        Hey thanks Danny! He's good now but I will keep this in mind if it comes up again.
        Feb 9, 2015
    4. Sid6554
      Hi Cantweight thanks for your reply. Since you've had CFS, This may not totally go in line with Kruse saying don't take pills but Sublingual B12 has worked well so you may want to try. I'm not too familiar on EpiPaleo so not yet, but I'll try it. And according to Mcbride you should be drinking warm not cold water?
      Also can I have your email I'd like to keep in touch exchanging CFS info with someone that's had CFS!
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    Whatever doesn't kill me....had better start running.