Leptin reset and ketosis

Discussion in 'The Leptin Rx' started by embs2001, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. embs2001

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    Is it possible to be in ketosis while attempting the leptin reset?
    I feel like all the protein will convert to glucose and keep you from entering ketosis.
    Should attempting ketosis or low carb/zero carb be put off untill leptin reset is complete?
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    very low carb/zero carb is how you get into Ketosis..... I don't really understand what you are getting at.....
  3. embs2001

    embs2001 Guest

    According to some: Protein can affect blood glucose levels. Some amounts of protein gets converted to glucose. Eating excess protein can kick you out of ketosis, or prevent you from entering. I read you should try to eat just enough your body will need for repair/amino acid functions. Which in a leptin sensitive person would probably be when you feel satiated. But in a leptin resistant person, you end up overeating protein . This the causes a blood glucose surge and insulin surge from the excess not needed by the body.
    Just info I've read on the topic, not sure how accurate it is.

    I guess in the end, who cares if my BAB kicks me out of ketosis. The post scrip seems to line up with mentioned ideas.
  4. Jack Kruse

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    protein only affects you badly if your field is screwed.........
  5. From Dr. K's Metabolic Syndrome blog: High dietary protein wont harm or kill you unless inflammation or ROS from cytochrome 1 misfolding is also present.

    And if I'm following correctly, misfolding can happen when you're a sugar burner and don't produce enough ATP.
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    correct.......somebody is paying attn. Sept webinar holds the key to this thread.........why? Cytochromes are loaded with proteins with transitional metals.........hence why metabolic syndrome is exploding.
  7. madamechickendance

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    So... If your BAB contains your total daily protein allotment (I KNOW that macros are not the way of thinking around here, but throw me a bone), would you suggest just eating fat as necessary to stave off hunger until the next BAB?

    I set up a food journal over at myfitnesspal, and set my target percentages as ketogenic: carbs 5%, protein 20%, fat 75% and my calorie target at 1700 (this is appropriate to maintain my estimated lean body mass).

    For the past few weeks I have been drinking a shake that looks like this: 3g carbs 45g fat 57g protein 671calories. It's sat VERY well with me. But... it's got whey as part of that protein (collagen, raw eggs, whey). I have noticed that the scale has stopped moving downward. Correlation is not causality, but, well, maybe it is the whey. Noteworthy is that I am NEVER hungry the rest of the morning. Sometimes I find myself having delayed lunch so long that I just have an early evening meal.

    So for the next two weeks, I am losing the whey. My breakfast this morning was solid, not liquid. Macros: 16g carbs 92g fat 84g protein 1,202cal. It was hard to get it all down. My heart started pounding (as an overeater, I know this feeling well). It's two hours later, and I think I feel hungry. HOW IN THE WORLD could that be? Could it be that all that protein has a dehydrating effect? Is thirst what I'm feeling? Or could it be that taking in 2/3 of my targeted intake at one time prompted an insulin surge? BTW, those carbs in today's breakfast--cabbage, poached in butter. According to myfitnesspal, it had 16g of carbs in 2 cups of cooked cabbage.

    I understand that food is not the whole thing. In another reply to me in another thread, Dr. Kruse said that it's minor compared to non-native emf. I am working on that. BUT.... to return to the question I posed at the outset, what do I eat for the rest of the day?
  8. nicld

    nicld Gold

    I am wondering the same thing as I am having a real hard time getting my ketosis strips to read anything but just slight readings. I am trying to figure out how the timing of the meals and testing with the strips correlate and why it does NOT show anything first thing in the morning. Also wondering if there are some supplements that might have an effect on readings.

    Wish I would have brought some strips to work with me to test since this mornings breakfast was lamb with some bacon and bullet proof coffee with cream and butter. Lots of great fats. Lunch will be homemade seafood bisque so we will see what it shows tonight plus it is CT night.
  9. madamechickendance

    madamechickendance New Member

    So yesterday after my first "solid" BAB, I had Kerrygold for lunch and raw cacao butter for dinner. Then I put my husband's dinner in the oven--our farm-raised chicken. By the time it came out, it looked so good... I caved and ate again. This was later in the evening (about 2 hours before bed), and we were watching a Downton Abbey marathon together. We ate THE WHOLE CHICKEN with our hands, and I tipped the roasting pan juices/fat into a cup and drank it. NO regrets. As a finishing touch, I had a single square of Lindt 86%. Right before turning in I took my supplements, drank as much water as would fit in my stomach, and had a fabulous night's sleep.

    This morning I weighed in 3.6 LESS than I did yesterday morning. It's very likely that this has something to do with my cycle. I'm due to start my period any day now. I am at my lowest scale weight DURING menstruation--don't know if this is typical for anyone else. If there was any massive metabolic damage from last night's protein binge, it will show up in the next few days. Even with the chocolate, my carbs for yesterday were 20g. That's as low as I've gotten since my early days of low-carbing Atkins style (2 months ago). But right now, I feel great.

    BAB this morning was an actually drinkable shake made from 5 whole eggs plus one white, collagen, MCT/Brain Octane oils, and coffee. 712cal 2g carbs 52g fat 53g protein. It took a minute or two to settle. Let's see if I can keep this super-low carb thing going.
  10. Jack Kruse

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    if you are sleeping better then your redox potential has improved and tomorrow's blog and video will show you why it works. 1/30/14 you get introduced to how we all use the redox potential

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