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New Profile Posts

  1. Mauricio Lluch
    Mauricio Lluch
    Hi, I am Gold member please have someone email access to May Q&A- I have already emailed support- thanks mauricio@ubervitality.com
  2. Mauricio Lluch
    Mauricio Lluch
  3. Tom Hall
    Tom Hall
    When is the best time or circumstance to use UV light bulb in the house? When should you not use a UV bulb in the house?
  4. Janette Layne
    Janette Layne
    I am looking for a plastic surgeon in the Yucatan. Wondering if anyone here has opted to go to Mexico for their surgery and recovery.
  5. JerryR
    2016-2018 Dr Jack Kruse nourish Vermont presentation slides available?
  6. Aaron Bennett
    Aaron Bennett shah78
    Hi. I saw that you stay at Isla for healing. I've been very, very sick with God knows what (million diagnoses, nothings helping) for 6 yrs now. Thinking of going to the Royal, but now hearing about Isla. I wonder what's better. Have you been to both? does Isla not have the seaweed problem?
    1. shah78 likes this.
    2. shah78
      what is your phone number??
      May 16, 2019 at 4:31 AM
  7. Dayle Cook
  8. Solidsilverteeth
    Fast for 23 hrs per day only looping urine, then eat one plate meal between 5-6pm then dry fast for 12hrs to 6am.
  9. Solidsilverteeth
    Go to sleep at 10pm, wake fully rested before sunrise. Get outside on the grass to do 100 burpees in the morning sun. Then have ct shower.
  10. Zensho
  11. Zensho
    bearden says you can power an aircraft carrier with a AA battery. What about 32 mil volt charge in the mitochondria. just a thought,
  12. Zensho
    the explanation of the amount of ATP the body needs to make. It could be the charge across the membrane lets power in from the vacuum
  13. Zensho
    If you create a DI-Pole charge situation. Charges will pop out of the vacuum. Lee and Yang 1957, Tom Bearden and John Bedini This could be
  14. Zensho
    Here is something to think about. it was too long. it was great though.
  15. brishon23
    brishon23 MattD1995
    There's a 420 character limit so I had to break this into many sections. Start reading from the bottom.
  16. brishon23
    brishon23 MattD1995
    Good luck on the new job. I was born in Dallas and used to love it. My life is pretty chaotic right now and I'm dropping my Dr. Kruse membership in a few days so you may not be able to respond to me here, so this is my direct email address if you (or anyone else assuming this is now public) ever want to get in touch: brishon@yahoo.com
  17. brishon23
    brishon23 MattD1995
    There's tons of horrific chemicals in 99% of sunscreens and the only one I would use is by a company called "Badger" and it's sold in health food stores.
  18. brishon23
    brishon23 MattD1995
    Bottom line: I heard Dr. Kruse say it's NOT safe to be in direct sun from 11am to 4pm. Presumably since he said these docs are right he would go along with their advice to wear long sleeve shirts, hats, sunglasses but Dr. Kruse did not say this.
  19. brishon23
    brishon23 MattD1995
    You may want to try this email address to send in questions: misty@jackkruse.com and there are other email addresses where you can ask questions and perhaps they will give you better directions than I got -- perhaps it's because I'm a relatively new member.
  20. brishon23
    brishon23 MattD1995
    Maybe you could try to ask this question in the next webinar he gives. I found out that members have 2 days prior to his announced webinars to ask questions in writing and send them in.