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New Profile Posts

  1. PayitForwardinLife
    I am here to shatter old and limited belief systems and here to begin creating a new and better reality and world. ~ Jason
  2. Mystic Rose60
    Mystic Rose60
    Currently reading and pondering " Will To Power " By Friedrich Nietzsche
  3. Tim Pagen
    Tim Pagen
    I have finished The Fourth Phase of Water and halfway through Health and Light. I am falling down the rabbit hole. I love it.
  4. Annemarie Heise
    Annemarie Heise
    optimal journal
  5. Logan Minns
    Logan Minns
    Love your Enemy
  6. Jason Coates
    Jason Coates
    Getting skin in the game is both easy and complex and I need to see what you have to offer or go away.
  7. enyaw
    enyaw Krysten Voss
    Welcome to the Forums! Where in Michigan are you from? My family and I live in the Grand Rapids area.
  8. Dr. Mike Gruttadauria
    Dr. Mike Gruttadauria
    Working on personal optimization and that of my patients
  9. Rob Kavanagh
    Rob Kavanagh
    Slowly getting there
  10. Xavier Rodriguez
    Xavier Rodriguez Jim Laird
    Does John Kiefer know about Jack?
  11. Xavier Rodriguez
    Xavier Rodriguez
    Reading as many books as I can
  12. Xavier Rodriguez
  13. Zeke
    New platinum member
  14. Dean6789
    Dean6789 neurotms
    Here's my # 323-788-3580
  15. Mystic Rose60
    Mystic Rose60
    Yesterday my 2 yr. old grandson looked up to the sky and pointed and said, look, what's that? (geoengineering) I told him the truth.
  16. Inna
    Platinum club member; Status: i am all in"
  17. Kai-Robin
    Pounded down cold water shrimps and albacore tuna.. Waiting for the cold tub to be ready... 7 deg Celcius
  18. Runnerfireman
    can anyone tell me if adding salt to water is ok? does it affect the exclusion zone of water?
  19. Dan Huber
    Dan Huber
    Newbie questions: 1. How do I log into Patreon with my gold account? 2. Where do I find an outline on what to post in my "Optimal Journal"?
  20. Emma Sabin
    Emma Sabin
    fat or portein