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May 15, 2019
Feb 15, 2019
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Sep 25, 1968 (Age: 53)

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New Member, Female, 53

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May 15, 2019
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    Sep 25, 1968 (Age: 53)


    Hello I'm Brigid
    Age: 50 Sex: F
    Joined JackKruse.com: 16-2-2019

    Spain, 38north, UTC-1
    (located here from the north of Europe 3 years ago)

    Dx: L-Carnitine deficiency, Celiac, Raynaud syndrome, depression

    ?1977 Appendectomy
    1997 Thorax reconstruction (thorax escavadus)

    Current Rx:

    Current Therapies / Protocols:
    Avoiding ALAN, got the Raoptics nightglasses, never wear sunglasses, don't watch tv nor netflics etc neither on pc. Love sunbathing and being outside.
    Sungazing in the morning (in the weekend sunrise at the beach, during week after 9am from my balcony).
    Increasing my water intake as advised by Dr Kruse to 4liters a day.
    I have an earthing sheet love to hear opinions /experiences from others)
    Am trying to minimize my time on mobile device. Aka not holding it in my hand while listening to YouTube. And spend less time on social media).

    Health WINS:

    Health Goals:
    Improve overall health/avoiding illneses. Feel like I'm sensitive to the nnEMFs, looking for ways to minimize exposure where I'm at and counter actions. And if necessary more actions like relocation.
    I have some problems like brainfog, eye floaters and my eyesight varies.
    I have a job cleaning schools 30hrs a week. It's a physically demanding job and at times it hurts my muscles and joints. So looking for ways to reduce the pain. Pros are I'm free during daytime. (9am - 16.30)
    I have a body type that loses weight easily and gain slowly (the job burns 900cal a day).. So I'm always fighting to gain weight in a healthy way. My diet is mainly veggies (little-no grains) with fish/seafood, butter, very little meat. I'm 5.8 and approx 132p

    My Optimal Journal: [Insert your link] currently looking into that as this is my first post.