EMF shielded clothing and traveling?

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Hope, Mar 21, 2013.

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    No, but I have used Ex-Static cloth, and also Staticot cloth, on that same fabric page. I don't like the ExStatic cloth, it isn't conductive enough. Resistance is 10^5 Ohms. I like the Staticot much better, and use it for sleeping and on my chair. It has a resistance of only 1000 Ohms. It could be softer, for use at night, and I have ordered some SaniSilver, at less than 1 Ohm of resistance. But it is on backorder for another week.

    Staticot would be great to use for clothing. Feels like a heavy cotton/poly blend. Maybe a lightweight khaki. You can't tell that it is a conductive fabric by sight or feel.
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    I looked at the sleeping bag and got claustrophobic!!! LOL

    I'm going to check out the SaniSilver though. Thanks for the good ideas ladies.
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    Thanks for sharing, Nonchalant..that is so great!

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