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New Profile Posts

  1. MITpowered26
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    2. Anne V
      Anne V
      thank you Jason xxx
      Sep 16, 2019 at 4:17 PM
  2. MITpowered26
  3. BluBEE
    Looking for ideas for my next vacay (within the US)...
  4. malc0088
    malc0088 Jeanne
    I can't reply to your 'Ask Jack' question but my guess is lack of beta-endorphin. cutting releases endogenous opioids. similar to substance abuse disorder - lack of beta-endorphin = lack of solar light, specifically UV-B. It's got to be related to an issue with low POMC. we'll see what JK says :)
  5. Will Prior
    Will Prior JackieNewZealand
    Hi Jackie, I am also living in NZ and interested to hear how you got on with researching DDW in this country. I just wrote to the bottled water company Antipodes, who claim their water comes from a deep aquifer, however their water was tested at deuterium levels of 151ppm. Not what you’d hope for really. Interested to hear any info you may have. Cheers
  6. Yvonne Kent
    Yvonne Kent JanSz
    I have trigeminal neuralgia and read in a previous post the following: high dose K2 and D3 and tons of seafood no blue light. What is the dose? I'm not taking K2 at this time. I take 5000 IU of D3. I hate seafood and worry about the mercury content - Omega supplement? I need to use a computer for work and I use an iPad at home but I do have prescription glasses that block the blue light. Is that sufficient?
  7. Carson Coffee
    Carson Coffee
    FROM: Canada, Manitoba. Am 67. Stumbled upon Dr. Kruse while searching Sun Gazing. From just above 45th but now work north of the 55th.
  8. Hilda Labrada Gore
    Hilda Labrada Gore
    Headed to Australia to learn more about ancestral health practices!
  9. Dave Key
    Dave Key Corey Nelson
    Hi Corey
    I have 2 numbers. My MX number is 9843132803
    my US number is 50451526183
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  10. David Baillie ND
    David Baillie ND
    Actively exploring self, universe and reality.
  11. David Baillie ND
    David Baillie ND Lukem
    Hi. What is temperature of water. Thermometer in your pic? Do you do Wim Hoff method or own?
  12. m. Ann Chapman
    m. Ann Chapman
    Has anyone ever had Achenbach syndrome? I’m trying to figure out how all of a sudden I now have this lovely occurrence on my thumb.
  13. shelly ross
    shelly ross shah78
    I posted a message to you in the wrong spot....so here I am wondering if you have someone staying in your extra space at Isla during January 14-21? Considering coming to Mujeres before I go to Holbox.
  14. Phosphene
    Phosphene shelly ross
    I’d love to check out Isla Holbox and will someday I’m sure. I have a long complicated story on why I don’t live near the tropics just yet. Short answer: family!
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  15. Phosphene
    Phosphene shelly ross
    I’ll be staying with @shah78 for part of it, and with my family in an Airbnb for part.

    If you search the forum for Charlottesville, or even Virginia, you can find members near you—I know there are several. Note that not all may be active members. Their profile will tell you when they were last active here. That said, some go months or even years between postings so it’s worth a try to reach out.
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    2. shelly ross
      shelly ross
      I have talked with him on this forum and on facebook. He could certainly show you the hotspots around mujeres. Maybe I will take a trip there as well after Holbox!
      Aug 2, 2019
  16. shelly ross
    shelly ross Ski coach
    Hi Charlottesville!...... from Warrenton, VA....new to the forum and looking for others in this area. Do you have a circle of friends who are Kruse fans?
  17. Phosphene
    Phosphene shelly ross
    Hi Shelly! You might want to copy the paragraph in your profile to the ‘Meet and Greet’ section of the forum, and then start a journal in the ‘My Optimal Journal’ section. Those areas get the most consistent traffic. The site can be a bit overwhelming but just ask questions. Welcome!

    And yes I’m headed to Mexico—Isla Mujeres for 3-4 weeks in mid-January :)
    1. shelly ross
      shelly ross
      Thanks! Yes, the site is a little overwhelming....and I will try to copy the profile to the Meet and Greet, if I can figure it out. I noticed it wasn't there. 3-4 weeks, nice! i think I am going to do almost two Jan or Feb in Isla Holbox! I have a favorite spot, but it is not all that economical, or I would stay longer. Where do you stay on Mujeres?
      Jul 31, 2019
  18. shelly ross
    shelly ross
    Hello! Looking for my tribe:)) I live in Warrenton, Virginia. Anyone going to Mexico this winter?
    1. Dave Key
      Dave Key
      Hola! I will be on Isla for the winter. The upstairs rental is open from now to December. My landlord's son is taking my upstairs at the end of December, by January. She is offering me the other upstairs unit but it doesnt have a view and it not in the shade. The rent is affordable though.

      Stay in touch because Im scouting other rentals.
      Aug 3, 2019
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    2. Dave Key
      Dave Key
      There's a Canadian lady across the street with 2 rentals. The one in the back for $600/mo. The unit by the street is$700/mo. In November the rent will double
      Aug 3, 2019
    3. shelly ross
      shelly ross
      Thanks for the info....I was thinking maybe I would come for a week before I go to Holbox to check out your best soaking spots. Going to Holbox on the 21st of January...so I would need a place for about a week around the 14th. Don't really want to have to rent a golf cart, even though that's so much fun:)
      Aug 3, 2019
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  19. In Voluntate Dei
    In Voluntate Dei shah78
    I am going to to the river to see if I get better reception. Can you call me again in 15 minutes?
  20. nichole
    nichole Sarah "E lana" Bell
    Hi how are you? I’m in Chicago too