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New Profile Posts

  1. psysid
  2. Ronald Waters
    Ronald Waters Brandy Wann
    Welcome to the club
  3. Dr. Marcus Ettinger
  4. JerryR
    Looking for new Quantlet
  5. Kimberly P
    Kimberly P
    Hi! Yes, somewhat.
  6. DebraGM
    Is there a protocol for deuterium depleted water? I’d like to try it but I don’t know how much to drink and how often?
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  7. psysid
  8. DebraGM
  9. DLO
    DLO Kimberly P
    Are you a permaculture farmer?
  10. Shane McClellan
    Shane McClellan
    Joined July 2021
  11. psysid
    1. Chantelle likes this.
    2. Chantelle
      Thank you.
      Do you have any suggestions when looking for a device for depression/inflammation?
      Jun 21, 2021
  12. psysid
  13. BrunoB
    BrunoB DrEttinger
    hi dr, can you give me your facebook page or twitter? i hope follow you.
    1. DrEttinger
  14. Marilynn Stebbins
    Marilynn Stebbins
    No lypogold digestive enzyme for a month w/ no pain, but extreme food limitations. Can't digest raw food yet.
  15. MitoManUSA
    I miss that cat. His name was Chico. He was my companion for 18 years.
  16. Sophos33
    Sophos33 drezy
    Hi, I saw an old comment of yours mentioning you measured the light coming through the cooltan fabric. How do you measure this?
  17. Marilynn Stebbins
    Marilynn Stebbins
    Age 65 Sex F, Joined April 14,2021,Location:Medical Lake, WA,47th latitude, aiming & actively making changes to move far south
  18. Josie Thomson
    Josie Thomson Sue-UK
    Hi Sue I’m from Exeter Devon in UK. It’s been suggested I follow you.
  19. chimpchops27
    chimpchops27 Matt Fowler
    Hi Matt just reading one of your posts about the Fiji Sun Tanning Lamp.
    Just wondered if you purchased it and how you got on with it.

    1. Matt Fowler likes this.
    2. Matt Fowler
      Matt Fowler
      Hi, no I didnt purchase it. I recently had my amalgams replaced so decided against it. I have heard recently that the mercury photons emitted by fluorescent tubes can possibly activate mercury molecules in your biology. So I didnt fancy bathing under a tube so soon after the dentistry I underwent. I might get one next year. Cheers, Matt
      Apr 12, 2021
  20. Dave Key
    Dave Key MegaMan
    Going to Anarchapulco?