How To Make Your Own Earthing Sheet

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  1. EarthRunner1987

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    I have been sleeping grounded via stake in the ground for about a year now and I continue to experience remarkable results. My results include faster muscle recovery, restful sleep, reduced nerve pain and inflammation, lucid dreams, and better dream recall. I seem to be able to fall asleep much easier and wake up easier around dawn. It seems that the rise of the sun seems to some how affect the ground I am plugged into and gently wake me from my slumber. It seems to almost make it harder to fall back asleep after the sun is up as I am guessing the sun has slightly increased the frequency of the Schumann resonance that I am directly plugged into.

    With how much earthing has helped me I am very passionate about our inherent connection with Earth and I have been on a mission to help spread this knowledge with others who are receptive to the idea. For this reason I made a video called "How to make your own earthing sheet." I posted this video on YouTube to help others who are interested in the concept but cant afford to buy earthing sheets, or would like to test the idea before they do. In the video I use all locally available good and warn not to experiment with this if you dont not understand electrical. I hope you find it useful as I share many things that I have leaned along my journey.
  2. nonchalant

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    Hi EarthRunner. I'd like to see the video. Can you post a link?
  3. Huck

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  4. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Thanks, Huck.
    Earthrunner, I like the low cost solution you presented. You can find metal screen fairly easily.
    I think you would get much better results, however, with a longer stake in the ground. A pipe, or some rebar, maybe. A short stake in the ground doesn't penetrate far, and the upper layer of dirt can dry up, reducing conduction. Or the stake can become loose in the ground.
  5. freesia

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    I didn't realise it would work if you're not touching the metal, and it did work according to the voltage meter!
    Who knew?
    (Lauren if you're reading this - I put you wrong on that! Sorry.)

    I'm doing OK with a grounding strap connected to a grounding stake...but something like the wire mesh under a sheet would be preferable, especially for kids.

    Thanks for sharing Earthrunner (with assistance of Huck!).
    Really like the look of your sandals too :)
  6. Huck

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    I'm guessing it's just like wearing leather shoes and being grounded. As long as the sheet is 100% cotton (or other natural fiber), I guess you conduct through it with little resistance.
  7. MamaGrok

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    That's what makes sense to me, too. But the manufacturers of the earthing sheets said that you couldn't put them under cotton sheets. I couldn't make any sense out of that claim.
  8. andee

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    Earthing several stories above the actual earth?

    Amazing info and video! Thank you. Wondering what happens if you don't have direct access to the earth ... I live in an apartment building on the third floor. Recently I found an article co-authored by earthing guru James Oschman, which claims that using the grounding wire in your electrical outlets does ground you and implies that the "dirty electricity" from outlets still provides the benefits of grounding - at least that's my interpretation! The article is here: It states:

    "Some people are concerned that Earthing may increase one’s exposure to so-called “electromagnetic pollutionâ€￾ or “dirty electricity.â€￾ Earthing actually decreases one’s exposure to these potentially disruptive fields. To understand why this is so, one must look at the basic physics and biophysics of electricity and magnetism. Confusion about this topic is due in part to the fact that research on Earthing and the human body is opening up new perspectives, and requires a fresh examination of the basics of electricity and magnetism as applied to physiology and medicine..."

    No idea whether these "new perspectives" would include a quantum perspective on dirty energy in the absence of the Schumann resonance, though...well must admit it's not too likely that was factored in, is it...

    EarthRunner, I know you said in the video that grounding to the earth was superior, but from your experience was grounding through an electrical outlet still beneficial?

    Thanks for any input.
  9. tellmisty

    tellmisty Administrator

    I can say that when I tried it (grounding through electrical outlet), I had issues with waking up with hot flashes throughout the night and an overall fitful sleep. I think it's buyer beware. At the least, be able to measure to ensure you're okay ... I unplugged it. Gonna figure out how to run a ground up to my 2nd-story bedroom and do it "right."
  10. andee

    andee Silver

    That's helpful thanks. Let us know how you get a ground wire up to your bedroom.
  11. Destiny

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    We have metal house support columns in the basement and garage. I am not sure how deep they go into the ground but since they are supporting the house, it cannot be very shallow. My husband thinks they are more anchored in the concrete than in the earth. I am thinking since they are "in touch" with the earth even through the concrete, it must have some grounding effect.

    Anytime I am down there I make sure I hug it!
  12. ashryn

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    Hee hee.. Nice visuals.. Hugging a pole in the basement:) I wish we had dug the bomb shelter we both wanted so badly when we built this house..
  13. Huck

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    I'm no expert, but I think there are at least 2 potential problems:
    • The ground in your electrical wiring is not actually grounded.
    • The ground is connected to ground in more than 1 place setting up a potential ground loop.
    If the ground wire is properly grounded, then it should work. I believe someone here earlier posted about a potential problem with grounding to a water pipe.
  14. SeaHorse

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    I'll just put in my experience with grounding through the was a properly grounded outlet, but I could certainly notice the difference in affect between the wire grounded to the earth and through the outlet. We had a terrible time sleeping and whatever it was that we picked up through the outlets made me achy and inflamed. This was not the case with the wire out the window and in fact I've notice a big decrease in my hands swelling since I started this form of grounding.

    Somebody mentioned earlier that a wire conditioner could eliminate the dirty electricity's in one of the EMF threads that started up a few weeks ago.

    I think Misty spoke about a similar experience on the QandA.
  15. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Ground loop? I had to google that. Thanks. :)
    I agree with the difference between a house ground and a direct ground. I had tested the house ground, I had a good connection, and I used a surge protector, so perhaps some of the dirty electricity was filtered. I actually think I did get some benefits from using the house ground, especially while using a computer and near other strong EMF.

    But grounding directly to earth, especially at night, is quite different. I have already bought another long ground rod to use away from the bedroom, for some fabric covering a chair, and a pad for my feet. Gee, if DH really loved me, he would get me a house with a dirt floor...
  16. MamaGrok

    MamaGrok New Member

    Fantastic thread! I love these n=1's!
  17. EarthRunner1987

    EarthRunner1987 New Member

    I agree, I just wanted to present a grounding setup that was the easiest, effective and affordable.

    @freesia Glad you found the tutorial useful and you like sandals :)

    Not sure exactly how it works, I just know a lot of people perspire when they sleep and I remembered seeing this video from intuition physician in the past:

    The best way to describe sleeping grounded to the plug is 'buzzing', my sleep didn't seem as restful or tranquil. I would guess that not all plugs are grounded equal, some probably yeild better results than others. The only way to find out is to test and see. It's always smart to check and make sure your outlet is grounded prior to sleeping ground to it.

    A great resource on EMF if you haven't already encountered it is Lloyd at

    #TapIntoYourTrueNature #GetGrounded :)
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  18. diane

    diane Gold

    I have been using an earthing pad into my outlet for the past couple of weeks. I can't run it outside as I live in a condo (although ground floor). I have found my sleep to be good - but with the pad, I know I'm touching it when I go to bed, but it's moved by the time I wake up. So maybe the infrequent contact works!
  19. endless

    endless Silver

    Hmmm....the grounding rod that is sold at is not long, and is small diameter. I was able to push it in easily with my foot. I wonder if it's not long enough to be effective?
  20. EarthRunner1987

    EarthRunner1987 New Member

    In my opinion, any rod will be effective. It's just that it can always be better.

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