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New Profile Posts

  1. Kristina Star
    Kristina Star Patty Cakes
    Hi , Are you near San Diego ?
  2. God loves you
    God loves you
    I've been better
  3. Morthern
    Morthern caroline
    Hi Caroline
    how I may get my labs done here in Australia ? Is there a service / practitioner here ( l live in the northern rivers ) or must I go through the states .
    I assume jack is no longer available for 1on 1 consultations ?
    I have been on epipaleo for 12 month now but gain weight each time. I suspect I cannot metabolise fats. Further investigation is needed

    Warm regards
  4. Runnerfireman
    i just listened to jack's webinar on God and light. it has transformed my reality forever. are there any thoughts out there on this?
  5. MingP
    New. Gold Member. Very Thristy.
  6. JerryR
    JerryR Jack Kruse
    Thank Jack for showing us the way to better health

    Changes this Year with Sleep Pad:

    Sleep Apnea gone per Test this year
    removed 4 Rx ... tried removing my Water Pill but legs retained water but Pain med were reduced and sleep improved ... I had to keep water pill

    I have big weight problem, would there be problem doing CT with Meds?
    CT may help my Arthritus also getting bad knees
  7. Maa
    Maa caroline
    The January 2018 audio link is NOT January's webinar, but December's. You need to change the link:)
    1. caroline
      please contact support - I can't do anything like that!
      Jul 10, 2018
  8. JerryR
    Good safe plan to loose weight & regenerate my arthritic knees
  9. JerryR
    Looking for Quantlet setting to build Solar calluses.
  10. James Lech
    James Lech Jason Coates
    Hi Jason

    Thank you for the feedback on my journal. Great to see another South African on the forum. Are you aware of others?

    I saw your FB group that you are part of. Let me know if you would me to give a talk at one of your community events on the practical applications of quantum biology and understandings some of the science behind it.

    1. Jason Coates likes this.
    2. Jason Coates
      Jason Coates
      Jul 7, 2018
  11. Bryn
    From NZ
  12. BrunoB
    BrunoB Danny
    Hello, how are you? You wrote:
    I've seen docs that show wild humans wiping it on their legs for protection from the elements.
    Can you tell me what docs? Thanks!
    1. Danny
      I really don't remember the specific documentaries. I just remember the scenes after cooking and eating a kill they were wiping the grease on their legs. And I remember the commentary saying that this served to protect their legs from irritating vegetation.
      Jul 5, 2018
  13. Eric Waldron
    Eric Waldron Leland Stillman
    Hello Leland,

    I saw your topic on migrating to the panhandle of Florida. Which part are you located in? I was researching a bit into Destin and see it be great. However, not exactly sure of job or business potential out there. Is there? haha

    Take care, brother.

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    2. Eric Waldron
      Eric Waldron
      Awesome to hear! Thanks. What about for massage and personal training type bodywork?
      Jun 26, 2018
    3. Leland Stillman
      Leland Stillman
      probably great. Lots of snowbirds who need massage and personal training/body work.
      Jun 27, 2018
      Eric Waldron likes this.
    4. Eric Waldron
      Eric Waldron
      Awesome to know, bro! I'll definitely keep this in mind. Thanks!
      Jun 28, 2018
  14. Leland Stillman
    Leland Stillman Dylan Petkus
    Hey man. how do I send you a private message?
  15. PayitForwardinLife
    I am here to shatter old belief systems in people and to help create a new reality and a better world.
  16. Loretta Tye
    Loretta Tye
    Looking for the protocol for A Fib, don't know how all this works
  17. inge
    The avatar is ok now. How can I update the info about myself?
  18. inge
    Hi, I am struggling with the registration process. Can I change my avatar? I would like to insert a picture of my face and some info aboutme
  19. KruseKadet
    KruseKadet JanSz
    Hey JanSz, Checking if you got the money I transferred you that you requested for the reading of my labs? Havent heard from you. Can you let me know? X
  20. Annemarie Heise
    Annemarie Heise caroline
    I updated my Optimal Health Journal. When I checked the face page on New Posts, it does not show up. Am I missing something?
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    2. caroline
      your update is in your journal tho?
      Jun 12, 2018
    3. Annemarie Heise
      Annemarie Heise
      I uploaded blood work... If I search for it, I see that it is there. When I uploaded it and posted it, the post did not show up in your right hand column of recent posts
      Jun 12, 2018
    4. caroline
      sorry - no idea. ask the help desk
      Jun 13, 2018